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Lesson 5 from: Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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5. Keywords

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another way that you can keep track of your images is by using keywords. So I'm going to select all the images in this collection by pressing command. A. So I've got my my collection highlighted. I've got all the images within the collection highlighted, and I want to come over here to key wording, and I could just type in this box anything that I want to use toe label these images, so I confined them more easily later. Now there's a definitely a sweet spot with key wording you Onley want to use as many keywords as are going to be helpful. So, you know, I could label these things all kinds of of key words that I may never care for or search for. So, for example, he's wearing overalls in this in this shoot. Do I care to be able to search my catalogue for all the images where my son is wearing? Overall? Probably not. Unless maybe I'm a maker who makes patterns for overalls. Then maybe I would care. So then I'd be like, Well, I'd want a keyword all of these images with overalls because ma...

ybe someday later, when I'm searching for images to show off my overall patterns that I've made. I could find these. I wish that were the case. I wish I could say I sewed him these overall, but I didn't. So that's not gonna be important to me. But it might be important to me to say, um, you know Seattle because that's where this was. I'm just gonna type Seattle. I'll put a comma. I'm going to type playground all type rocks because we're playing in rocks. Um, what else is happening? I don't know. He he's got his glasses, which is kind of fun. I mean, now I guess he always has those glasses. So theoretically, all of his pictures would have that. But we'll go ahead and add that keyword. So then I'll just go ahead and press enter. And those keywords have now been applied to all of these images that are selected in this collection. So keywords make it possible to search later. If I go down here in my keyword list, let's return back to my full collection of everything in my catalogue. So here's my full catalogue. Okay, so imagine in this case, we only have 200 photos now that we've deleted some, but imagine if your catalog had 2000 or 20,000 images and you wanted to be able to find stuff very quickly. You can go to your collections if you know exactly what kind of collection you're looking for, but you might have images across collections, um, that share common keywords so you can actually search across collections through your whole catalog based on keywords. So it's just another way to find your images. And you would do that by coming over here. So let's see. I have 25 images that are marked playground. So if I want to see those, I click over here next to the number of the keywords. 25 images. If I click over here, light room will jump directly to those images in my catalogue. So the really quick way to find your images that you're looking for So you know, I would be labeling these. I guess I should have put they I should have labeled they here. In the key words, I would be putting kids names if you've got multiple kids. It's a quick and easy way. Teoh find, um, what you're looking for and you can find one kid versus another. Ah, if I wanted to, I could go in and, you know, label. This one is being a laughing photo so I could find all my laughing photos in my catalogue in one swoop if I wanted. So that's just a little bit about how keywords work. You may or may not end up using them a whole lot, but they can be incredibly handy. So but if key words seem like and you don't care for that level of detail, I would definitely recommend starting with collections. I think this is something that is more intuitive for a lot of people, and so you can still find your way around your images very quickly with collections. Okay, By the way, if you have an image that you want to remove from a collection, it's as simple as going Teoh that collection. So let's say, let's say somehow this Morocco image ended up in the Seattle playground collection. I would just come over here and right click on it and say, Remove from collection so right click or control, click and then remove it from selection from collection. So it's really easy. Teoh to get around there. Okay, so we've downloaded our images We've called through and panned for gold. Got rid of all the junk. We created a little collection. We did some very minimal key wording. Let's go ahead. I think we should We should probably add they to this year because that just seems silly that I didn't have him in. So I'm just gonna type in there and type. They there now that's been added to all of these. So I highlighted them all, and I added they and now it's been at him.

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a Creativelive Student

Thank you Khara Plicanic for being the miracle worker teacher that you are!! I had the Helen Keller at the water pump moment after you clearly explained how to use Lightroom and you did it in less than 45 minutes. You have a refreshing teaching style and I am over the moon happy to have purchased this class. I now have the LR basics down pat. Thank you CL.


I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.

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