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What Is Compositing

Lesson 3 from: DaVinci Resolve: Compositing with Fusion

Casey Faris

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3. What Is Compositing

Next, Casey dives into what video compositing is and how you can use it to make your videos stand out.
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What Is Compositing

So, before we jump into compositing in Fusion, let's take a second and just talk about what compositing even is. If you're new to this kind of concept, this should give you a little bit of an idea of what we're kind of working towards here. Essentially, anytime that you're talking about compositing, you're talking about putting something over something else. If you've even scrap booked before, like put some paper on top of another paper, that's technically compositing, and really, what we do in Fusion is just kind of the digital version of that. And so, generally, we'll have a piece of media here that starts out one way, and then we'll put it over something else like we have this green screen and we're gonna remove this green screen and put it over this still image right here, and when we put them together, that creates a composite, so it's putting different parts together. Now, you can do this for any number of reasons, it can be for a visual effect that's making something kind of loo...

k real, look like it happened in real life, or technically, compositing is part of creating graphics, anytime that you put text on something and then you put a background behind it, and you put a little sparkle on top of the text or whatever, that's compositing. So we're gonna dive into all the specifics of exactly how to do this, but for now, it's probably enough to realize that all we have to do is have a foreground and a background, and maybe we have a couple other layers on top of that, and we put them all together and it creates one image that comes together as one composition.

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This is a great course. I'm an absolute beginner to Fusion (although I know a bit about the editing within Resolve). The course walks its students through the basics in a very easy-to-understand process. I feel confident that I can now use Fusion effectively for my videos. Highly recommended.

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