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Learn Business Judo

Lesson 18 from: Creativity, Spirituality, & Making a Buck

David Nichtern

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18. Learn Business Judo

Lesson Info

Learn Business Judo

Learn judo now what does judo mean? Does anybody studied judo? I know craig has studied judo anybody here ever studied judo aikido anything like that? Okay, they're different those air two forms off interacting with somebody else in which you don't initiate the attack you don't lead that way you're completely ready for the other person and as soon as they move your very fluid and able to respond to it if you jump into a negotiation like his ocular said you know and he said, well, I think I could do this for two hundred dollars before you give the other person a chance to speak you're undermining your negotiation position so my favorite line is what do you have in your budget for this? Do you have something in mind? You know, I always ask first and the amazing thing is sometimes it's just way more than you would have asked for boom done done deal finished and if it is way more there may be more where that came from because if the other person's a skilled negotiator they're going to say ...

you know what? We had five thousand you think they're going to tell you that they actually have seventy five hundred dollars in the budget for it now that you know what we had about five thousand and they're gonna expect you to say, well, I really had ten in mind but I could do it for six so the judo of that is letting the other person speak first if you possibly can now if they're a good judo player negotiated they're you know, make his first what can you do it for? For us and they're going to make you feel like they don't really need you and they have three other people waiting in the waiting room who could do it better and cheaper. So this is just part of the aspect of business where you are in competition, it's just a fact of life I mean, we nice to think there's no such thing as a cz competition, but it is part of life and it's healthy dimension of it is where we rise the challenge and we improve our offering, and we also recognize a sense of abundance that there's there is room for more than one person in a in a thriving market, and the competition can actually to party your marketing for you that's a very interesting point of the words you can you can like if we took that example the sinclair in the fair light on the skirts while sampling keyboards, people didn't even know that such a thing existed that was even possible so that your competitors letting them know this is a great idea all you have to let knows you have a better version of it at that point, you know to sort of break the ice, so competition is a very interesting dimension, and a lot of us creative types shy away from this, and some of us are too aggressive with it. On the other hand, but we have to find our own way of relating to it is the point and all I'm suggesting here is in negotiation. Let the other person speak first, if you can on then you're in a position, a better position, you're getting a lot of agreement. Actually, ari says, taquito really taught me how to interact with other people. So it's a good point. I know that martial arts is used for quite young children with maybe a d, d or other issues, that titan because and it's a very, very therapeutic away for them. Tio learn how to interact with them years, just like people. There are different styles of martial arts from some which are harder and more competitive overtly, and some of which are very internal and very receptive, very soft. Um, coming backto our gentleness. As far as I'm concerned, the gentle ones are the most powerful and it's not it's counterintuitive in away you think? Well, you know, the tougher I am, the better this kind of competition is going to go, but sometimes just sometimes softening to the point where you go I'm willing to engage this requires gentleness to yourself you go you're not terribly afraid you're not judging your so l too harshly it's you're willing to play with the energy situation so I think this idea of playing with the energy of the situation has a sort of gentleness and fearlessness kind of wrapped into it but if it's too intimidating we pull back and you know we just, um marinate in our own juices at that point s o next point these I'm just kind of jamming here through some sales and marketing uh uh ideas that we can share um prospects leads sales ratios and pipeline um this is something every time you involved with sails right? I say this to people well, how many prospect if you if you need clients if you got one client you know and they're paying your bills and stuff you don't need to really doing this or if you have a job um unless your job is sales if you just come in here every day and move one of these cameras around you know and that's good some of this may not apply it applies as soon as this job is over though, and you're looking for another one so this goes for finding a job and for any kind of sales activity identify this is a ratio hundred prospects ten leads one close now you can change that ratio toe like twenty five toe one, depending on the business you're in, but it is amazing when you manage sail like I was a sales manager for this company at one point in my life, and I I oversaw all the sales manager, regional sales manager and every time I go like and I'm being overseen by the by the president of the company is breathing down my neck for ourselves, so I'm breathing down their necks for results, and it isn't esprit de corps and have fun with this process. I told you the day we we made a plan that if we hit a certain mark that the guy would jump in, the president company would jump into the pool at the sunset marquis hotel in his brooks brothers suit, you know, you kind of fun with it, but you can tell right away if you have somebody to identify their prospects, their leads and they're closing where they are on the map, how money for anything. Even if you identified ten producers of the kind of films you want, five of those you're inactive conversations or some attempt to get in touch with them, and then one of them, you're on the putting green and you get the ball in the homes that were doing a deal. And that is that is the moment of sales so people would come back month after month we have a monthly sales meeting and say hi how's it going and they have to, you know, kind of report in big companies and it's all written down and it's official reports and smaller companies that might be more of a verbal process so okay hundred prospects and they would just sort of reiterate there six leads that they had the last month and you go like okay, what what's going on there? Is anybody moving closer to a close? Have you put new prospect uh, new prospects on the map and it's this is almost like getting up in the morning. I don't love getting up in the morning do any of you like go oh yea does anybody do that? Brian no, do you? Brian does everything with one hundred percent enthusiasm and energy, but do you wake up and go? Oh boy, I get tau do my running in the morning and then go to the gym and I'll goto work. Do you have that kind of energy? You fifty percent I genuinely to ugo? Yes, yeah, really that's that's that's an unusual I'm going to say how many of you wake up that way in the morning, you just can't wait to get your opinion and what about the challenges that you're facing do you feel like this is gonna be the day I'll meet those challenges only that's comes after the meditation uh so um the notion of rousing ourselves I think wherever we have resistance wherever we're sluggish and I think this is what we're really talking about here where we feel if we're honest you know I'm a little sluggish in this area discipline exertion physical mental study whatever it is that rousing yourself is very similar to this sales process like go out and identify if you need a job if you need clients you go okay let's just cut through and the sort of worst example that is cold calling cold emailing us through there that takes a lot of a certain kind of energy some people love it but I would say very very few people love it so for most of it it's going to be an obstacle and for us creative types is going to be a big obstacle we just go like isn't it enough that I'm made this ashtray out of seashells it's so pretty you know turk wise and you know I went down and I washed it into the ocean and has a lot of the ocean prana innit and uh you know we sat around in a circle and we put some smoke together we put the ashes through the smoke and so they're really quite sacred quite special you know I mean that's what creative people are like it's like do you like my little ass right you know so this is a different part of our psyche that's all there is to it that's that's a legitimate part when we created we better be going down the ocean with the shelves on just who cares you know but when we're in this business mode there's a sort of a more kind of more active activating kind of thing this is something you could learn there are sales training programs I recommend anybody in any kind of business takes a sales training program find a good one and take it it's illuminating you know it's just like learning how to how to do any anything else like play a violin or whatever you can learn it so we would have sales training and it's a seventh skill set from your creative offering that's the main point here to separate skill set so we have two more points and then we'll just have discussion for the rest of the time the signal show me the money remember that what was that in that isn't some movie right general the guys talking to his agent the agent's job is to get him the money show it to me and when you close you get the money there's a point where a cheque comes on diets got your name on it you put in the bank and you actually pay you rent you feel a little bit like space. You might even buy code a whole foods and pay high prices for organic produce always be closing, abc a famous for good reason slogan in your business. What deals are you going to close today? I think we should throw that out there in your business. Whatever you're doing now, what deals are you going to close today, it's? Rude. Isn't it rude? Okay, well, let's, let let it not be rude, so let's, answer it. So we've got a group of people who took the time to come here. What, you going to close today? Anybody volunteer? I'm gonna close the sale of some large scale prints to a ceo in silicon valley. Are these your own artwork? And how did you make that contact? I have a partnership with the four seasons the silicon valley and my art is installed there. And so she came upon it having lunch there. So you smoothed? No, I was my arch moved for me. Okay, my display, a shameless propaganda and my art. How do people know that your aunt was already there? Because one of the stipulations I made was that I have a video running alongside my art installation and I have take away information so it's it's abundantly clear that it's mine wow so at the installation, which is just your job was to kind of just do some artwork with the partnership but you marketed right on the spot of your of your previous sale. Yeah, dangerous and that's like to me that's like people putting their logos on your clothing and now your marketing their product for them that makes it I just hate buying that stuff. But golly that's been a clever marketing to you mean, um I'm your marketing team. I just paid you it's tom sawyer I paid you and now I'm your marketing team so that's really interesting that you left your own flyers there. You arranged that that's very, very video running. They have to have a tv monitor it's in the agreement and it has to play my it has to play my video formidable and formidable. What deals are you closing today? Anybody riding in on that? Yet we got a comment back from laura species. Thank you very much for answering a question because she's saying honey she's so saturated so she recognises what she has to do next is get her name out through every form of marketing to be bigger and better than the rest. So maybe that's her goal today well and that's a good good comment, but also finishes saturated you better you need to be mindful of the fact that it may be saturated yeah she's saying that she needs to hop around, find that niche that isn't so saturate. Yeah iand that comes in later of like we got to be ready to change our game. Um and I talked yesterday if you remember about composers who used to work with big orchestras and then these sampling keyboards and synthesize came along that's not the game anymore. You can sit there and be moaning my biggest complaint about the onset of the computer music systems and now everybody, everybody is in a room by themselves with a computer generating entire scores there's this is just really had been changed. My biggest complaint is that the best jokes came out of those hangs with the musicians so there's a dearth of good jokes is a byproduct, but we used to hang out between sessions and that's. What musicians do they tell jokes? And now there are no musicians hanging out in the lobby and there are no good jokes that I don't have any for you a, b c always be closing who wants to step up? Charon ari, for example, is saying well, by closing, do you mean to deliver the goods and get paid today or have set the appointment because ari saying they set three appointments today, but that's not closing well, idea lady says closing and in their opinion usually means getting paid and your contract being signed what you agree yes yeah I mean, of course what they're doing is it part of the sales process and sierra mentioned doing proposals for people which is really good idea you frame it like when I was selling this stuff I'd write it up for the person so they could start visualizing that they have it you know, here's here's what it's gonna look like I could even put a picture of it up for them, you know? But we are talking about just the moment off like neal and remember we talked about going past the closes it sort of sales uh um ah conventional misstep it's like you already made the deal to the money programme you dip resonated with you when you were I'm so far removed from this now personally myself so I can't really recommend any current ones you haven't you know one I'm sandler sale system sandler's sales it's really kind of cheesy but it really is cheesy gonna warn you but methodology is I think it's sound yeah it's kind of a potentially cheesy area because you khun highbrow your way right out of selling, you know, a lot of people do that they just it's too lowbrow in their mind so cheesy yeah, well, there's probably better than theirs. Might be better, more subtle ones. But the main thing is to learn some of the underlying principles on one. The one that we're talking about here before is hundred prospects. Ten leads and one close one sale. So if you start thinking about I'm just saying the same names over and over again on my own, my leads list and nobody's closing than to go to your prospects and develop that. So we just have one quick for sales. There's a good video on youtube by brian tracy. Uh, twenty four techniques of closing. So that was pretty inefficient. Okay, that's great. Ok, we have one more final slide before closing on lunch, which is, uh, coming up for us here. This was a this was this is this is a sort of subtle big deal ancillary revenue streams and floor sweepings. They're often ancillary revenue streams that come along with your main offering and give two examples. Think of ink. If you're selling printers and t shirts of your selling records now it's easier sell t shirts into cell records. That's the records have become the ancillary revenue stream there. Unfortunately, um, for people who like to sell records, um, but, you know, for example, with the company that I worked with sinclair they would sell foot pedals and this drives and floppy disks and you know, sound libraries so if you and I have a lot of ideas for life I could see monetizing a lot of this sort of offshoots of some of the things that happened here, you know, um but the idea is that once you've created main revenue stream there's always little side things to it um and um one of the most kind of brilliant uh, versions of this was in a conversation between me and I've mentioned sat on my, uh, tighty teacher in new york and dallas master and he's sort of always coming up with little sayings that are just kind of really, uh, really provocative and very practical playful at the same time, but he told me the story about how the tea bag was invented in china these have big bins of t right, and you'd be trying to sell the team so um to sell the t he would put a little bit of into a bag and let the president's sample the tea and then they so yeah, I'll take two pounds of that one and then some genius came along and said, why don't we sell the teabags that's an ancillary revenue stream floor sweepings, there's all kinds of little things around what you do that you could sell and obviously you know in the area of merch you know like if you already have an audience gathered right for a concert or some like that there's all kinds of things that you can sell them cds t shirts and so forth so looking at your businesses are there little side things though you can sell that would that would and and are you following through with people who are ready your main clients and get in the little sales so that could mean maybe fifteen or twenty per cent of yourselves so did you have a question time's just come in it's like I remember when I was selling synthesizes people would negotiate the hell out of the big ticket item and then I would say oh I'm going to take two cables for that and that's where the main profit wass because they're just going to pay whatever for the cable they negotiated the hell out of that device on that's what we made all our money so I guess that should not be underestimated the point it's a very significant and that's a perfect example of it yes somebody pays forty five bucks a pop for the cables they take two or three cables it's one fifth of the price of the whole the whole thing with a huge margin on it right what are we gonna get back into? We get back something about interpersonal skills relationship yeah we're talking about in segment seven, which is this afternoon with two segments left. For those of you who are watching at home, we have two more segments for you. And this one is, uh, relationship with others, our interpersonal skills. And, uh, those are supposed to be two thought bubbles if you can see them or not, and talking to each other a little bit hard to read it. But, um, the idea here is that, um, we're not in this alone. You know, this is lonely. I'm sure a lot of their lonely entrepreneurs club out there. So how are we working and playing with others? And is that something that we can sort of take a little bit of a time talking about on that'll be this afternoon. Next workshop. I just want to say this. I enjoyed this last segment because in a way, very tangible, you know, the energy that this brings out and I loved here and everything you all said. So it's like going to the met, you know, now we're making a connection with the rial edge of our are busy moving out of the hobby room.

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