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Escape from Cubicle Nation

Pamela Slim

Escape from Cubicle Nation

Pamela Slim

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Class Description

Join business coach and author of Escape From Cubicle Nation Pamela Slim for this comprehensive guide to forging your own path as an entrepreneur.

Starting out as a business owner can be scary; Pamela will help you tackle this fear head on as she guides you through the journey from employee to entrepreneur. From identifying your skills and strengths to building a secure financial plan, you’ll explore each stage of developing a business with a strong foundation and the potential for radical growth. Pamela will also cover networking, minimizing financial risk, mapping your sales process, identifying your ideal clients, and more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a business plan customized to your business’s unique needs and unlock the freedoms associated with being your own boss and pursuing your true passions.

Class Materials

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Startup Tools Video
Choosing a Business Entity.pdf
Pamela Slim Presentation Slides Day 1.pdf
Setting Up Your Business Structure Checklist.pdf
Pamela Slim Presentation Slides Day 2.pdf
Pamela Slim Presentation Slides Day 3.pdf

bonus material


Ratings and Reviews

Tania Fox

EVERY SINGLE WORD of this course is a pearl. An instant cure for analysis paralysis! I spent almost a year reading everything and attending every seminar/webinar that could be even tangentially related to my business, in order to validate what I already know (because you can't know what you know unless someone well-known knows it too, right?). The way this course is designed, it's like everyone knows they have what it takes to succeed, they just need to organise their inherent tools to best serve the structure they are building. There is absolutely nothing in this course that you can't use, adjust or quote to ensure your preparedness for moving forward with your business. I cannot thank Pamela Slim enough for generously sharing her invaluable knowledge and processes. Also, her guests, Susan Beier and Kyle Durand were perfectly chosen, equally generous with knowledge and just as easy-going. You can see why they form a mutual admiration society. The respect they have for each other, professionally and personally, is evident. The studio participants feel like they were cherry-picked, but in the best possible way; representing various stages of entrepreneurship, across a nice selection of fields. They each make major contributions to the sessions with their questions and their answers, as well as their sharing of experiences both personal and professional. Frankly, I have not been inclined to write a review before, let alone purchase a program. But this is one, like The Usual Suspects (if you don't know the film, please go find it), in which you will continue to find nuggets of information and want to refer to over and over again. I know I sound evangelical, but I really do feel like I've been offered the net I needed to go out on that limb. Watch for me, I may be giving your next course! Thank you Pam Slim! Thank you Creative Live!

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becoming an entrepreneur

Alawi Albaity

I bought the class thoughting the illustration included in this course in the class materials , but its not , thats sucks , THANKS A LOT

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