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Lesson 23 from: Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

Andrea Pacini

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23. Handouts

Lesson Info


in this lesson, I want to answer a question I get asked all the time and the question is okay, I might understand that we need to follow an approach to presentation design which is more simple and visual, but you know what, it's not going to work for me for my style of presenting, it's not going to work in my industry or with my clients or with my audience or with my boss who insists on wanting and asking more details on the screen and here is my answer to that. Now, I'm not saying that there is never a need to provide more details during the presentation. Of course there is, but remember this in a bad presentation, what you project on the screen is also what you share maybe via email or print out. There is no difference and that's a bad presentation in a good presentation. You always project something simple and visual and then what you share is a clear document slides and documents are not the same thing and they should be separated. Think about it, you wouldn't use your toothbrush t...

o calm your hair just because he has bristles like your hairbrush. Now, I don't have the privilege of trying but I would never try a toothbrush and a hairbrush are two different things and you use them for two different activities slides and documents are two different things and you should use them for two different activities. So here is what you want to do, that's what great presenters do. You want to have Simple and visual sleights that your audience can see, that you may want to have some notes that only you can see and you can easily create their own power point or keen on. All you need to do is to add some notes in the notes section below your slides and then you may want to have a handout in case your audience needs to have more details. And this handout can either be a professional, well designed document and if that's what you need there are amazing sellers out there here on fiber who can do that for you. But sometimes depending on the context, you don't need that and all you need is you just take the notes, page view that you can easily create on PowerPoint or keynote and then all you do is file save as pdf including the notes or print including the notes and then you have your hands out that you can distribute before during or after the presentation in case your audience needs to have more details. That's what representatives do and that's what makes a huge difference. In fact, if you don't have time, let's say that you have a presentation tomorrow and you start preparing it today, which is bad. But if that's the case then if you need to decide between creating and designing some slides and preparing a document, a handout, I would say go into that meeting into their presentation with the handout. You can present without slides, you could use a flip chart or a white board or you can distribute your hand out and at least you have a productive conversation. And I can tell you based on experience when you provide good handouts, your audience, your client's, your boss will feel less concerned a bio, simple slides. They will be much more likely to accept your different approach and give it a chance to work. And now I want to use the next lesson to show you the world's best slide. I'll see you there.

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julie haskett

I was just beginning to create a series of presentations when I noticed this course. Serendipity! I thought I knew what I was doing, but learned some great techniques. More importantly I learned what NOT to do. Now I have much more confidence in the process.

michal babula

A lot of useful information.


Exceptional course. Very well organized and taught. The course was engaging and practical, with clear actionable approaches, examples, and activities from beginning to end.

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