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Digital Rendering for Designers

Jorge Paricio

Digital Rendering for Designers

Jorge Paricio

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Class Description

Life-like renderings are an essential part of the planning process for many design projects. In Digital Rendering for Designers, Jorge Paricio teaches you how to use Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro to create life-like representations of environments and objects.

Jorge’s academic and professional life has centered around artistic rendering and perspective sketching. In this class, he’ll show you the basics of architectural visualization and how software can help. 

You’ll learn:

  • The process – from the first sketch to the final rendering
  • The role of Sketchbook Pro in designing 
  • How working with Photoshop layers, filters, and masks can help
  • Techniques for adding people and lighting sources to scenes
You’ll learn about perspective drawing and depicting a variety of surfaces. Jorge will cover the basics of rendering interiors, exteriors, products and exhibit booths.

Lifelike renderings are used in corporate and public design processes – find out how to add this in-demand skill to your portfolio in Digital Rendering for Designers with Jorge Paricio.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 , Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2015

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

DR-2A Sample Coffee Maker.psd
DR-2A-2 Sample Backpack.psd
DR-3B-1 Car Half Done.psd
DR-3C-3 Car Half Done.psd
DR-4A Living Room Example 1.psd
DR-4A Living Room Example 2.psd
Digital Rendering Packet.pdf
Tool Presets.tpl

Ratings and Reviews


This is actually the course I was looking for. This is DIGITAL rendering, which in an odd way makes you appreciate hand drawn rendering. Great! Thanks!



sikander sylvester

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