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Gear Gods presents Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou

Kurt Ballou

Gear Gods presents Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou

Kurt Ballou

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1 Introduction Duration:20:47
2 Interacting with Clients Duration:18:35
3 Group Personality Types Duration:20:31
4 Interacting with Clients Q&A Duration:18:37
5 Drums Overview Duration:16:42
6 Science of Sound Duration:15:20
8 Overhead Micing Duration:20:39
9 Room Acoustics Duration:16:05
10 Drum Tracking Duration:19:28
11 Drum Tracking Q&A Duration:10:36
12 Guitar Setup and Tuning Duration:31:41
14 Guitar Q&A Duration:20:27
15 Guitar Tracking Duration:10:13
16 Bass Sound Duration:32:40
17 Bass Tracking with Q&A Duration:10:35
18 Vocal Sound Duration:20:37
19 Vocal Tracking with Q&A Duration:17:11
20 Drum Premix & Phase Alignment Duration:14:10
21 Tom Editing Duration:20:15
24 Mix Prep Q&A 2 Duration:13:45
26 Bass and Guitar Treatment Duration:17:11
27 Vocal Treatment Duration:17:02
28 Full Mix Treatment Duration:26:02
29 Mix Refinement and Alt Mixes Duration:19:50
30 Mastering Duration:25:03

Class Description

In this two-day course, prolific producer Kurt Ballou will take you behind-the-scenes of GodCity Studios to show you exactly how the magic happens. This all-access studio pass will immerse you in every aspect of Kurt’s distinctive sound — from choosing and setting up gear, to tracking and mixing.

Kurt will show you the basic and advanced techniques he uses in his studio every day, and teach you how to apply them to your own recording — regardless of whether you’re working in a studio or at home with a DIY setup. Using anecdotes from his years behind the board, Kurt will also teach you his best practices for working with bands to extract the best and most inventive sounds.


a Creativelive Student

I've been engineering out of my home studio for the past 7 years. I recently graduated from college for studio production and recording bands has been my main source of income for the past 5 years or so. Honestly, this course was incredible and completely worth the $100. Kurt Ballou truly understands the art and he really got me excited to be a recording engineer. I already knew a lot of the techniques and details he went over, but he presented his ideas so intelligently that I was happy to sit through the topics that focused on beginners. I'm not a huge metal or hardcore fan, but Kurt has amazing taste in the way he produces these bands. It's hard to listen to some of the releases today that have the life sucked out of their music with full-on drum replacement and crazy amounts of autotune. It was just refreshing to listen to an engineer who totally knows what makes rock music exciting. This class is worth checking out even just to watch a successful modern engineer show you the basics of his craft.

Fariz Junaini

This was a great course to pick apart the brain of The Kurt Ballou, but I felt some of the topics could be presented a little better and went more in-depth in like the framework of the mixing process. I fell like if you don't have an understanding of basic audio engineering you would be pretty lost but thank god I knew enough to get me through. But nonetheless, Kurt shared some pretty interesting techniques like the crossover method. Love this guy! Hope to see more of him!

a Creativelive Student

This course has been the most comprehensive I have watched concerning the art of audio manipulation. The points made in terms of phase relationships, mic technique, and polarity are valuable insight into getting good sound. My personal favorite was the way he edits toms. All the content is good stuff and well worth your money. Icing on the cake in the included IR samples. I purchased the course for $79. I love you Kurt!