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Leads Q and A

Lesson 14 from: FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


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14. Leads Q and A

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Lesson Info

Leads Q and A

I have a question for automation all right? Um not necessarily fully related to what we're doing, but, um it's typically a question that I have whenever I'm working on things basically eyes there anyway to control all of your automation um just using one clip, so if I wanted to control multiple automation is for different things like take for example, like a buildup if you wanted to use one automation line to control multiple we have general functions. Carly, what would you do to do that so that it never is let's say, for example, I wanted toe have an animation that that controlled the harmonizer amount and the prison of that what I would do is I would I would create many clips that it creates a controller that's linked to and then you go over here and go into lead to controller in the internal control is list is all the automation clips, another potential controls that are there and the last one will always be the morning you just made because you don't know what the how the way you s...

ay it's called and then you can go like, and then uh chances are you might have removed conflicts enabled if you don't if you don't return it off and if you did that like I just did and actually would have a link to the other guy so have it off and then you know, you think is good and then go the other guy and go back and be like, and now they're both going to the same moderation and that's very much that cool that this would be normally a lot there's a lot of a lot of sound is on that. I like doing and drops that's a lot of like fm and yokota and rally stuff, and I kind of want to see that for tomorrow because it's but a lot of topics are gonna be about, but there is a lot of a lot of fun stuff I can do. We're just regular so attractive fund in terms of cool, cool stuff, so to start trying to find my beat, maybe there it is I'm just gonna be regular and boring and put it right. We're supposed to be now it sounded there's sort of two kind of ways that he's dead I I go about generals out design there's me tryingto do something I've heard before and just be trying to something new is both very different processes doing something new it's something did you heard from before is very trying to, like, get a day and being is like trying to do the process you think it is because when you hear it and you mess around with lots of different sort of sense of sound designs what ends up happening is that you immediately associate what you hear with what you think would make it this is that some of the human brain does pretty well, this isn't even like, you know, if you find yourself like when you listen to someone singing, you can kind of feel your throat trying to shape its way into being whatever it is that members and singing, even if you can't do it, it'll try because of things that, like, you know, you try to just really how would I do that kind of thing? So that's sort of rewired do that's pretty easy, but you know how they have done stuff for you too, associate, you know, with what you're going to have evidence doing, thank you, and that is mostly just kind of throwing stuff until something sticks, and so, you know, the repertoire of something that, you know, works. For example, if I wanted to do something kind of cool and interesting as a main base for this track problem, wouldn't I would make my my main base for this track would be the the kind of fill, three washing thing that we made earlier, and that will go under courts and that's, a big that's, a pretty common thing that I do for the style of like a lecture I was that the first, the first day or two would be like a big cord. I kind of think this's the court of users of the automation now it's best that you don't like. I do the first to know it's kind of like a baseball wasted space base deep deep space, two business days sort of all over the place but I think probably even blocked us out to be like, ok, base based this here like this, this base this is like someone of the other cords. So that's two yahoos is two to six a man so much old, like more fuss tang and, uh, like, feed me and dead mouse just like did this so hard, this exact what I'm doing right now is pretty place pretty space place. So what we're basing base anywhere on does yeah, that's things will be shorter. And this this kind of like how do I know this is the style? And I kind of think this is just from like, I I analyze the tracks like I listen to it, and so they did this in this part of it is at this point with two enough times, I just this is just how styles go, I kind of think is that something that you really expected to know just from memory of a girl musical listening taste this is just you can't like pay attention to what you're listening to to remember this kind of stuff unless you're survive then you can do whatever you want that's her base is let's see let's do I want that replace did I make it empty patrick I didn't that's right there's a kind of harmer base I like I made early on in my sort of learned they had to use harmer that I call the phase we're and it's from two different things there's there's a building a base from actually using the phaser is a rhythmic object ah ah ah ah and kind of an interesting way to do this is to engage in unison have however many voices you want and then I go into the youths pitch went on makesem crazy window but then like should off really fast go the articulator for the actual the pitch value turn off really quick and the reason for doing that is because much like we described about the idea of creating like phasing this and like uh supersize that kind of thing because we've engaged is weird unison shape and shot off again it doesn't just return to its original like faze position it stays that wherever it up and that was it was youn isn't anywhere but it stays there which is important because it's consistent something terrorist. Thank you as one kind of phase work. The other kind of phase. Where is where I used the harmony. Determine a slightly moving up a bit. Does that? And I call the phase where? Because the media, the harm our detainees that moves are miles away from the fundamental and as as we talked about before, when right, rachel, brian up the idea that if you move them out of the harmonic position than the immediately started face canceled perfectly even and it makes a pretty cool re sounds like I like I was there was a really big fan of that. When, um and me it's about my earlier works that involved harmer it's pretty great for like, uh, cool. Well, the basement was necessarily main base types, but it's good for like, fillers and stuff. Wait, wait, wait. Are there any questions of community about somebody wants to see you do a pseudo vocal trap style lead how you create that? Actually, that is really easy to do in harbor is that? Yeah, you do that. It has. It has to do with the idea that we talked about before about the d to being a lot like massive frequency, ginger and way have are ever to solid and we if we bring him close together to fight the fire I should ask you kind of already sound like it because it's like it's being it's being kind of close too close together a little bit and you can kind of kind of screw with it a little bit by going into the local ikuo and they messing around with late sort of levels of stuff pistorio and then we gotta and ah, wait kind of a bell I remember ah ah a couple times I was a what people ask me how to do that kind of thinking about what that would be my first thought about but my thought is that way, but no, but nobody actually uses harmer because it's still pretty early and farmers like I think so, yes, somebody who made a salad at hand so they probably made it with massive or they use nexis or they used silence of the other points. So if I had any any answer, that was a really specific kind of like harmer based answer was kind of that's how I would do, but I wonder how the hell they did it. And for the longest time I didn't understand that masses frequency schefter did that and that was equated the dolly is just what they did buzzing myself over nothing I don't know what buzzing means, but that was the word I decided to use just then, so take that as he would uh that was kind of thinking more fuzzy bass kinds of things oh here's a fun base actually, this is the first place I ever made with armor take hurts mode put the unison up and put the phase kind of doubt it and this by the nature of the way it cancels out it makes it a little roll roll thing but that's the first thing I ever did with hammer yeah, you know I'm going to make her answer are you kind of make sure it's all being duck duck tape, duct duct tape and then some fool had to go actually make actual duct tape confuse the subject further there's the tape you put on ducts and there's that seems like a good idea sounds like a patch I don't even know what kind of weirdness I don't have a sort of a drop arrangement like a lot of people, I usually have questions about that when we're talking what I am doing lessons, whatever that the idea that how do you what what decision making process and even related to the fact that I'm doing what I'm doing right now why how whatever and the idea of like this like this is let's see how this worked out that's wonderful totally honest like that was not not unusual out of like flo involved that and that might have been because side cheney probably but I should have but this is this is how you get to something that would eventually flow right? Is the idea that whatever it is that they're not pregnant and as humans were really good at picking out when something doesn't flow right when the group was wrong, when the flows like a lot easier to know what the bad than this to know what good quite I was, because if you do, it was gay, we would be doing what it was that, but if we can figure out what's bad enough, like we can just kind of to stick with it enough until we eventually kind of fixed whatever the problem. So one of the downsides of doing the phase where like this with this particular kind of movement in the harmonics, is that it does kind of sound like it's the wrong note and that's, because all the hallmarks are moving up. Hold on, you know, the fundamental stain steles staying where it is, and there is time to go. We work around this like present, but I wanted to be sort of four away kind of things. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to go into the locally q, which determines sort of the level of note following equal either I'm gonna turn off the fundamental I wanna go, toby and we turn it forgets the up to two and then the divider opportunity which means inspector to say pitch but now I go down because one is the bottom I can't get along with one bangle over into and we'll turn off everything but the fundamental so now b is the fundamental a is not the fundamental I'm gonna also copy the unison settings over to be too so that the behavior is this is similar happy to be there if it doesn't matter what the phasers doing any that um although articulator needs to move to be as well now I'm going to make this guy go down for now the fundamental terms like the wrong note it is not even the right now but because the majority of the harmonics are the right now we it is that's how it was when we perceive you as being the crackdown if I did that right I think I did me because I had linked partly engaged and moved the ball together and it's not what happened ah e okay actually were in there somewhere would be a good moment to put in a dupe or a laser as they're called dupes pretty easy with sir jia relatively usable protracted process and it says that you could do this with any candice and um got your and you go to the pitch that spotify reception and either go up or down enough to your tastes I cannot going up it did it did it did dip it depicted one one one one what what what what what what what what what pretty busy is the result really that's just going up really high pitched or could be squares? Well, sometimes like a square sort of the waiting matters what? I was gonna stick that uh the sixteenth note with that is there are a billion dvd because of happy inside mixing is important public rivermen cap on that more bases everywhere. Okay, this is this is probably not a terribly stimulating selection of bases, but then again, this is still sort of a regular stuff. Have you touch any kind of fmr? Bo coding, which is really wet stuff gets fun let's do anyone any questions at all? Questions? Yeah. Is there a way to record automation into the playlist by manually moving a knob nfl studio unknown reason you can do that but haven't found a way nfl so it's a bit more cop with a big, complicated fo the educated that so I resemble if I wanted tio automate something in here what the square saw things the way they would do this is that you you'd find a space of time where you where you want to automate it and you make an empty empty pattern and said pattern, you'd have thing that you want on demand selected, which in this case his patter and activate the thing and then just kind of got to go and then you go to recording and you're right, we get is a bunch of options for recording and you want record automation, sovereign of disabled by right clicking all these guys and we should be good to go, so go ahead record uh, wait, I guess it was, you know, do what I just talked about, but whatever it's going to go, we had playing is going to count down, actually, too that it was a bunch of options about you control that, but then when it actually does go, you move around a knob sort of the movement and it records, as in what it calls thiss year, this event editing window, and this is actually like old school, um, automation for nfl studio and I don't actually get worked, and I think it's because I tried doing it in pasture because if I if I did do this and they get regular, uh but I buy I was really, really hate uh, about any I actually didn't even bother with automating anything until, um f l five or no yeah, I felt five when automation clips were first introduced like I was around when I was like, oh, I can't reveal parameters recorded I never had to deal with that event that it's and I glad I'm glad damn, they're kind of cumbersome e at that scene actually recorded the way supposed to now from here I believe it's actually way to export this automation there's a bunch of and the options and smoothing and different other kinds of things save moderation as as what of score file and the bundle of tools and things and it's a whole other universe of stuff I just never use every other diamond blink and then it's like it doesn't like individually like it actually puts points out of everything that you've made and then like afterwards you can kind of like this ms smoothie coming coming here and uh well somewhere in here there's a wayto there's a way to take that as a smooth of the points of that there are actual exactly like a lion and not a billion points but that's why I did that that's that's how you do that it's a bit it's a bit weird I kind of kind of avoid doing it sometimes I have done it like, oh there's a couple songs I've done where I've done like filtering and I've actually recorded like the mouse move but because I had a rhythm that and that wasn't totally sure how to translate into actual automation but for the most part I just stick with actual automation because that was annoying questions how long did it t j wants to know how long did it take you to be ableto identify sound waves um filter tip types just about your kind of a while like it wasn't really a thing I was trying to cultivate but it is sort of the result of just years of sort of messing around that kind of thing, which I really I really I'm struggling with trying to find ways to be able to teach like the stream line but there are some key things I can I can identify as like I was mentioned the idea but the difference between assault wave to square away and through looking at like the harmonics of a recording and I think throughout and now this in that kind of thing that has also stuff that just knowing how filter sound but you can also identify that through but what I mean by the recording I mean by looking at like edison recording because when I when I do sound is that request tomorrow was good happening and I'm going to record whatever the samples that used to do and I'm gonna um recorded into edison but addison has this view has special view oh my god look at stuff like this and when I see this I can I can in for a lot of information for example um there's no there's no that square when stuff in here but if their if their work it will look different then sort of the harmonic the harmonic profile of if I saw what looked just like this guy for example is very clearly it's always because of the distribution of harmonics and for how high it is looks a bit different than the sinking of having home but I'll have to change that took it to make sure it's not just likes tripping myself up but now that would be can also kind of look at this and we could see we could see saying like if it's a little past all that we could look at the harm minds being cut off as it goes down or pulled out of the high pass filter or stuck in a specific position if it's a bad pass filter if even if you even look at like theo drag sample here if I tried to figure out how to do this from uh just looking at this I can see that I can look at this I could say it's like it's leaning out become back down so it's kind of band passy and also it looks very kind of saul way it's alway be not not only because of the harmonica file that I was like this kind of this kind of sharp tower we looking thing going on that's that's assault wave kind of behavior and that stuff was mostly learned by, like, really forcibly trying to figure out how to do some of the stuff because of that eventually, you know the good of the party like we're like, I only recently started doing stuff like foreman filtering manually, figuring out how to do filters to sound like, you know, vowels like that. It doesn't very reason that I wonder may and before that, I think the last resort I'm not being able to figure out how do you like a particular kind of row with coming here look at like, what good is it being cut off? What figures? These are not my figures is open to how they're moving and then try and make a filter profile that like match that which is a huge pain in the ass and very rarely ever actually worked but like that something you can do and also we have natural leading natural scale I think I want a natural scale that's why I lied remember the whole idea about natural rating verses? Yeah, ok, area that's how loud space everywhere. See, if you look at this is what that song was like in this particular format, which is a much easier way way of looking at max, we could see the, uh, the active distribution like we do the hummer, that kind of thing and like this, that learning, learning this kind of analysis. Thank I'll be talking about it, and I think you should show that off tomorrow. But you still have to have the repertoire of sounds to know that the sound like and that is something that really can only either cover from a lot of experience you by yourself or someone just kind of laying out sound by sound. What all those out like and the between those two kind of far fetched concept. I have yet to find a reasonable answer.

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