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Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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Class Description

You’ve figured out the basics of your camera and have filled up your card with memories, but now what? Khara Plicanic covers exactly how to move your images from camera to computer and then share with your family and friends. You’ll learn:

  • Basic file management-how to organize and keyword your images
  • How to share your images on social media
  • How to make an album with your images or export print ready files


Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Thank you Khara Plicanic for being the miracle worker teacher that you are!! I had the Helen Keller at the water pump moment after you clearly explained how to use Lightroom and you did it in less than 45 minutes. You have a refreshing teaching style and I am over the moon happy to have purchased this class. I now have the LR basics down pat. Thank you CL.


I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.

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