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Get Buy In

Lesson 27 from: FAST CLASS: Turn Your Service Into A Product

Tara McMullin

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27. Get Buy In

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Get Buy In

we've already grabbed attention with attention, getting headlines and then we've asked for micro commitments so that people start taking the action that they need to trust you to get engaged to be involved so that they're in the right headspace to make a great buying decision. The next thing we need to tackle is getting by in in other words, getting people excited about what we have to offer, about who we are, about, what our business is all about, about the community of customers that we have around us already. And this is the answer to the question, why would someone buy from me instead of the competition? And the answer to this essentially is that content marketing is as much about nurturing leads as it is about finding new ones. And I've hinted at this a few times throughout this class. The number one way I use content marketing on my own blog and in my own email marketing is to nurture leads Not to constantly try and get new ones, 90% of the time, 90% of the time I am thinking abo...

ut specific people in my world and creating content that gets them from where they are right now to where they want, to be. gets them from where they are right now to where they want to be, who am I thinking about? Sometimes I'm thinking about people who are just subscribers. You know, people who have been on my list, people that reach out to me on social media and say, hey, I really appreciated that last email, I'll look into their profile a little bit more. I'll follow them on twitter, I'll see what kind of questions they're asking and I might write something directly for them based on what they're expressing, what they're saying, doing, thinking and feeling a lot of times. My content marketing is inspired by my existing customers and clients. I am all the time identifying roadblocks that my clients have my, my quiet power strategy clients have and using that as inspiration for blog posts. Why does that work so well? Well if these people are already paying clients, if I address their needs with people who aren't paying clients, there's a high likelihood I'm going to find new paying clients, right? I'm looking to match up one mindset with another one problem with another. So that way I'm always constantly duplicating xeroxing those wonderful people who are already working for working with me because I love them so much. They're so perfect. Then the other category of people that I'm thinking about when I'm creating content marketing are the big fish clients that I would like to land. Sometimes they're already on my email list sometimes and sometimes they're not. Sometimes there are people that, you know, their colleagues or there, you know, I have mutual friends with them in one sphere or another. I'm following them on facebook, I'm already following them on twitter and there are people who are like your ideas are so good and I see you doing things wrong in your business or asking the wrong what I think are the wrong questions and man, if I could just get my hands on your business boy, the magic we could make. And some of my most successful blog posts are actually the ones that come from thinking about those particular clients. Because not only are they asked or not clients prospects, because not only are they aspirational for me, but they're also aspirational for my audience. Right? So that's kind of three groups of people. My existing subscribers, my existing client base and then the people that I have my eye on as my next clients, people that I know would make amazing clients that I would have a ton of fun working with. That I could also create help create amazing results with. That's who I'm thinking about, what I'm creating content. So who are you creating content for? Are you creating content to get a mystery customer that's out there? Or are you creating content to turn the people who have already said yes into People who say a bigger yes. And actually make a buying decision with you. Now, I don't want I don't want you to get the impression that reaching out to new audiences is something that you shouldn't be doing. It's absolutely something that you should be doing. And like I said, you know, creating content for people who have already said yes is one way that you can actually do that and do it more effectively than just creating link bait or creating traffic bait. Uh, you might reach fewer people, but way or whopping amount more of them will be the right people for you. So one of the best ways that you can get by in with your existing leads is to tell them stories and I don't just mean fluffy heart stories. I mean things that really tell the story of who you are, what you're about and what you have to offer. So you can tell a story about why you do things differently. Why do you do things differently? I've got stories to tell about that. I bet you do two more detail that you can use the more descriptive. You can be the better you can tell a story about how doing things differently benefits your customers. You can tell a client story or a customer story and how the unique things about your unfair advantage about your difference allow you to get better results or allowed you to get better results for that customer. You can tell a story about how to apply what you're offering, how to apply what you're offering. So in other words, you could tell a story about how someone actually used or maybe how you used what it is that you're teaching are sharing or walking people through. You should definitely tell a story about why you care about this, why you care about this problem, Why you care about this question, why you care about this goal? People want to know that you care, and this is also, this is when following your passion is most effective, this is what following your passion is about. Following your passion isn't career advice, it's actually content. Marketing advice, passion, is that feeling where you just get so excited about something that you just can't hold it back or you get so pissed off about something that you just can't hold it back. One of my favorite questions to ask is what really bugs you, what really pisses you off about the misconceptions or the assumptions or the wrong teachings that are happening in your industry. So if you share why you care about this and allow your passion to come through and through, you're gonna make incredible connections with the people who have already said yes to you. Cool, so your task for this lesson is to create a sequence of content that introduces new leads to your brand and why it's different. Now, here's the super fun trick, You probably have content on your blog already that you can leverage and utilize for this. So what I want you to do is take that bullet point list of stories that I suggested and go on a little scavenger hunt in your blog to find those things, you might need to rewrite an introduction here or there, you might need to change a call to action, you might need to update a story a little bit to make it relevant. But you do not have to do the work of writing 10 new pieces, because I almost guarantee you they already exist if you've been doing this any length of time, you've already done this.

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a Creativelive Student

I'm in business a looong time and know a lot but... Tara is great, the course is great and it is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur. I'm not a native speaker (from Germany) but I can follow Tara very easily and there is the transcript... just in case ;-) Well done!!!

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