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5 Tips for Managing Your Workflow

Lesson 4 from: FAST CLASS: Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives

Lisa Congdon

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4. 5 Tips for Managing Your Workflow

Lesson Info

5 Tips for Managing Your Workflow

managing your workflow five tips. So as I mentioned, you want to check yours each day as you begin your work day. I think at first every day is kind of important. But ultimately I check mine like every other day, definitely once a week or whenever I get a new opportunity. Because what do you want to do when you get another opportunity that you say yes to? You want to add it. You want to put it in there. But you also before you take on more work you want to just like visually and as creatives. We're visual people we need to see. Can't hold all that in your head. Take a look. See what you have on your plate. How many large scale projects do I have? How many medium, How many small I think of it again as on ever changing living document. Once you've completed something in your workflow, add it to a new tab called completed projects. So in my actual workflow, um which I can't show you because it has, like, confidential client information on it. But I have, ah, another tab. So when I'm done ...

with something, it's kind of like crossing something off her to do list, which we're gonna talk about later. Um, I cut it and I paste it into that completed. And it's like the best feeling, so that stuff doesn't stay in there forever. You actually remove it, make a new workflow document each calendar year. I with the old in with the new that is also you could actually do it more frequently than that, if you'd like, aren't sure if you're going to remember to do a small task at it to your workflow document again. No task too small for workflow. Um, I also use my to do journal. Um and this is like if you do, if you are familiar with bullet journaling, this this kind of, ah principle of bullet bullet journaling that there's a spot either in your workflow or if it's easier for you to write things down by hand, you have a spot to write down stuff that you need to remember and can't forget, because that's mostly how things get lost. We forget to do things

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While I'm not a designer, I'm a creative who is responsible for multiple projects, most of which take a week or months. Lisa's use of Google sheets then breaking things down is super helpful. I appreciate the bonus document! Thanks for the Fast Class version! So many of the Creative Live classes are far too long and need to be edited.

mary gabriola

I really enjoyed the class with Lisa. She's a clear and engaging speaker, and the examples she provided really bring the course material to life. She's talking mostly about creative projects, and since I have many writing projects on the go that works for me. I also am using her approach to set up other projects, though -- gardening and renovations and such -- and I think it's going to work really well. Thanks, Lisa!

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