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Refining Your Edit: Slip and Slide Edits

Lesson 9 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

Refining Your Edit: Slip and Slide Edits

Lesson 9 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

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9. Refining Your Edit: Slip and Slide Edits


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Lesson Info

Refining Your Edit: Slip and Slide Edits

I want to show you a few what I call advanced trimming techniques. Um, we mentioned them on the slide. Uh, there the we've done the role. All I trims have been rippled trims. But there's also something called the slip and a slide. And I saw lots of confused faces when I said Slip inside cause you've never heard of that. So let's say I have bring this baby down. Being the clip nobody puts baby in the corner. Lots of movie references. Someone take this. I'm gonna overwrite that to the primary storyline. So I have these three clips. Let's take a look at what happens when I play them Maryland, you valley guys eight years old. So we have her leaps. But the timing may not be exactly as I want between these clips. So there she's jumping. I hate it when things actually do work, and I'm trying to run away to change it. But I have this clip. I like it. But you know something? I want to pick up this leap a little bit earlier, and I don't like that she's starting a new leap at the end. I really wa...

nt to kind of move everything back to Yemen outpoint just like a few frames so I could do a trim here and then to a trim. There are all these little trips, or I could select this clip and switch over to my trim tool. Now, when I put it between clips, we could do a role in it, right when I put it in the middle of a clip. The changes. You see that icon. So it's now pointing to either side either end of my at a point. And when I click and move, what I'm seeing is the first and last frame of this clip. If I move my cursor left or right, you notice it's not moving in the timeline. It's showing me a different part of my video, So I know I wanted to be two seconds long, but I wanted to pick it up before it. The leap there. OK, so all I had to do, and now I let go, and if I play that back eight years old and I have does exactly what I want, So I didn't want to change my timing, but it let me look at a difficult of a clip It's kind of like if you have a scroll on what's in the middle, you can turn the school. You see what's the no lattice slip at it? There's also something called the Slide It Okay, so let's say we got that perfect. But now it happens a little too early. I'm going to do with this. Sometimes I do it with reaction shots. You know, the reaction shot of, you know, you're talking in there and it's like, Oh, I want that reaction to happen earlier. So you love the reaction, but you need to move it to the left or right. That's a slide at it. Okay, So normally, I put my cursor over there, it turns into a slip at it. But if I had the option key, do you see how that changes? It's now gonna be looking on the outside. So hit the option key. Now, when I click and move now that changed. I'm now looking at the end of the shot before in the beginning of the shot after, so I'm sliding it up and down the time line, not changing the duration of all three clips combined. But I'm adding more to the first and removing some from the second. So I'm changing my timing. So that's the slip in the slot. Here's a way to remember it. You're in Seattle once every five years. It snows happened yesterday. You're out there in the snow. You're walking along and you slip on the ice. If you go up the area but lands on the ground. Okay, you've slipped on the ice. You are physically in the same spot, but a different part of you is touching the ground. That's slip out. Get up. You're already to go. Come to creativelive. Walking along you slide your feet of selling the same. Your feet are still touching the ground, but they're over here. So a slide Move something up and down. The timeline. Ah, slip positions. Something in staying spot. Just a different part is being seen are in our case, our about touching the ground slip side ripple role

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Wonderful. This is the first time I've seen any of Abba's classes, and he's a great teacher. I've been watching the live sessions for the past few days and have picked up a ton of great tips that will indeed speed up my workflow in FCPX. He's a great teacher, and does a wonderful job of setting people at ease, ie. where he says things like, 'there's no trick questions', and times where he will click on something wrong, then he'll go back and show his mistake (pointing out his minor mistakes are actually a beneficial lesson). In all, wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thank you!


Fantastic teacher. I enjoyed every video, super worth it. I've been reluctant to jump into FCP X since it got upgraded from FCP. Now I feel confident to work with it again. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I am glad I watched the course. Abba covers pretty much everything you need to know. I also loved his personality, made me want to learn more each day.

Alan Pole

Absolutely brilliant. Abba gets to the point, is clear, organized and articulate, and lays it all out in a manner that quickly brings your confidence level from zero to hero. Highly recommend this to any photographer who wants to blog, build ads, or include video in their offering. I feel like an amazing new world has been provided to me. Thank you!

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