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Shoot: Dad and Newborn

Lesson 22 from: Family Photography: Capturing Connection

Julia Kelleher

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22. Shoot: Dad and Newborn


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Shoot: Dad and Newborn

Obviously I'm going to do concepts. You guys, that means something to me. So the because that's the only way I know how to work. I can't, like, take a concept that someone else's and try to make it me if it's not me. So this is during during my heart when I was a young girl. My dad always used to take me to bookstores, and we would spend 345 hours in the bookstore, and I was perfectly happy as an 89 year old girl to go in the Children's bookstore and park myself on the floor, you know, crisscross applesauce and read books all day long. I just thought, I mean, just paint a picture for bringing, she giggled. It's true, it's but it's and I became a life long learner and reader. Because of that, I love to learn and grow. I don't I can't. I have three degrees. I mean, I was like a school junkie, so to me, that gift my father gave me the gift of knowledge and of learning and growing. That is very special to me. So this image is, in essence, a self portrait again like this last one waas by fa...

ther showing me about knowledge, learning and growth and giving me the wings to change and grow into something new and and a woman. So that's what this image is gonna be about. But I think we should. I'll tell you more about it. My visualization, What's in my head in a minute and then. But let's photograph dad first. Okay, so the one thing we're gonna do since we don't really I can't really move the water. Since it's heavy, we're going to do some stuff on the floor that sound cool and perfect. Let's just do since I don't have I know where are my wood floors? My little, um There they are. Let's put one of those out. That would be cool. Let's play. I love creatively because I just got to play for three days straight. It's awesome. Okay, Dad, come on over here. What are you wearing? You were in a dark, a dark shirt, A little fuzzy. That's okay. Let's see which floor should we do? Guys? Either one would work. Wouldn't top one OK do that? These floors are awesome. There from serendipity backgrounds. They're just canvas. And don't they Look, Riel, isn't that just insane? I love him. Okay, I'm so much more comfortable now that it took my shoes off. I shoot barefoot in the studio and I have to admit, it's funny how you guys will really learn your process And how now that I'm I feel like yeah, I can create It's so weird how you need certain little things. Who would have thunk that I needed my feet bare? I don't look at my toes. They need I d n a pedicure. Okay, So, Dan, we're gonna do basically floor flick adi shot, but with dad on the floor and will probably put baby in that in the bowl again, OK? Because I think that will end up working at Well, okay. And I'm sorry. Remind me your name again. Randi. That's right. Randy, come on over. And all you're gonna dio is lying down on the floor like this, OK? And put your head above your head like that. Okay? Floor is a little hard. We don't want miss some Miss Alice to be uncomfortable. So my dad's usually like this position cause they're like, if you want to do much, So you have you just rest your elbow back like that, Your hand like that? We're gonna put her in there. But I'm gonna put her in a bowl, so she's comfortable. Usually I do this on that flow, Kati rug softness. And I want maybe to be soft and happy. So put your shirt down for you. Okay? So I will dry it. Yeah. Gonna tell. I'm running out. Towels. I thought I brought money. Trip trip term. Thank you. Yeah, just couple of water and get that out of there. Okay. So let's see. What are we gonna use for A for a cute rap for a little miss here. That could be cute. I have a ton of color or the yellow could be pretty. Let's just pull a bunch out in the mall, See what we like Has that sound is a good exercise and combining color. Gotta love that. Okay, we have little girl. We're going a little thing in her hair to weigh. Gotta get all girly on ourselves. Okay, so we have that. We have that. Here's our bowls, so we will see some of that's all you have to do. Just kind of go like that and I want you to just hold it. There we go. It's a little big, but it'll look good. We'll make it work. OK, so we could dio yellow. Do you like this one in my hand? Monochromatic, I think pulling well, if you guys think about it, look at the floor. The floor has so much color in it. There's green tones in there. I mean, this is like a muted green without a pretty well, Sparty. Then we have, like, we could go wild with some color like that. Are you guys like Northwest? People like love the tree using outdoors? Oh yeah. So that could be really beautiful. These, by the way, our hand knit by a woman in port in the metro area in Portland. And she sells them at little craft fairs and they have these little signature rosette things on them. I forget her name, But aren't they just gorgeous and unique? Kind of like that, Or we have something like this that has a little raggedy ask. Anything will work. Let me look at the house she doing. She's happy songs by going Okay, let's look at Thea little other headbands. We have here because that might change your mind about stuff. Okay, so these air from little olive little olive is a UK for all you Londoners and well, Englanders, I should say, um, she just made these lovely things for me. And I'm in love with her work. She is brand new. I've never used her before. And I just think she does a gorgeous job. So in a couple of these, I think are from a different company. But this could be cute. What do you think? Oh, my gosh. We could just have a Hey, this is the part I love about. This is just getting all creative and fun. This is pretty too. Oh, that gives a little bit prettiness right there. I don't like to do any flower that's bigger than the baby's eye. That's the rule of thumb. You know how mom's bringing those big old white flowers and you're like, Oh, it's terrible. Look, A this one is just little itty bitty pearls. You're doing such a good job, Randy. That's pretty delicate. Look how tiny that is. Okay, so, Lauren, what do you think we could go any direction we want? This could be pretty with this, right? With the yellow bucket. That would be cool. OK, we could do this. Has a little sparkle in it. With something like this, that could be cool. I think I'm gonna pass on this cause it's a little too with a headband. It's little too colorful. Or we could do this with this. What do you all think it's so hard to pick? Isn't sometimes the light this one kind of bring the focus to her. Let's do that. Okay. So what? Used to make a decision and go for it? Okay. Has she really went a little peanut? Okay, so I do want Teoh. We're gonna take a bullet for music for a second. So we're gonna wrap her again. I want to bring this over here so you guys can see Is that easier? I'll move it out of the way again when we're done out. Shoot, Shoot, baby. She baby. Yeah, she does. Hey, I'm not sure if it's here. She honestly, I feel about that. I don't, um They do get a bean bag and stuff it flat puck style with a leather vital stuff Slips on it. So nice tuck. those towels underneath. If they stutter, it's really hard toe. Move them around. Um, And then if they pee on it, it's wipe a bull and washable. Okay, so let's see, I want the wrapped do that way. So her head's gonna go here, Um, and then stuff it flat and stuff it as much as you can. Like overstuffed runway. Um, fabric store? Yeah. Yeah. Not dry. Washam. Oh, my gosh, Alice, you're just a little cuties duty. You are. Hands are closer. A little wet, so they're cold. Well, that doesn't limit perfect yourself when they make those little noises. This wrap is you guys concede I use a lot so easy, and I could be awake with it. Just make a square knot nice and pretty. Well, if it up a little bit and I like one end longer than the other, Just give some of those people collects ones. Threes and fives. Not twos, fours and sixes. Personal preference. OK, so I'm going to go ahead. And, um you know what? We might need a little Where is that little, um, piece of fabric that we used before? Yeah. Oh, awesome. Where if it's wet, Help It's not what you think. It's not gonna put that in the bowl music. I think that'll help her head having. Yeah. Okay, so go ahead and lift her up. Okay? Okay. Perfect. I think we peed a little bit, but we're gonna try to bear with us and get a shot. Well, I thank you. I way have a little gas. Okay, We're gonna She went potty, but we're gonna go ahead and just take a quick shot, okay? Since we're all wrapped up here just like being in a diaper here, she's gonna go back to sleep here in a second batter. Miracles, we curl. And then when they fall back to sleep Oh, your delicious child dishes. Can I eat you for breakfast? Yes. It's hard work being a baby home. Yeah. Okay. No. Oh, goodness, toots. Goodness. Don't let me know. She might be uncomfortable. Yeah, she's got Can you hear her? A little uncomfortable. Let's go ahead and changer. Let's let her have her. We've got plenty of time. So that's why she's skeptical Gas. And then the number two comes out clear. I know, sweetheart. I don't want you to be all messy in there. No, Mama. Miss Julie just got missing. Okay? So, Europe, people want to We have to change wraps too. Okay, so, um, hazard of the job, people just it just happens. Um, something you have to live with when you don't worry about that. Seriously. It happens every day. Parents like, freak out. They get really upset and kind of like, Oh, my gosh. But you have to tell them that this happens all the time, and it's not anything that they need to be. She didn't soil that, So Okay, um, it's not anything to be concerned about, cause they do worry about it, But we're not We're not putting a diaper. Thank you for asking them or telling me. Okay, so let's get a grand pick up Lauren for just such a letter. Resettle. Let's do a new rap here. So this happens all the time, where your soil a rap, and then you gotta change directions. But since we had so many directions to go with the first place, she'd still going. Did you get you get hit hazard of the job. Okay, so maybe we'll just change gears here a little bit. That's pretty. I do have a question from Wendy DCM This and Wendy says you're amazing. Workshops have not only changed my business, but also my life so grateful. Her question is this parents, the parents and babies on the ground pose. My clients love this pose. Thank you for the inspiration. Any tips for toddler siblings that do not want to lay down on the floor? And Wendy is in Belgium? Yeah. Wendy and Meltem think I know Wendy. Wendy came Maybe Zoom Photo Tellier. Okay, I think she might be in her Facebook group. I don't I don't remember her studio anyway. Hello, Wendy. Toddlers way covered. A little bit of we did this pose yesterday with that toddler that worked out pretty well and, you know, Yeah, there's been times when I don't get the shot with a toddler. Usually they do want to be on the ground with the parents. It's that's kind of why I go to this pose with parent with toddlers. Um, the But there's been plenty of time where I'll try to, like, put a toddler in here. Whatever. And my assistant will literally put him down here, talk to me a little bit back off and I take a picture. Damn. So again, the value having assisted and granted. I know everybody gets upset with me like you have. You can't afford assistant. I know, I know. I know, I know. I couldn't either. I get it. However, now that I have one, I know that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get one, you know? So take a positive attitude, took a positive pill and save yourself. You know what? I can find this, and maybe you'll only find it once in a while. It may be your creative shoots that you try to dio, um, or maybe Randy suffocates. Where are you OK down there? Okay. If you need to get up, let me know. I'm, like, forced them to be down. He's looking up at me like his latest crazy. Um, you can find an assistant and have several. I am such a proponent of being friends with other photographers in your town. I mean, Becky is lives in the same town as me. And here she is. She is my competitors. Okay. And here we are in this workshop, studying learning, growing, and I think that's fantastic. Don't let other photographers threaten you. They are your allies. They will help you when you need it. I mean, if you know, if I needed help, I could call Becky and she like Heck, yeah. I'm coming over and saying with me, you know, if people call me and go Hey, I'm dying. I'm need help here if I don't have the time. Obviously, Alcedo, I'm really busy here. I've got shoots or whatever, but call someone so they might help you get that community going in your in your town because they become such a valuable attitude. Of course, there will be people who shown you Those people are insecure. They can't be vulnerable and just they're not part of your group anyway. Don't worry about him, okay? They are not your crowd. Fine, Fine. The people who are really Oh, my gosh are taller. Just came in and she's so cute high. Um, thank you. So find the people who are gonna who want Teoh cohort with you. And usually those people don't want to suck the life out of you. They want, maybe want to learn from you. But that's what's wrong with that. As long as you teach them. Hey, use me to for you. Take a concept of fine. That's fine. Go for it. But make it you don't just copy. And if those people are really good people and they respect you, there are going to do that to the best of their ability because they won't want to tread on your toes. They want to be your friend. They realize the asset that you are to them. You know, I'm saying, like I have photography friends all over the country. How's she doing back there? Miss Alice? You get better. I have friends that are friends all over the country, You know, teaching and speaking worldwide. You ever even we only see each other when you go to a town. But we're friends and and I will say the 10 my gosh, I really love this idea. Is it okay if I use that? I Can I take that in, turn into something else? All of them say yes, of course. Take it. Use it yourself. Because they know that I value the friendship more than I value. That one concept does that make sense? So people who really want to be your friend and want to help you and be in industry. And it's a two way street are gonna be totally fine with it. Those who have jealousy issues or think you're gonna steal their business or your clients or whatever. Screwem. They're not part of your crowd. Just just there's no point why associate with people like that, you become what you surround yourself with. So that's my take on that little Miss Alice doing. Okay? Wait, She's awake. That's okay. When she's awake, she's happy. Yeah, she's I think she's pretty. Has got some gas going on. May I think so. She was a little rumbly. You could You could tell him when they were gassing. Sometimes there's no helping him. So but let's try it. Let's go one more time. And you, Are you up for that, Randy, We'll get a good image with you. And we might get you in here too, sweety. If Europe or in Britney Okay, so let's do this one more time so you can get it done quick, and then we will wrap up here. Okay, Because I went no. Okay. Hello, Peanut. You give me a star of our show again. Yes. Yeah. Is your little tummy rumbling? Yeah. You know, I'm gonna get you wrapped up real quick. You're gonna feel good wondering. Let's do potato sack. Lets you potato sack rap. So just go ahead and lift her up a little bit, and I'm gonna squeeze this down. Perfect. Good. We're gonna get you all bundled up. Okay? I know you're gonna be uncomfortable for 30 seconds. Okay, girl, you're gonna be uncomfortable for 30 seconds. You're so happy in, like, 30 seconds. I know. I know. Right now, it doesn't seem like it, but you will be. I promise. I know you got gas, don't you? Yeah, it's okay. Peanut. Excuse. A little window. I think the fabric was Yeah, that feels better, doesn't it? Yeah. See, swallow is a good thing. Yeah. No, she just a peanut. When in doubt. Rap. It's all I can say. And sometimes having everything tucked in just makes him feel better. No Peanut. Oh, wait. I e No, you got gas, huh? Okay. Hi. It's going on. Any other questions? While I'm soothing the sweet girl here, I make it look so easy. Thank you. Thank you. It's not, is it? You know what I think? The biggest thing is just don't panic. I mean, and trust me, I want a panic right now. There's, like lots of people watching, and you're kind of vulnerable on my whole heart is like, But I also know from experience that if I do that, that baby this baby, she's looking up. You're so cute. This baby's gonna get worse because she'll feel my attention. So I have learned over the years that doing this and they feel that tension. So if you show that at all because you know how like when you do parent images or whatever and it's not going right and you get tense, it gets worse. Yeah, the baby's feeling your attention. Okay, you're looking at me cross eyed in tutorials. I'm sorry. What baby Wrapping tutorials. Any cell I e todo by the course. Oh, you get the course anyway, you're here. Um, I do have a question for yeah, this actually has a couple of votes on it and came in earlier. But since we just had this experience, DeAnda row had asked how were none of the babies peeing and pooping all over and mama, which we did just see. But then the question is, have you do you feed them right before the shoot? And if so, then Right then. What's the trick? My newborns go on. Almost everything. Preparation is everything. So what? We're gonna be on everything I do so much longer. It's ridiculous. I mean, I use Charlie soap, so I use the baby friendly, so make sure you do that. Um, but I have a whole preparation letter that I sent. It's a two page letter that I sent to my clients that teaches them how to prepare their baby. Okay, by the way, you get it if you buy the course. So the But what it basically says is keep your baby awake for an hour or two before you come see me naked. Did Coolum off a little water on their forehead? Let that evaporate. Obviously, don't get your baby cold, you know? But just keep them awake. And I wore my parents. I say they might be annoyed with you, but that's OK. Try to keep him awake a little bit, because then time. Everything's that. When you come to the studio, you're gonna feed that baby. A full feeding. Okay, so when they arrive, they feed the baby of full feeding. The babies had a little period of a weakness, and then the chances of them going back to sleep right after that are much greater. Okay. I'm very specific about circumcision. I will not. I will not photograph a baby who has been circumcised within six days of the session. Period. End of statement. It will not happen. I have sent parents home who's who circumcised a couple days before, and they bring a raw baby in new way. Jose, that's not happening high. Well, big on. So there's a whole list of things I tell not to eat spicy foods, cause that induces gas. These are all lessons learned over having shot more than 400 newborns. Okay, so when you do it that much, you learn things really quickly that maybe I shouldn't, you know, let them do that. And I'm very adamant about the directions, and I tell them over and over and over again. Followed directions. Follow directions, follow directions. If you follow your directions, we're gonna get amazing images for you. Okay? And so most of them do do They all know? Some people don't read, But I try and I tell it to them via, you know, audio. I they read it. They sign for it like they have to sign my questionnaire. Elektronik Lee, that says yes. I have read the directions. I approve this studio policies yada, yada, yada. I make him sign for it. Let's see if we can get this done. Any other questions while I'm setting up here? Yeah, I think so. She needs a little bit of support. Thank you. Make sure she's stuff. Thank you. Can you tell? I just hate babies. Yeah. High up to what age does the wrapping work? Oh, probably four months. Okay. I photographed nine week er's before. Um oh, you're gonna You can help me out here. Okay? I need a washcloth on NHS Tell underneath this blanket to support her head. Are you got Brown at me? Yeah. I love when they hear this little Oh, yeah, perspectives. She's she looks like you. You just got your eyes like the shape of your I think it's biological. Though I actually think that, um, the first baby ask better, huh? See how that also popped her chin up. So she's not doing this to me. I actually like that. Like that. Let's put something pretty on. You make you look like a girl. Oh, this little all of stuff. It's so pretty. Great designers. She's so my style. And I've discovered there are certain vendors out there that just suit me. You know, like they have a style that matches my own. So I encourage you to find those vendors, because you'll, uh oh, don't you just have a peanut? Okay, let's do this quick so we can get Daddy on the off the floor here. Okay? She's so cute. OK, go ahead. Never just turns lately. Awesome. Soft down you. Do you wear your glasses all the time? No. I want you, Teoh. Take the ears of them. You are trying to get rid of, um hole, which is like looking up. You have to take that out later. There is a reflection from what is it? It's green. Can someone kill the lights? Lights for me. Thank you. Like I'm seeing green. Is it like a monitor somewhere in his glasses? Weird. Maybe it's just the light. Often year ago. Hope can you fix the heaven? Thank you, my dear. She's now Normally, I would have a reflector actually think I like the lights, um, on, believe it or not, because it's really dark. And so he is almost hatchet lighting. You see that? So, um, to make a really good image, I would make a reflector. Can we bring that reflector over? Daniel would be awesome. We're gonna do it. Do it right? Right. Oh, Peanut. You're okay. She put your hand on her head. Thank you, my dear, very much. We'll get a good shot of this. Sorry. You guys are not going to see it real quick. But, um, let's get a good one for dad. Right across, If you wouldn't mind. Beautiful up here a little bit more. Yeah, And then slam it to the floor if you wouldn't mind. Dropped the little thing. Turns with the bottom, the middle thing. This this right here, this disturbance and then drops. Yeah, Good job, Dad. Holding her perfect networks. Fine, Dad. Advising me. Perfect. Beautiful. And go ahead and wrap your hand or a little bit more air. We go. Perfect. That's what I like better off someone close your eyes for me? Yeah. When they're awake like this, you got to take a lot because they'll look at you and, um, awesome. And eyes at me, Daddy. Cute. And they're gonna wiggle around, and sometimes you'll get like and can pop. The headband on the other side has fallen down into rise. Here we go. These little olive headbands are so cute. Awesome. Perfect. I think we're good. You're amazing what a good sport you are. Thank you for being so patient. You see how that reflector filled in so much? It did a lot. So Okay. Oh, so cute. Okay, you can turn the house lights back on for me if you guys want. I'm such a messy creative. This place is my producer Catholic itself that we should give me a little bit neater over there. It's like I think it's the hallmark of a creative person is being messy. At least that's my excuse, right? You know, I know where everything is. I wouldn't call this messy. It's a little bit of disaster zone over here, but that's OK. Come join you. Okay. Sounds good. Do we have any final questions from our students here? before going to break. Yes. Question Global Mike, please. Just a quick question about the bull that you're using. Does that work for big babies to, um, sometimes depends. It's actually a really small bowl. It looks it looks small. I use it mainly under the beanbag. Like when I'm doing bean bag shots, you can use it for two. She up in the email. You can use it for those scarf bold shocks that I do all the time. You could use it for a potato sack wrap kind of shots, so usually it's hidden underneath blankets, but I like it if you're gonna do it with that. Like this baby is wide awake. Okay? I have to wrap her up. Now she's squirming out of there, but I can liquefy her to make her look cuter. Okay? I can't when they're awake like that. I can't control everything cause they're gonna fling around so I can just control most of what I can. And then, yeah, you're gonna be fixing himself, imposed the other thing with awake, baby, you're gonna shoot a lot more than if they're asleep. Because when they're asleep, you can take one or two shots and got it because you can pretty much moving wherever you want. When they're awake like that. It's like a little toddler. You got to just keep shooting and they don't focus their eyes. They're never gonna look a choose to kind of have to grab that like we did with Little Ezra yesterday when he was smiling. He's still not even at the point where he was focusing very well yet.

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This is the second course with Julia I have seen. And it's amazing and very inspiring in so many ways! I appreciate so much the honesty of Julia, her spirit for doing things she loves. Like a photographer and artist myself, I feel identified with her perception of world and the passion for artistic and family photography. This course is about never give up, it's about hard work, and also it's about cultivating creativity and honesty. I highly recommended this course to every photographer who want to grow and understand himself and the business of professional high-quality photography. Thanks, Julia and Creative Live, for this one!

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So glad I bought this class - well and truly worth the investment. This course has helped me realise why it is so important to make an emotional connection and how to use it to my advantage {while giving my clients the very best too}. I cannot wait to try some new printing/mounting glad Julia was kind enough to share this! I got a lot out of this course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their newborn photography business to the next level.

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