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Shoot: Toddler and Newborn

Lesson 10 from: Family Photography: Capturing Connection

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Toddler and Newborn

Lesson 10 from: Family Photography: Capturing Connection

Julia Kelleher

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10. Shoot: Toddler and Newborn


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Toddler and Newborn

I'm gonna go ahead and left lauren grab baby memphis for me and we're gonna work with just raelynn and memphis for a few minutes we're going to try to get the toddler the toddler newborn shot okay, this is the most challenging shot you will ever do okay I always wrap babies for this because there's no way a three and a half year old can keep the arms and legs contained okay, you want to come over here and be our big helper could you have, sweetie? This is miss raelynn and how old are you, honey? You three she's three years old yeah, one of her favorite princesses cinderella okay, yes, I think she looks just like cinderella don't you think she's okay, we're going to wrap your little brother all nice and snug and cozy and then you get to hold him do you think you can do that by yourself? You're gonna be my big helper, okay? Yeah, okay. Can you hang tight and be with us for a minute while we wrap your little brother and then I'll call you over, okay? Okay, cool. Aaron put makeup on you. S...

he loves makeup and we just just discovered this so aaron the makeup artists has been playing with her and helping her out so what we're gonna do is we're going to wrap braille in memphis up here memphis is how old well two weeks old okay, so he's a big baby he's what nine pounds so we're going to dio and he's a little bit awake so I'm thinking about my logistics here about how I'm gonna put raylan I'm goingto basically sit braille in down in this position so she's gonna be doing this you're gonna have to copy me in a minute okay? You think you could do that so she's going to sit like this and then we're gonna put little memphis in her arms right here and she gets to hold him on her lap and so I want to make sure that the light is coming from this direction because I want the butterfly pattern in the baby's face so I want the light to come from the top of his head down I don't want light to come up from below so that's not why I am that's why I'm not going to put baby like this because if I put him here the light would be coming up his nose and that's called ghoul lighting which is not attractive necessarily and even on a baby it's not attractive okay, so let's go ahead and wrap men piss up and I'm going to dio since he is going to be lying this direction I'm gonna go ahead and do what's called a burrito wrap ok and I'm gonna make sure and put his head this direction so with that being said we're going to go ahead and put the wrap this way his head I'll go that way sweetie I kind of want him on this side a little bit here we go take the diaper off get the blanket out of there go and lift you pop it out and when I also want you to know is there is a um heating pad underneath this can you go and switch positions with you and of course has always her job is to make sure that he doesn't fling his arm's okay this is a nice big rap I'm gonna let its feet poke out a little bit I am going to wrap his entire arms in because I want him snug and tight he's a big baby and I want raylan to be ableto handle him so the key to this rap is making sure the shoulders are really well tucked in first I make my first rap is one of the most important ones here and sometimes when you have an awake baby and you first are doing this all fuss when warren first started working with me and the baby would like cry the minute we put him down and we start wrapping them and she'd be all panicked and go my god babies crying like don't worry he'll be okay he's gonna calm down just a second and within minutes of putting him in this rap he they settle down he's got the hiccups but your brother has the heck up spray lin do you ever get the hiccups like that? My baby does all the time especially when he laughs too much do you laugh too much now you don't have to so again just wrapping him turning him into a little tight burrito is all I'm doing let's go and switch positions thinking my dear he's a really sweet baby I'm just gonna put your hand under his head for me keep his head in place thank you a three year old is gonna have a really hard time keeping the arms and legs in okay, so and that's what makes it a trick has babies obviously can't control their arms and legs so it's really important that you help them through that okay? And wrapping is one of the best techniques for doing that. This rap is not stretchy I strongly encourage beginners to start with stretchy wraps because they're easier to manage and maintain on dh they tend that they're easier to do tight I guess is what I should say okay came a spray lin it's almost your turn and you ready? Okay, so this grand keep him like that for a second okay, come on over here you're ready, okay, remember what I did do you think you can play? Simon says and do it for me huh so what you're gonna do is you're gonna sit just like this with you just like this can you copy me? Come sit next to me here we go. Perfect comes off okay, now I have a question for you can I take off your shoes okay, thank you. Yeah, I just talked him out of the way who needs the shoes right awesome. You have the cute little feet did you paint your toes? I did too but mine's wearing off so I can't show it because it looks really bad years looks pretty you got princess toes don't you? Okay, you ready to hold mr memphis, you stay right here. I'll be right back. Okay, okay okay. Ms moore is gonna help you. Okay? Put him right in your arms like this and just left let him stay on your arm like that. Okay? You two sweet girl. Good job. You're doing so good. Can you put your hand under his head like that hold his head up for me to have sweet girl okay? Somebody walking things oh, what a pretty princess you are. My goodness. Okay, now I switched over to a fifty millimeter lens because I want to be closer to this child, okay to be able to connect with her I'm dropping my light to get the light on the baby's face I have her little far from my backdrop but that's ok we're going to go with it okay sweet little miss so tell me miss balin are you often you know I think you're all sorts coming papa for me thank you pop out of the light you were standing by live nowhere you're good do you think cinderella has a little brother? I don't think so does she huh but you know what she does have she has little mice that turn into horses right yeah and what is the pumpkin turn into ah coach doesn't it is a pretty good and what does miss cinderella have on her feet slippers and what are their they glass yeah the glass slippers ok now I want you to tell me in your family with your mommy and daddy can you fix her thumbs what's not on his eye good girl and I want to go ahead and take the entire the legs and shift them down my direction everything perfect good that's enough perfect okay I want you to tell me who farts louder your mommy or your daddy who you think getty yeah who's the smelliest whoa daddy awesome so can you give mr memphis some kisses give him some kisses can you lean down and give him some kisses no you can't you love your little brother no yes no he's kind of funny looking huh connection peeps beautiful okay, we're done let's go ahead and pop him out of there give me that sweet girl ugo sauce let's give her a round of applause she was me you made my whole day wait do your mommy and daddy too now do you think they should be in a picture? I think they should be to uh should we do that next? Are you ready? Okay, go get your mommy and daddy okay okay, darling little girl sweetheart so let's go ahead and pop on the lights real quick. I just want to talk about that for a minute before you move on. Um you can wait right there for me, miss breeland, you make sure your mommy and daddy behave okay? You make sure that they follow the rules and don't get in trouble. Wei don't want your mommy and daddy again trouble no timeouts for them, huh? But you know what? If they get in trouble, you can put him in time out for me, okay? Okay. Empowering a three year old is a beautiful thing. So when I first met raelynn I honestly thought this was going to be a little disastrous. She was a darling little girl, but she's a classic three year old and she has a mind of her own and she was running around that green room like crazy and wouldn't even let me talk to her and when we let me answer my question, okay however, erin our makeup artist bless her heart river she is she decided to start putting make up on her and all of a sudden that got her really interested and engaged so we found something to connect with her. Okay um so like with little kids it's going to be anything from make up two dinosaurs too the latest disney movie or whatever you have to find that connection with them and sometimes in the precious moment it's challenging okay? I wanted to start right away you saw me want to move quickly because she came in this environment she was listening super awesome to me and she was really wanted to be a big helper and all of a sudden by working quickly and in the beginning we got what we what we needed because she was a little bit oh new environment, you know, not not uncomfortable she didn't seem uncomfortable, did she? I didn't treat her or try to intimidate her at all, so matter of fact just the opposite, but I did want to get her when she's fresh before things start getting stale, old and boring. Boring is the key word because in the green room she was bored out of her mind and she was ready to run up and down the walls so it's important that they don't get to that point to that board point

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Ratings and Reviews

Natalia Malinko

This is the second course with Julia I have seen. And it's amazing and very inspiring in so many ways! I appreciate so much the honesty of Julia, her spirit for doing things she loves. Like a photographer and artist myself, I feel identified with her perception of world and the passion for artistic and family photography. This course is about never give up, it's about hard work, and also it's about cultivating creativity and honesty. I highly recommended this course to every photographer who want to grow and understand himself and the business of professional high-quality photography. Thanks, Julia and Creative Live, for this one!

a Creativelive Student

So glad I bought this class - well and truly worth the investment. This course has helped me realise why it is so important to make an emotional connection and how to use it to my advantage {while giving my clients the very best too}. I cannot wait to try some new printing/mounting glad Julia was kind enough to share this! I got a lot out of this course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their newborn photography business to the next level.

Jenny White

This class was amazing!!! Julia does a great job of showing her process, how she captures beautiful images from start to finish. It was worth every dollar I spent!!

Student Work