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DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion

Kelli Walker

DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion

Kelli Walker

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Class Description

Fresh flowers add color, whimsy and a dash of sophistication to every event. Learn how you can dress up your parties with DIY centerpieces.

In this fun half-day course you'll amp up your hosting chops and learn floral design tricks you can put to use at your next dinner party (or baby shower or bachelorette luncheon or murder mystery night).

Kelli Walker will help you express your style through flowers using common and creative containers. You'll learn how to assemble modern, rustic and vintage-inspired arrangements.

If you want to spruce up your supermarket bunch or add some inspiration to your floral design portfolio, this class is for you.

Class Materials

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Kelli Walker - Floral Design Guide.pdf

Kelli Walker - DIY Floral Instructions.pdf

bonus material with enrollment

Kelli Walker - Flower Guide.pdf

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a Creativelive Student

I REALLY enjoyed this class. Great job, Kelli! The class made me feel like I can do simple live arrangements, which I've never had the courage to do before. Thanks for this great class!

a Creativelive Student

I love arranging my own flowers real and fake, but sometimes struggle with if I'm doing it right or is there a better way. This course really does offer good basic knowledge to get you well on your way to creating beautiful arraignments. I absolutely love her first arraignment, so timeless.


Kelli is a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot.