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Decorating The Pumpkin

Lesson 7 from: Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas, Patterns, and Tools

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

7. Decorating The Pumpkin

Lesson Info

Decorating The Pumpkin

So, this segment we're gonna show you how we're gonna go and decorate a pumpkin. Just some fun stuff. I'm gonna start from scratch here, and I'm just gonna whip this out. I'm gonna show you a few things that you can do, little things, to make it look awesome. I'm gonna start off here with a couple of hole saws here, little bit larger, a little bit smaller here so we can get different sizes, and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do what's called floating eyeballs. The floating eyeballs are going to float in the eye socket, so I'm just gonna (drill buzzing). Go ahead and do a little surgery here. And I'm gonna save these little eyeballs here 'cause I want to use them for a later purpose. And they're complete with a little hole right in the middle which is great. And make sure I get them symmetrical. (drill buzzing) There it is, and these are gonna be our little floaters inside much larger eyeballs. There we go. I love it when the eyeballs pop right out. Okay. Now we gotta gave some big eye ...

sockets here for these little floaters to stay in, so. (drill buzzing) Oh yeah! Clean up on aisle three. That's the best part, mm-hmm. Okay, that actually looks pretty good. You could just leave that, you know, a little weepy. (drill buzzing) There we go. Take that out, I haven't cleaned out the pumpkin yet, so. There's one. (drill buzzing) There's two. Good thing I wore black so you can see the evidence. So, what I would do with these is you can go ahead and you can put these back in here, and what we have is we've got some toothpicks around here some place. Yes, we do, we have the toothpicks. So, what I'm gonna end up doing here is I'm gonna put these in here and just put some toothpicks so we can balance these off right inside there and I'll put those in once we get done with the mouth. Now, I kinda like leaving the guts inside sometimes because if you put some lights in there, it kinda creates this weird look, and one of my favorite pumpkins is just cut a big hole and just big slashes for eyes and just leave it all in there. It just makes the pumpkin look like it's screaming. That's fun too. This makes it look likes it's weeping a little bit. I'm gonna create some type of weird mouth on this because I'm gonna show you another fun trick too. So, this mouth is going to be a half mouth here, going up to the side. (knife sawing) 'Cause sometimes freaky fun pumpkins are the way to go. (knife sawing) There's my mouth. Take that out, and now I can take the bottom off here and clean out the pumpkin as well. If you have a really big hole saw, it works great. When I do a lot of pumpkins at once, I get a big hole saw, just drill out all the bottoms of them all at once. This one I'm just gonna do manually here so we can put the lighting in, (knife sawing) and also clean this out. (knife sawing) There we go. Use my handy little scoop. Oh, this one's got a lot of fun stuff in it. (scroop scraping) Sometimes it's easier to carve some of the big features so you can get your hand in there in different areas to scrape out the inside of the pumpkin. Some of these are a little bit small. It's hard to be able to get in here. That's why I like the shorter, smaller little ice cream scoops. So, you can go from the top to the bottom, into the sides here, and everything else out nice and quick. Got it all. (scoop scraping) Get the last of it cleaned out. Little hangers-on there. (scroop scraping) There we go. So, now we have our crazy looking pumpkin. A couple of fun things you can do with this. We're gonna do little floating eyeballs. So I'm gonna grab some toothpicks here and with this, I'm just gonna put a toothpick up inside here, go in, kinda push that up in there, and then get my other toothpick in there, and kinda skewer right there, and you can move that up and down, and then you got your little floating eyeball. Maybe just do one, why not? Yeah, what the heck. We'll do the other one up over here. This is also a cool way too if you wanna just go in and you don't want a floating eyeball, you can just take it and that way you can make it look like you got a totally crazy pumpkin. There you go. Yeah, hey. Close enough. That little thing moves too. Another fun thing, teeth. Gotta put teeth in. A lot of people carve teeth into the pumpkin, but plastic forks work awesome, and you can take these plastic forks, and you can cut off the tines of the plastic forks here. Make sure they don't go flying everywhere. And you can see, these make great little snaggle teeth. There it is. And then, you just take these little teeth, stick 'em in there, look at that. How awesome is that? I know, it is. Looks awesome, okay? So, now, you can try all sorts of decorations that you wanna do with this stuff. This is part of the fun ones that you can do. I've also done marbles in the eyeballs, and what I've done before is taken the marbles and glued them on a piece of Mylar and just kinda attached them to here, so when the light shows through, they show through the marbles as well. You can have things sticking out for the tongue. Get an old red sock or sometime like that, just throw it out for the tongue, but um, sometimes you really wanna make these dressed up a bit. If you wanna make 'em look crazy, we've got this absolutely awesome mop head right here that you can put on if you wanna do hair, like so. That looks really good. And then you can do shoes, you can go ahead and put on little hands if you want to. I gotta great pair of shoes for this. Take an old set of shoes, put 'em right there, put on your hair, throw that on there, and you got yourself just one awesome looking pumpkin. And this is just one of many things that you can throw together to do that. Just find stuff that you have, put it together, throw it out there. Looks totally awesome. These little mop heads, they're cheap, and just throw them in there. If you wanna dye them different colors, you can do that too. You can use straw, you can put a bandana around this too, get hats. If you have a smaller pumpkin, you can use caps, things like that. Just dress them up, have some fun. If you got a pair of shorts, just stuff 'em full of newspaper or something, put 'em right on there. But you know, that looks like one crazy fun pumpkin that you should get to know because, pretty cool. Cool decorations, easy to do, fun stuff. Got a fork, got the floating eyeballs, got the shoes, the mop head. There you have it.

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Glad that I saw this, now! I love pumpkins!! Looking forward to the season You show a lot of great, and super creative techniques that I can't wait to try. Thank-you!

Claudia Ortega-Lukas

This video had some really good and cool ideas/techniques, however, you should do a zoom into the tools when you show them. I'd like to see close up the shape of each tool you demonstrated. Otherwise, it was fun!

Rhonda Chapin

I learned some great hacks and tricks. Going to carve my pumpkin this year with more enthusiasm! BTW something I thought might be helpful is to push pins to hold stencil designs on pumpkin since tape doesn't work.

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