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Make a Book

Lesson 7 from: Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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7. Make a Book

Lesson Info

Make a Book

So let's say now that we've talked about giving these on Facebook, let's talk about how would we make a quick book if we wanted to create a book from our images? So I'll go back to my playground collection. Let's make let's instead, let's say we want to make a book from Morocco just so we have a little more color and that might be more fun. T demo. So let's say we want to turn these pictures into a book. Well, luckily, light roommates that really easy. I can come over here to click book and it's showing me a book that I had been playing with previously. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit clear book, and over here you have settings. Your choices for making a book are you can create a book directly for a company called Blurb. So blurb is a service provider that is cozied up here with light room so you can actually send straight to blurb. Or you can create a pdf that you consent to any other service provider or a J peg. So you have all kinds of options. I happen to really like blurb, so I'm go...

nna choose blurb. We can choose the size that we want. These they're the size is that blurb offers. I really like that standard landscape, especially for a bunch of travel photos. You can choose what type of cover material you want. Soft covered. Book a dust jacket. I'm gonna go with an image rap, the type of paper that you want and all these things affect the price here. Logo on page. That means that they can include their blurb logo and you get a price break. Because of that, if you don't want to see it, so I'll click none. Then you know the price just went up by about 10 bucks. So this is an estimated price here, but that's going to be the set up for my book down here. I can choose all kinds of layout options. Um, there's really a ton of choices, but for right now I'm going to go ahead with one photo per page, and I'm gonna just click this button for auto layout because I already have my collection for Morocco chosen. I can click this and it's gonna make my book. Did you see how fast that was mean? That was so fast, it's already done. Uh, so I need to edit this now because it did a pretty good job. But maybe I want to change some of these settings. I want to get rid of this display. It's telling the standard Landscape Book eight by 10 inches, 24 pages. That's good. I don't want to see this on my screen while I'm working. So if I press the I key for information, it's gonna hide that. Okay, so let's scroll through here and make some edits to this book. For one thing, this front cover and back cover Wouldn't that be cool if instead of a separate image on each front and back cover? What if this was one image that wrapped around the whole thing? That's super easy to dio. All I need to do is come down here and click this little drop down arrow on. I get available pop up that I can use for my cover layout. So this right here is going to be one image rapping from front to back. So that looks pretty good. But maybe I want a different image on the cover. So I'm the scroll through and I really love this one, so I'm just going to drag it and drop it up there and now it wraps front, cover to back cover. You'll notice it's giving me this little error here. It's yelling at me with the exclamation point icon. If I click on that, it's going to say this photo may not print well at the size it will print at 146 pixels per inch. The minimum recommended resolution for blurb is 200 pixels per inch. And adjusting the zoom is gonna change that. So if I had tried to zoom in on this, it would make it even worse. So it's it's just letting me know that this image printed large enough to be the front and back cover is probably not gonna look very good. I can decide how much I want to worry about that or not. I really like that image for the cover. But if I decided that that's not gonna work for me like I don't want to risk it, then I just, you know, maybe I can still have it on the cover, but it can't stretch the whole way across. So maybe it needs to just be like this by itself, and then you'll notice that error is gone. So I may just have to live with that, or I could try to find a different image, but I'm probably going to run into the same thing with all of these. They were captured on a smaller point and shoot. That's not quite a high resolution, as as other cameras may have been. So let's go ahead and just leave that for argument's sake. But I can also, um, choose any one of these other ones if I want. Some of them also have text as well, so we'll just leave that. Let's say we want to scroll down here and now this image is a vertical image. So, um, that's being cropped into this horizontal space, so I can either adjust the zoom and then recomposed to do something that I like. Or maybe I just need to change the layout. So I click that dropped down and let's say I just choose this. So now it can be the way that I shot it in a vertical format so you can change the layouts. You can change the zoom, so I can click and zoom in or out of a particular image. And, of course, you can swap the images by just dragging and dropping. So let's just do this, these ones really quick. We'll select both of those by oppressing the shift key so I can get both of them. And let's make them keep clicking on the wrong thing. Let's make those two horizontal images that are a little smaller. Some of these even have borders around them, so that's an option. And one more here. Think that was also vertical. So not bad. Let's make this a full All right, so that's it. I mean, it's really pretty. Pretty simple. Pretty straight forward. You can add pages. You can add page numbers if you want. You can even tell it where to add those page numbers. There's a lot that you can do. You can add text. I personally prefer not to have, uh, text in my photo books if I can help it. But you could if you wanted to. You can also add a background Teoh all of your pages if you wanted, but that's also something I don't really do too often. So when you're happy with it, then you would just go ahead and say, Send off to blurb and light room while walking through packaging that up and actually giving it to blurb. You have to have an account with blurb, which is free, So I would probably create that ahead of time just to make your life a little bit easier in light room so you can create a free blurb account. And then just with the one click, you can build a whole book. So you know, if we're talking about building that workflow and maybe you want to get get used to ordering prints, some sort of printed peace, you know, maybe every time you download you label your pick 25 of your favorite photos, you can star them so you can find them easily and throw them into a book. And it's like an instant scrapbook. So that's one thing that you could do to just make the process sort of, um, just a regular part of your routine. Another thing you could do is then get your image is ready for print. So let's pop back over to our little collection of playground images will go back to our library module. I should point out to save your book. That would be important, right? To save your creative book, you go ahead and come up here, create saved book. It'll ask you what you want to call it and it'll put it inside your collection. So in this case, I would say Morocco, call it book, put it inside Morocco and hit, Create. And then it will live over here in our collections. So here is our travel collection set with our Morocco photos and then the book live there. So that's how you would get back to it at a later time.

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I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.

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