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Self-Doubt Symptoms

Lesson 9 from: FAST CLASS: How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

Mel Robbins

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9. Self-Doubt Symptoms

Lesson Info

Self-Doubt Symptoms

so the force traps of self doubt. This was really eye opening for me when I started to think about, um, self doubt as action and I started to think about confidence as an action that you take and I got it out of the realm of I feel Delta. I feel insecure. I feel confident because the feelings come and go. But if we can marry these skills to actions that you take, you win. Okay, So let's look at the same model, the golden rule of habits for how self doubt is gonna get replaced and they're going to start identifying the traps. So oh, wow. I feel really nervous about something. So Wu, my habit is to overthink. And then I start to doubt myself. The next thing you know, I'm hiding and I'm hesitating, and I'm doing all these things. And so instead of doing that, we're going to train you to take action. What you gonna do? You gonna go 54321 That's the behavior you're in a and then your to do that thing you're scared to death to do. That's what you're gonna do on What's gonna happen over the ...

time is that we're actually gonna replace the habit of self doubt and feeling stuck and paralyzed with the habit of trying. You're going to see yourself becoming the kind of person that takes action when normally you would freeze and doubt yourself. This is another really critical point that I want you to understand, and I said it earlier, but I just want to say it again right here. You can't think your way to this stuff. You have to act your way. You cannot think positive and build your business. You have to actually take action. You cannot change your pricing structure by thinking positive. You have to just do it. And this is how using the science of habits and using a starting ritual that super powerful that you actually catch yourself when you start to doubt and trigger bad action and interrupt that and replace it with the courage and the confidence to try and to keep moving forward. So let's talk about the four traps of self doubt hesitating, hiding, being hypercritical and helpless. And yes, I spent hours trying to figure out for each is It's true because I wanted this to be perfect for you. Um, so one thing that I love, I love this saying, if you have a problem that can be solved with action, you don't have a problem. This is really important. One. If you have a problem that can be solved with action, you do not have a problem. This goes back to our definition of self doubt. It's the decision not to try every single problem that you have, Whether you don't make the money that you want or your relationship isn't great, I guarantee you there is one or two actions that you know you should be doing that you are deciding not to do.

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maria manolaros

Looking to build some more confidence and push through the imposter feeling I have trying to sell myself as a self taught artist. Happy to say I use the 54321 rule a lot and I didn’t know it. I call it my what have I got to loose rule. I also learned some new techniques and good “habits” to keep my day on track and prepare myself against any fear or anxiety I may encounter when powering through my day. A great motivator, Mel keeps it simple with advice and tips backed by proven scientific research . Highly recommend this

Joshua WAlters

I feel so called out! And that's a really good thing!

Faisal Sajjad

Here is Dr. Faisal Sajjad From Pakistan. Outstanding Instructions to Control Self-Doubt and Anxiety by Mam Mel Robbin. It was a fantastic course.

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