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Get Attention

Lesson 25 from: FAST CLASS: Turn Your Service Into A Product

Tara McMullin

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25. Get Attention

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Get Attention

first step for keeping the sales coming is to get people's attention. You have to have a way to get people to pay attention to you, which leads me to the next question is how do you write headlines like that, that grab attention? Because so much of attention getting is in the headline? What is going to break through the noise? A single sentence, a single idea? Because that's all you can fit on twitter, that's all people are going to read on instagram. That's all people see when they see your facebook post, that's all that can fit in the subject line of an email. That's all you can fit on an ad is a headline and so we're going to spend this lesson talking about how to write headlines that really grab people's attention because that's one of the most important things you can do for starting that automated cycle of getting new leads coming in and then getting sales and keeping the money flowing. So a headline is your first opportunity to connect your product to the right people and make i...

t relevant to them. Let me say that again, a headline is your first opportunity to connect your product to the right people and make it relevant to them? Writing an attention? Getting headline is not, hey, I just made this thing for you, check it out, you laugh. But how many of those headlines have you written? How many of them have you written? And people wonder why their promotion falls flat, They wonder why they're not getting people's attention, they wonder why they're not getting the click through rates, the open rates, the conversion rates that they want to be getting because your headlines aren't relevant, your headline more than anything else. Whether we're talking about a headline that the headline of a blog post, a subject line and add a social media post a sales page. Your headline has got to be the most relevant thing to your prospects, to your leads, to the people that you're trying to get the attention of. It has to be the most relevant thing, which means it has to tie back to what they're saying, doing thinking and feeling right now. It has to tie back to the problem, frustration goal question that they have on their minds right now, we've already done this, that's what's so exciting about this, you have no excuse for not writing attention, getting headlines because we've already done the work, we've built it into your product, we've built the capacity and the ability to write amazing attention, getting headlines right into the product that you are going to be building. That was the first eight steps of the product development process was figuring all of this out. You've already done it now, you can put it to use now, I want to quote myself, which is kind of an odd thing to do, but this is a quote from the observation engine, sometimes. I just really like the way I say things. Um, so, your perspective, users are surrounded by certain circumstances and focused on certain goals. They feel things wonder about things and try to get where they want to go. Their relationships, emotions, situations, questions and concerns all shape their present reality. If your headline isn't geared to the things that they're feeling, the things that they're wondering about, the places that they want to go. The relationships, emotions, situations, questions and concerns of their present reality, of the way they see the world right now, you are simply not going to break through the noise. The reality is that it is a noisy world. And if you want to get people's attention, you need to be consistent and you need to stay focused on a message. And so turning one idea, one thing that your prospects no, right now Into 10 different headlines is a great way to do that. So, how do you want to respond to that idea? How do you want to respond to that idea? Because this question is important because your headline has to reflect exactly what your customers are thinking about. But that doesn't mean that your answer has to necessarily answer that particular question. So, your task for this lesson is to write 5 to 10 attention, Getting headlines. If you can do what we did with with melissa and focus on one thing that your customers know or feel or say right now and right 5-10 headlines from that, you are going to get a lot of success from that, you're gonna see traction build over time. People will start to understand what you're really all about and what you can really help them with. I like to say, focus looks good on you. We tend to kind of jump all over the place, because we think, you know, if I if I spread the net really wide, more people will come into my world. It's not true. The more you focus your message, the more your headlines all relate back to that same pain point. Pleasure Point, that thing that people know right now, the more traction you'll get.

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a Creativelive Student

I'm in business a looong time and know a lot but... Tara is great, the course is great and it is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur. I'm not a native speaker (from Germany) but I can follow Tara very easily and there is the transcript... just in case ;-) Well done!!!

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