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Lesson 9 from: Experiment with Abstract Collage Art

Amy Wynne

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9. Outro

Review the most important points of this course as you move forward and make amazing, satisfying abstract collage art.

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of course, we have explored collage in a lot of different ways. We looked at historical examples of collage, We looked at how to hand paint your own papers. The difference between papers, the difference between cutting versus ripping, how you can create variety and excitement by exploring an expanded color palette in terms of the colors you might choose. And we also explored the possibilities of working with remnants of process, working with things that were left behind, working with things that were left over. This is really, I think an incredible thing to be aware of, just notice that rather than throwing something away that actually could be repurposed. Also in that same vein, this idea of using consumption as inspiration, like what is in my recycling bin, you know, what is coming through the mail slot, you know what is what are things in my everyday life that I could repurpose to make collage out of. So I think collage is an incredible avenue for being playful for being curious for...

really changing things up and creating variations that will keep you inspired for a lifetime.

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Susan Gold

Fantastic class! I am a beginner when it comes to abstract collage, and Amy demonstrates a generous number of techniques—all accessible and with clear instructions. She shows how each step can yield exciting variations, and she inspires play. Many of the techniques utilize a photo as a “muse” or “mother image," and it’s fun to discover new possibilities for my photos.

a Creativelive Student

Antsy G

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