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Lesson 6 from: Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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6. Sharing

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And the next thing that we might want to do is prepare one of these images and share it so we'll do some quick developing. So, out of all of these images, what might be, um, a couple of favorites? I guess this one's pretty fun. I like that a lot. So I'm gonna select this image, and I can see it big on my screen here by just double clicking again. So if I select it here, I double click. And it just shows me a larger view to do any editing on this, I'm gonna pop over to the develop module. So this image is selected. I'm now in the develop module. And what do I want to dio? Maybe just boost the contrast a little bit, can maybe bump the exposure on a lot, maybe add a little bit of clarity and honestly, I think it's pretty pretty fine just the way it is. So I'm not going to do a whole lot now. Light room is going to make these edits, but they haven't been applied to the image yet. They're just written instructions. They won't get applied until we export this image to somewhere so we are goi...

ng to do that. First, we're going to go ahead and publish this to the Web, But let's pick a couple more images just so we have, like a nice little collection of, Let's say, three. So that was one. Well, dio maybe one of these rock ones. I'm going to double click if a listen kind of cute, so I'll select it. I'm gonna go back to the develop module. I can click here or press D to jump over there, adjust the contrast, touch the exposure just a little bit. I'll press G to go back to two grid mode of the library. Let's get one more. Let's get this this messy out of focus, one where he's just kind of flapping his hands all around. And I'll press D to go back to develop module. Adjust that contrast and something like that. If you want to do any cropping, the keyboard shortcut is actually are, and then you can do any cropping adjustments that you want. Hopefully, you compose the photo in a way that you don't want to do a lot of cropping. Let's say that we'll just do a very minimal crop here I'll go ahead and click. Done. All right. So we've got those images selected. Um, let's actually rate the's just so we can find him easier. I'm gonna go ahead and press five on my keyboard, which sets this rating down here. It gives it a five star rating. So I'm just going to pick those images that I did a quick edit on and label them with five stars. Then we can come over here and filter for rated images, and we'll see them like this. So it's just another way to separate images. One from another. I could have made another collection and called it Seattle Playground edits or whatever, but I'm just gonna go ahead and rate them. And then if we want to add these toe, let's say Facebook. We can do that from a right here in light room. So I'm gonna collapse some of this stuff And let's, um, scroll down. We're in development. Sorry. No wonder I couldn't find it. I was over here looking for these publishing services and I couldn't see them cause I forgot I was in developed module. So you want to make sure that you're in the right module cause these, uh, thes areas over here these panels are dependent upon whatever module you're in. So I go back to the library module and now I can see these published services, so you'll notice that one of them is for Facebook. So I'm going to go ahead and click on that. You'll see I have one little album that I did before called Morocco, but now I want to make a new album. So I'm going to make sure all three of these images air highlighted. I'm gonna come over here and click the little Plus to make a new album, which light room calls again collection. So it's the same like this. Only it's not a collection up here. It's a special Facebook collection, so I'll come over here and say, Create collection and I can name it whatever I want. I'll just call it again. Seattle Playground. I want to include the selected photos. Now this is just what I'm calling the collection. The actual album name, as it will appear on Facebook, is down here. So all call that they on the rocks. Ha ha. OK, there's they on the rocks. I can adjust my privacy settings I want at a location. Seattle, um, on our way to the creative live studio. So then I go heading, hit, create. So that is now making this, um collection right here. And if I press g to get back to the grid view of the collection, I can see all three pictures right here and you'll notice it says new photos to publish. So these haven't been published yet. They're just here waiting to be published. But once I'm ready, I can go ahead and hit the publish button. If I want to add more photos, maybe I want to go back. Teoh my collection over here to see everything. Perhaps they want Teoh add an image to it. I could just drag it from here. Let's say let's say I want to double click it and do a quick a quick edit just so we can see that one more time. Maybe I'll make this one black and white. All right now, I'm gonna spend too much time on that, but we'll call that good all press G to get back. Let's say I want to add this to my Facebook album. I'll just click and drag over here and drop it. You'll notice it doesn't move because I'm not taking it out of my travel album. I'm just adding it over here so that when I published thes it will all go to Facebook. So I go ahead and hit. Publish. You'll see it's going to connect now. The first time that you do this here, I'm getting the error again so we may want to edit the heart. But the first time that you do this, you're gonna want Teoh set up your Facebook connection so light room will walk you through that process. It's very simple, but once you're ready to get these published, you would just go here and hit. Publish and light room will take care of it for you and that's it. It would go straight Teoh Light room and you would be done with that

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a Creativelive Student

Thank you Khara Plicanic for being the miracle worker teacher that you are!! I had the Helen Keller at the water pump moment after you clearly explained how to use Lightroom and you did it in less than 45 minutes. You have a refreshing teaching style and I am over the moon happy to have purchased this class. I now have the LR basics down pat. Thank you CL.


I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.

Student Work