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Post vs. Pages

Lesson 8 from: Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

Brian Wood

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Lesson Info

8. Post vs. Pages

Lesson Info

Post vs. Pages

The next thing we're going to do is we're going to talk about working with posts and pages and this is going to kind of kind of wrap up what we're talking about okay, we started talking about working with pages a little bit but I want to discuss what the difference between a page and a post is is that first of all does anyone know what a different with different between a page and posters would you like to raise your hand and ask say rather giving you well I mean yeah, I mean a post is block it's a thought it's an idea it's a typically a shorter information and paige is something that you go to on your website separately I mean but you could take and mimic each other a time so yeah um I I sometimes have a hard, hard time answering that question to be perfectly frank as it is one of those things where you know if you look at it if you look at a standard website and yes, I do not like looking at myself but you look a standard website you're going to see that a lot of times in the navigat...

ion we have pages that are what are called ecstatic not how they're built but the content it's a contact page, the only reason why you're going to go into the contact page edited is maybe you change your phone number right okay it's not tied to a date it's not time specific or time sensitive a post on the other hand it is usually time sensitive it's something like and we all know what a blogger is I'm sure we are manual blawg where you click on the link and it it's somebody spilling their guts on the page or maybe saying something very informative and interesting okay um I have opinions but I'll keep them myself. Um I actually found there's a bunch of unease er these air in the pdf of links you get okay um I've got on the wordpress dot org's site there is in the kodak something on pages that you can just take a look at now I know a lot of people look at this and they're like really sixty paragraphs I'm going to read all that um you just look at these bullet points what pages are okay pages typically for content that's less time dependent ah post is going to be a time like an event something you're plugging something you're selling something maybe you just went to an event and you want to say, hey, this is what I found is that I saw etcetera it's time sensitive okay pages can actually organized in a menu system by subcategory and sub pages and things like that as faras the menu's concerned where's post it's definitely harder to do that post can be categorised your category them or tagged them with words that you can grab the whole bunch and say ok from that specific event or that thing let's see all of those posts okay typically posts are going to be you could have one page just like a blogging on one page and is going to show you like that the last five posts and when you click on one it'll take it to that post page that separate but it's still part of the blogger and it's still opposed if you will all right still the same content so I found this there's actually website I'm not messily plugging here but it has good resource is just like the codex w p beginner uh you're going to see that it kind of sums up what posts and pages are here let me just zoom in so we can actually read this post or social on pages or not that's actually a good way to put it poster definitely more social there's something that you know are tied to an advance or tied to a time post could be categorized pages are hierarchical did I say that right um post could be in rcs feed pages can't okay so it's these air definitely some big differences here pages can have custom templates post cannot that's a big deal okay, so this is something we need to think about now what? I'm going to go back over to the site here and just take a look real quick and we're going to see that we have posts and we have pages right here on the left hand side as we start to build our sight if you're going for a blogged your don't propose okay matter of fact excuse me if you if you are creating a blawg, you're probably getting the beginning create like two or three pages like contact and you know those kind of pages and that might be it the rest your time's gonna be spent in the post's writing these posts giving them to show up time sensitive et cetera okay, social things like that if we're creating a website and we're not really focusing on a blogged, we're going to spend more time in pages that we do impose but it could be split what we're going to do let's just do this we're going to create a page a couple pages contact you know things like that were also going to create a page for our block so we could actually have a block in here that's not the main page you go to it's just part of the site, okay, so that's what we're going to start, we're gonna start with our pages here and hopefully everybody that kind of makes sense page versus post I'm gonna click on pages here we saw before that weaken its a listing of the pages that we have here and if we want to add a new one, I'm gonna come right up here and say at new york look at you now there's a lot to look at here we're gonna kind of boil it down a little bit for the stuff that you really need to know the add new page this is going to be the essentially the title of the page but it's also going to eat in the name of the page the actual thing that shows up in the earl so if I type in something like what I've got our awesome blocky blogged block d block okay bloody guard something like that and if you look over here on the right I need that to be very specific with this because you're going to see the big old button over here called publish that every jumps too, but publish what do you think that's going to actually dio life okay, so if this sight beat the world could see this, they're going to see this page if it goes into a menu that's aki, if you notice right here this is going to save your bacon, you're going to see save draft you could actually save drafts, work on them, work on them, work on them, preview them and later on publish okay, this is key you've got to do that you're also going to see that we can go in and if we have a page that's already been uh published you can pull it back you don't publish that anymore but don't delete it let's pull it back ok we can also have a magical pending review if somebody else is looking at it may be you a lot of people do this yeah okay, okay. Yeah ee yeah yeah so you can make it to where you know let's say the, uh the person you're building site for decides to make one but then the web developer the web designer needs to look at it to make sure it's not that are broken so um you're going to see right here that we have visibility this is very similar but this is actually really amazing. I love this you could pass for protective page you can go in and say let's let's do that private means nobody can really see it okay? Unless they're logged in as an admin or something like that password protect it's going to show it the word press dialogue for a log in and that's actually I've used that before for client stuff you know it's too quickly say hey, what do you think of this page the pages and then in the navigation but I give them the girl and I just click on it go and type in the password so if I say password protected they could give a password and go so there's a lot of things that we need to kind of consider here as far as how we create this um what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in here and say publishing on this I love published immediately we can actually I do this all the time we can schedule our posts are pages rather and our posts we can schedule everything you could have three events coming up create three pages right now and for every month that they come out just put a different date on and as soon as that data comes around it's going to kick into the site pretty cool right that's coming with block post says well, right that's what I used to do five in a row and then I have to go back in and then from the draft published them you're saying I could just do it all right, there you got it for each post, for your blood we can also do that so excited, it's very. This is very cool. So um yeah, yeah, exactly. Now the key to all of this stuff is if you have word press published this stuff for you, you need to make sure that it goes into the navigation menu if it doesn't mean people are going to find it you know I'm saying remember that remember that the pages remember that selection we saw when the menu it said ad pages when we make them you want to turn that on back in the menus okay hopefully already remembers where that was I don't I'm just getting that was back over appearance menus yeah appearance menus so all right now take a look right here look, you're going to see it immediately assumes you type this in it's going to create the perma link and there is the name of the page it always puts the hyphens and that's it you can always go right here and edit that so go for it okay? A lot of people actually do that because if you have a title that's like way long or it has dates in it or some wacky stuff they'll just change the name to simplify it you could do that too all right? I'm gonna go ahead and publish this I'll do a quick publish this is our blood uh and you're going to see that once I go back out now I just I just created the page okay pages going our menus typically if I were to go out to the actual site and refresh would that page show up in my menus? Yeah that's because we didn't tell it to automatically put him in the menus okay oh, the footer actually had it set up to do that yeah, I'm not sure why but it did. Okay, so let me go back to edit page this is stuff you got that's actually a good catch that's tough you gotta look at that's why we test I'm impressed because I didn't catch up that's good, yeah, yeah I'm gonna go to the menus again we're on her left side over here and I'm gonna go to the menus again and if we didn't have it set up to where I was going to do it you're going to see that here is the head or menu I'm going I'm going to clean a little house here this is ridiculous. We're going to get rid of joe I'm gonna remove poor joe he's going I'm not creative live to go towards the end here and if you look over on the left side you're going to see our recent pages I'm going to say let's add that to the menu the block and I'll kick that in there now do I want our awesome bloody block to show in the menu you wanted to show? But I wanted to say our awesome bloody blogger knew so I'm gonna go out here to the settings you'd remember and get in there and say, what is the label actually look like I'm gonna keep it simple and go blood yeah, all right. So I'm gonna go ahead and save the menu, go back out to the site and refresh and we're looking pretty good. So contact creative blood, okay, in the footage still has our awesome bloody blogging there, and I have to go fix that. Yes, indeed. Um okay, so let's see, here I'm gonna go back over to the pages. I'm gonna create just one more page. Okay? So I'm gonna go up to add new, and I really need to make sure I'm creating the right page here. Hold on, let me go back. Apologize for jumping around. Sorry about us contact and block because they were needed about us. All right, so I'm gonna go up to add new up here and just do a quick about us about yeah, that could have been a joke age. You're totally right now. I'm just trying to get this out, so I'm gonna publish immediately, okay? Someone say, publish? There we go. You got about us right there and we should be good. Now we need to make sure that's actually in the menu system. I know I should just sit up automatically, but I'm just trying to give you guys a little bit of look at this, so I'll say menus I'll say okay let's just take uh about us I'm just gonna take this bad boy added a menu about us there we go I'll save the menu of course I would need to look at the foot or menu but I'm going to ignore that for the second and then just go out and refresh sorry to jump back and forth and we're looking pretty good. Okay? All right, let me go back and of course what's really cool like I said before is because your team has set up a certain way it is going to automatically go in then and start to you just create the menu itself you see right there. All right, let me get back there now pages like I said I'm gonna get back over the pages and take a look pages have a lot of settings and one of the things I love about pages is the fact that if you look in here we can go in and do things like just delete him we can add to them we can do all kinds of stuff we need to do. You can take a quick view, adam, if you just click on the name like about us it's going to take you to that page where were added again editing in and at our content I actually love this right here you're going to see what's called quick at it a lot of times if you're just doing a quick like I need to make a few changes here if I click on quick at it it's going to jump out and show me like okay, who made this do we want to put a password on it? Just some of the things that we could do when we went in to edit the page and you're gonna find sometimes you're like and I I want to actually edit text or content and we can't do that here okay, so what I wanna do is cancel now I want to show you just a couple little things about pages as well uh then we jump over to posts I'm gonna click on edit for about us and scroll down a little bit you can see when it was published there's some really good information right up here I'm gonna scroll down you're going to see that we have the ability to do things like this look at the page attributes and we're going to set some of these a little bit later but we already talked about the templates obit we need to pick a template for our pages, okay? You usually do if used to defaults gonna do exactly what the theme said by default and a lot of times we want to pick what we want okay, so for like let's say the four pages about us okay, so for the battles page I probably want a uh I probably want to write sidebar on that okay, if you look right here at now you're going to notice I know a lot of your thinking this why isn't there like a left sidebar? Why isn't there a three column or why isn't there more templates in here? Okay, you can create your own custom templates you're going to see something called parent this is something that we're not going to really do with posts but apparent you can actually set up a hierarchy of pages. So for instance, if you had in your menu system you had a menu item called products and then you had a bunch of pages that were going to show up in the menu, right? You would actually create those separate pages for each product. For instance, if you wanted to do that and for each product page you'd say the parent was the products page, you can create a hierarchy that way, and what it actually does is it shows the hierarchy out there in the page listing it's a very visual way of just seeing how things are they relate to each other it's actually a really cool way of doing things so just just to give you an idea if I did this to our sample page and said the parent was a sample page which makes no sense okay he's going to do that right now I'm gonna update the page and I'm gonna go back out to all my pages and you're actually going to see look at this right here see the little hyphen right there okay doctor telling you that this is and it's put in the right order it's actually basically a child of that parent sample so it's going to show up in the menu that way if it works that way okay so we can have a work that way let me do like a little quick at it here I'm going to say I don't want a parent this is a good example of how we could use that no parent and I woke like up there all right so as faras pages are concerned there's a lot of settings we've got I'm going to take you even further when we start to add content unless section here we're gonna have our images are video or different content but I want to just talk for a minute about post post are very similar if I click on post here this is where you're gonna go to create your block posts essentially okay so this is where we're going to start blogging and what's gonna happen here is we're going to go any time we want to create a post there's like fifteen ways you can do it we're going to add a new one up here and it's going to take you to a very similar looking paige this is a post though it's getting pulled into your blawg okay, so we're gonna have a title we're gonna add content we can go over here and say publish it we can also if I scroll down a little bit weaken set what it called categories and tags categories are just a way for us to organize these post together if we want to put him in the menu we can and tags or something you can use later on some teams will use tags it's just a way to build a tagger keyword your post so that later on you can find it and maybe pull it into a special page or do something like that the theme might let you d'oh okay we don't we don't have to do this kind of stuff so it's very similar to a put a page but watch what happens you're going to say creative live create to live happening now this is my block post I'm doing okay and I'm gonna go ahead and publish this thing by clicking publish and you'll see it's going to kind of do its day and there we go so it's actually creating what's called a post and this is not technically a page this is content it's gonna pull that get pulled into a block okay now let me show you how to do that with a lot of things are gonna work this way we have the page called block right? Well it's technically called my bloody block whatever. Okay, so we have the page called that thing that is our awesome blogger block that's my my page okay that's my blood pidge this sample page we're not gonna keep it sample right? Let's go! I'm gonna change that that's ridiculous. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go to edit it and I'm gonna call this one home. This will be my homepage. This is kind of a start and you could see that I can actually edit the name of the page if I want to just call it like home or something to that effect, click okay, there we go and I'll update it and we're good okay, now here's the thing I'm gonna go back out to the site and do a refresh and take a look you know, I'm going to see it's pretty much the same thing got on stuff called there's no content out there. Okay, when we need to do one last step here and we're gonna take a break if I go back over to the admin there's a setting down here, let me zoom in so you can see this this is super crucial you're going to see a setting down here called reading everybody that creates a sight, a website out of wordpress pretty much needs to do this I'm gonna click on reading right down there and if you look right up here we are working with what are called static pages okay that's what pages static page we have to tell the blawg which one to you? We have to tell the site wordpress which one to use for our front page of the home page in which one to use for our blawg for a post so I'm gonna come in here and say a static page front page home called fred it doesn't really matter I'll go post page and which one do you guys think we're going to put our post into? There you go there it is right there are awesome blogger he blogged and that's it you know, what's really cool about this. I love this. This is that this is the magic in the power of wordpress right now I'm gonna just click save changes I'm gonna go out to my side here and hit your home and you're gonna notice that I am now on the home earl and we're on the home page itself there's the content and I didn't set I didn't said a uh a template on the home yet that's why the widgets not there I need to set a no sidebar a sidebar if I go out to my block when we going, click in my block and take a look you has going to see, we now have a block and it completely empty block, which is ridiculous, but, yeah, we need to start working. So so this is it. This is the log. This is how we set these things up. Next, we're going to get in, and we've got still got some work to do here, and this is a lot of us want to look at, but we're gonna start to add content to pages, to post, talk about the different things we can do there. We're gonna upload images, talk about video, and we're gonna work more with plug ins, and we're going to wrap it up with talking about how to test and make sure it works and some some helpful tips.

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I thought that Brian did a great job explaining how to set up a word press site. I am a novice and felt that I could handle it after watching this. I am a very linear learning and didn't feel like he was jumping around. I felt that he was explaining the process of using a very detailed and multiple optional program well and I didn't have any problems following him. I think you have to have an attention spam and be focused because it is a lot of info and can seem rather detailed. For a beginning class on Wordpress, I am very satisfied with what I just learned and feel comfortable creating websites. I am planning to take the more advanced class based on this. As far as the title, I guess I took the time to read the description of the class before I purchased it so I felt like it was money well spent and knew what I was signing up to receive. I will agree with other comments, the one female student made it difficult to watch due to her need to add something to prove her knowledge. I could have done without that, maybe they could ask the students to limit their comments or questions.


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