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Lesson 3 from: Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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3. Culling

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we still have all of our catalogue. But now our catalogue has over 300 images. So we're looking in our little library view here. We're looking at just what we've downloaded. Okay? So suddenly the rest of my catalogue is not visible, so don't panic. You can always get back to the rest of your catalogue by clicking under here under catalogue all photographs. So now I can see everything in my catalogue. The most recently added stuff is going to show up towards the bottom. If I want to get back to what I just downloaded. I can come up here under catalogue and click previous import, or I could scroll down here under folders. And here is the folder that we just downloaded Everything. Teoh. So however you want to get there, it's pretty easy to dio. So what I like to do next is go through these images and just pan for the gold, right? Sometimes if you're in a pinch, you might think, Well, they're all downloaded. I'm done now, and that's that's fine. But if you really want to maximize your hard...

drive space, you can just take a quick minute to sift through these and get rid of the ones you don't want. So here's how I like to do that process. I mean, a double click on the first image so that I can see it bigger in this window. And then I'm just gonna use my arrow keys on the keyboard. Teoh arrow through the photos. And the reality is, probably most of them are going to get tossed. Let's be honest. So I'm keeping this very real for you guys. This is not some session that I went through and picked all the best things to show off for you. This is just what I shot on my way to the studio this morning with my son at the park. So a lot of it's gonna be throw away because he was really more excited about this rock and whatever was around. Then he was about giving me great expressions for the camera. So I'm just gonna flip through these using that arrow key, and I'm not going to do anything with the photos that I don't care for. I'm Onley gonna flag photos that I want to keep, and I'm going to do that like I'll keep this one he's excited about something Here. I'll keep this one. Um, and I'm gonna press the letter p on my keyboard. Pito flag it as a pick soapy for pick. So I picked this photo. Don't pick that one. I can go pretty quickly. This one's cute. If I want to zoom in better and see like I'm looking at this and I'm thinking I don't think I got his face and focused very well. So I'm gonna click and you know, it's a little bit soft on his face. I consumed back out by clicking my space bar so space fireable zoom in and space bar will zoom out, But I'm a pick it anyway because it's not to want to off that one. And I don't care for boom, boom! I be stomping. That's always fun, but I already know that I did not get that one and focus very well this one. I I like this. He likes to play with wood chips and rocks and things, and I think it's going to be a big part of just what he likes to do. So that's a good memory for me. I'm gonna pick that one. That's kind of a fun shot will pick that. Here he is with my husband. Here he is starting to cry because he would rather be doing something else. Oh, we'll pick this one. Well, that's cute. All right. Excited about something Playing and more rock. Kind of like the look on this base. I'm just looking for expressions I like. And then, of course, there is his silly little smile. He does, And then, of course, making sure that the photo is in focus. And I think now, let's see, I picked this one and I decide I like this one better. So I'm gonna go back over here and unpick this by pressing you to unpick it and remove the flag. So I'll pick this one instead. Andi, they're like funny shots where he was blinking kind of fun. That's cute. All right, we're coming to the end here. He is. Excited. Something fun was happening. Must have been a good rock. One of blurry and out like heave moving. And I don't know where my focus was. I was shooting with a shallow depth of field, so that's really tricky with the toddler, so I didn't quite get it but I still like this photo. Anyway, I like that. It's just kind of messy and blurry. And sometimes that's how life is. So I'm gonna keep it now. We found leaves to go with his rog. He was so happy. Very exciting. Kind of like that one, too, for some reason. So then we thought maybe we'll swing him and get some good expressions. Those kind of cute. That's fun. Oh, that's more fun. Unpick that one. So I'm just going back when we thought we'd put him on the playground and get some good stuff, but he was like, I don't think so. Not into it. You can try to keep. We'll pick that one. Okay, so what do we have here? Now? You can see I've gotten a little bit ahead of my preview renderings. So light rooms a little bit slower to show me the photo, but that's okay. All right, so I've made it to the end of this collection of images. So now I want to filter these photos, so I'm Onley looking at the things that I picked. So to do that, I'm gonna come down here to the bottom, right? My filters air currently off, but I'm gonna change that. And I want to see my flags. I want to work with my flag stuff and I can choose to not have any flags shown or I can just see unflagging photos. So the when you click on these flags, you can change. You know what type of flags we're looking at. So right now that I'm looking at flagged images and I'm seeing just the ones I flagged and light rooms telling me over here that I have flagged 25 out of 136 photos. Great. That means there's a bunch of photos that I didn't flag that I don't care for. So I want to get rid of them. So instead of looking at the flagged images, I'm gonna turn that off. So now I'm not looking at any any filter, really. But then I'm going to come over and click the middle one, which tells light room. I want to see only my unflagging photos. So that's 111 photos out of 136. That means I can get rid of 111 photos on my hard drive and I won't really miss anything. So to do that, I'm gonna go back to my grid view by pressing G. That brings me back to my grid view like this. And now I'm still looking at just those unflagging images. So I'm going to press command or control a to select all of the unflagging images. And I always confirmed before I hit the week. I always confirm down here that I am actually looking not at all of my photos, but just those unflagging ones. So it's 111 out of 136 and then I'm just gonna press delete on my keyboard. Don't panic. It's OK, you if you if this scares you, you don't have to delete your photos. But I like to keep my hard drive clean as possible because I want more room to download more great stuff. But you don't have to do this, But I like Teoh. So the other thing to keep in mind is, if you have, if you did download Teoh another location, you would have all of your photos, including the throwaway images saved. So if if you really suddenly are missing one of your out of focus. Blink shot. You can get it back, but I'm going to go ahead. A lot of these were out of focus and just, you know, not great expressions. So my choices are to delete from disk, which will take it out of light room but also actually remove it from my hard drive. Or I could just hit remove, but that would only remove it from light room and still leave it on my hard drive. So I'm going to go ahead and say, Delete from disk because I want those puppies just gone. So now it's tells me there's no photos that match the filter. So again, don't panic because the filter is showing me unflagging photos. If I go back and look at flag photos, we will see what is now all of the images in that folder. Okay, so we have those all, um, cleaned up and that process is called cooling. Okay, so we sifted through everything we downloaded, and we just kept the good stuff

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a Creativelive Student

Thank you Khara Plicanic for being the miracle worker teacher that you are!! I had the Helen Keller at the water pump moment after you clearly explained how to use Lightroom and you did it in less than 45 minutes. You have a refreshing teaching style and I am over the moon happy to have purchased this class. I now have the LR basics down pat. Thank you CL.


I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.

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