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Vocoding Q and A

Lesson 19 from: FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


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Lesson Info

19. Vocoding Q and A

Lesson Info

Vocoding Q and A

Is there a certain characteristic that fm carry that in there from kerry needs to get that deep growly sound depends on what you mean by growly um if we're talking about the kind of the formenty vocally nature it's mostly the the addition of the high harmonic in the fm that causes the format movement which I covered a lot in the previous fm section um which I guess your contention the rebroadcast later if he was that but uh in that if we're talking about the deep growling nature as a whole in the vocoder process it's mostly that we're creating a carrier that has enough frequency response that the modulator has something to work with because we're using justice our way even it does have all the harmonics, that kind of thing but it's a very all in phases off it's like some of them are not as what a lot of others, that kind of thing and the whole thing about the moderator is that the voice is moving louder in different parts of the spectrum than it would otherwise in terms of just flat re...

sponse and that characteristic in parts particular movement but ethan the modulator like we're doing right now with a form of that kind of thing but this is where we need to have it before men do you think we could we could have it be something like like I imagined earlier the the rain modulation thing with the big fms which could also be a fun let's see actually what I'm modulate anything yet so I want to have all this going to work with the book or did something he also noticed that when I would what I went from the hallway thing it was just a way to this like I mentioned the same things that I used had almost no value because because they carry the modulator were different different considerations had have been made for it sounds really work, so the sound was decided we didn't it near the very end of we're discussing rain modulation where I created a big mess with their family and now I'm ring modulating the fm on senator so that means that the fm is being turned on off really fast per oscillation and that creates a really sharp really um uh sort of dead sound but like a half the way farmers is just a side way of the other half is this big mess and that translates really well in terms of being vocal because by by itself it's actually rather kind of jarring and sharpened almost unusable as it was a good man sound without some kind of modulation around it and also something that's very important that I shouldn't gloss over is what notes you're using matter and the matter is also would think your movement as well wait on me this whole time like the texture it changes a lot more than you think it would just by the fact that the prince is changing and some things a lot of fun to do is to kind of have a lot of sliding around is ah there's a kind of an effect that is present in a lot of like zombie tracks or barely alive tracks that kind of thing where it goes it seems to take having a lot of space in the sound and that sound is really just something sharp like this that is an active lower that I wasn't gonna go that kind of that kind of sound that's that's what this is which wouldn't have been the this particular innovation that's uh configuration contributing the way I kind of impressed that the voting some eggs and the compression and the queuing are kind of serving the sound well also automating the pitch inside info connects could have an interesting effect stuff as well especially if you have it moving around kind of the opposite opposite only what your actual pitches from from the carrier so at the carrier goes up I kind of like going down with the vocoder itself and they kind of come back up that kind of thing they have a much more sort of sort of options that in that regard and on automation is also your friend for a lot of stuff you get automate the band went to get automate uh full defendants you can automate uh released time sometimes like in terms of just things that can sort of change the character the sound of only very slightly then with the primary you're moving kind of too much in too many directions it kind of does weird stuff but the fact is is a bit more fun now because it's it has almost kind of effect that having that change change a band with us but it's a bit more controlled and I've actually never really experimented with messing around with police time in that way the changes are almost unnoticeable but there are there still kind of applying themselves it's still a thing that's changed the character just ever so slightly and subtly fun stuff that, um any questions for anybody in the universe dry signal for surface for comparison? Sure. And it'll this modulation stuff actually, we kinda interesting look at soc we have get rid of the compression here is the carrier by itself now here's the module hit here but you're gonna sound kind of silly even you and it is that it's not really something that what it would have occurred to me to do, you know, just on that bomb the fire just feeling I want the vocals sound like this and now we're gonna focus which people have done because if you look at skrillex is first of the year that track this is actually the track that clued me in that this is what was happening because there's the higher frequency vocal jobs to come in, and then later on when the basically the maybe somebody that there's a moment where the game is happening with the vocal chops, and they're together and actually make sense, they impart the same kind of feelings were the ones really high passion one the base and that was kind of oh it's a vocoder and there's also there's also one moment is one particular kind of modulation in that track that kind of sounds really speaking smelly and that war was illegal, or and then that's why would it went investigating the kind of according aspects it's more I mean that every school of space was based on just bow coating, that kind of thing the actual like the main ones and scary monsters there's four sounds on that track not counted in the lead live there, the melodic parts there's the screechy thing, the really high pitched kind of screwed you think there's like this granular mess that's kind of the fact version of the other two sounds there's a main fm sound which I did almost kind of figure out what time and then there's this stylish crowley thing it's not a sharp is this but the version of it and I am not one hundred percent sure that that's actually vote coated because it sounds unlike any vocoder I've ever heard and it's too smooth. It sounds a lot more like manual um, filtering that was just really processed a bunch times to sound really basing christmas. I won't sell it to me because I felt like that, and I kind of I kind of am okay with this because I'm not super great at vowel filtering, that kind of thing. So for all I know, it could be that because I don't know the extent of that sort of ability, I kind of think, but for the equinox first, the year track it's very clearly, no funding quite straight up. Although people has said before that it doesn't really have the same kind of artifact in the same kind of quality that, like a digital book order, does very well connected specifically, but there's a there's a couple things that to consider why not everyone who understands, say most them do have a similar kind of artifact ing, but they all sound the same, too. You can kind of attenuate that if you mess with the right parameters with the red band settings with the right carrier and the right modulator, but remember it's not all about the vocoder carrying a modular and reporting as well and three it could have been a hard way of recording which for all I know works in a different way entirely I mean that you think I know the users in the same band concept, but I don't know how the folders work on what like the hard way the five of its hardware it's going to change anything it's not like analog gets the digital process was just happen to be dedicated and you know, I kind of think it could also have been a talk box or particular application of the talk blocks and it could have been a particular kind of like pitch modulation on post that did stuff in a way that, like I can't really account for this is just so many options there's so many ways of considering how to approach the sounds the fact that I chose this one particular way does not mean it's the only way or even the right way it's just the way that I like indeed so questions there's a question about how daft punk achieves that almost liquid effect with their vote coating does it all come down to the carrier? It mostly comes down the carrier okay the it goes on the carrier it also comes down the kind of how the modulator part itself sometimes looking in the sound you might have might have noticed that the, uh modulator when I was playing by itself it's super inconsistent in terms of level and like that kind of thing it's a puzzle of theirs are coming here and I'll actually compress it so that like its application is a bit smoother no way you know your way you know you know you don't like it because if it's if they you know the vocal levels all over place a dynamic range is weird that it's could apply it so uneven nature uneven way to the vocal access as we are using it of course the idea that we're chopping it up the parts of me like the best you know it's gonna have an impact on the fact that we're still sound okay but we'll have a better for applied time here's why I did it did just there I had moving the bring modulation it out on the main effect really modulation I mean it's going to really sharpening violent offense will be so automation is different and so by that see actually what I what I want to do is I want to ask you say this is what I want to come back to this okay we'll open up a track that's actually mine in the f l double file so we can actually address how someone that works in practice this is a track called menagerie um it also has a guitarist although when I was kind of weird what even ok it's been a very allies have said like this but like I tried this track was like over a I really wet I went super hard uh uh vocoder experimentation and they as a whole against this is kind of old is really not all that great but it did apply a lot of what we discussed pretty pretty well and I broke it so he could he would look at this you kind of see that it has a lot of what we're talking about has you know the carrier doing this thing and it's got the fm max why I could tell you that this this carrier is exactly the same as the one we made before we made the rain modulation sharp region you've got the modulator which this is the this modulator is uh isn't even in here in this version they don't have that's just a well it'll be in the mostly asphalt because it has to have the and it didn't do too dio feet deep is that one uh is that one? Uh yeah, this guy there did you kylie here is that let's just deal with that but um in the way that I applied the vocoder here it's really not so much that I'm trying to make it sound like the guy say, oh yeah because it does still have the movement attributed from that the fm guy as well so it's kind of an emerging of the two the two things and you missed this f at base here is also the same if I basis to carrier for the milk or stuff in here it's a little well augie but that just from the different modulator used for some of these and also the automation from the fm and the automation on um is the ban with us to filter fragments that unison that's hysteria which I think I used like golf place now I'm going twice fairly but it those of the prayer is anything but we mentioned this be a pretty okay idea to automate before and let's see there was one moment that's it my favorites out I used a lot in this section down here think about what this yeah oh god I love that sound like I have a look at the well so about harvest unsure as to why it sounds like that but it's just it's still just a product of you know the carrier's pitches moving down the carriers are I got the the main if I was coming up by the whole time and then the kind of a character of secondary I was moving around a whole bunch of times that's a bit weird in that the actual bodily herself I believe this is the free people you are yeah, that one you think? Ok here's the thing about using higher frequency modulators like to talk about before about what moving the pitcher mark does if you take ah high frequency modulator like that and then try and make it a very low sounding thing where you're going to end up doing is that you're actually got out you're gonna lose a lot of higher figures definition because we're bringing it down all the way and then there's just nothing happening ten k and higher you can get to continue with this by using the the folk a nexus modulating pit shift teo kind of push up the higher frequencies so that they are still higher frequencies and then bring the lower ones separately we didn't do in this particular one kind of surprised that I worked out as well did but tie would solve that problem now for the most part is kind of avoid using higher frequency wide letters and if I am using a moderator and all, then I'm going to make it sound as close to the way that I wanted the sound just in that way and I can't live is my own wife's I'm usually go I glad into a microphone and then that guy modulator because it's basically what I want this out like and I'm a guy so my voice is already kind of down there wear about that so much oh, come on I believe in you if you have a copy of f l studio or even you can go get the devil over f l studio eleven this project is there and you can look at this and you can take it apart and you can kind of dissected and see for yourself everything that we discussed today and in a way it's being used and a more practical environment. So I decided I was going to be had away. Do you have any questions about that? You guys are awesome cool that's basically voting like that's more or less everything I've ever used before and all the tricks that I kind of have with it I do mostly look at it as kind of a form of damage control again it does get me to places that I think about what I want like it is because it's also a very specific effect like if you look at it he listened to barely a liar is our boy or anyone I never say die like that these or five hard for that matter, like when when a vocoder sound shows up it is a very obvious effect and you can say just be like, ok, but why make that guy he's vocal and you can make it you can use the big not so obvious effects like the kind of the the artifacts that exist in the vote counting on the size that I use a lot are usually president not just because of the volcker that use but also because of the kind of carriers that use they're pretty common, and it tells you, get seamlessly sounds because I probably have done similar things with all of them, that kind of thing. So if you do get a right where, like you're tried not to make your sounds all sound like they're your sounds well, this sounds like my sounds because you're using someone stuff, like, remember that it is. It is very much a sum of all of these parts. There are a lot of parts carrier modulator and brokers and stuff. I was going to say something about how man was right right there. It was gonna be a good it's about, uh, yeah, I mean, also different workers kind of sound different. There was this guy he's, a youtuber. His name is jay and mac there's apostrophes. In the end, jay opposed to be at about three back. He had a really good tutorial about how to do specifically the equal tax first of the year based enabled. And he used he used ableto vocoder belted book order to do it more camper to get his his method of use of getting the correct model. And it was it was interesting, and you'll see what I mean about using higher frequency modulators with that, so if you if you're not values and you still want a kind of do that kind of stuff. You could do that. Also, don't forget that if your pc user on do still used, able to neurological, that there is a logic pizza, you pretend that I know um, it can get, ah, bunch of imagery and plug ins. V s t s, including voke attacks. You can get bo connections in separate plug it, and you can use that and your other daughter. They are working on mac versions of the v s t s. I don't know how far along they are, but that thing important information that

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