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Putting All Together

Lesson 15 from: Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

Andrea Pacini

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15. Putting All Together

Lesson Info

Putting All Together

in this lesson, I want to explain how you can combine some of the storylines we've been talking about so far, I gave you five possibilities and as I said at the beginning, if you choose one of them because you are going to develop your own clear storyline after this or a combination of them then based on our experience, I can tell you these will help you be covered in most of the situations that you will ever encounter, especially when it comes to business presentations. So how can you combine them together? Well, for example, you could combine a board presentation with the project presentation in a board presentation, we said you want to start with the recommendation, so that's what you want to do and then the reasoning can become your car. So you start with the recommendation and then you have context actions and results. Maybe you want to present a project to your board, you need to get their approval for you to be able to continue working on the project or maybe you simply want to ...

have some advice from the board recommendation contacts actions and results or you could combine the change in the world storyline with a sale speech, changing the world. Remember you compare the ideal world with reality and then there is a problem and then instead of jumping straight from problem to solution, you take the version of the sale speech that we talked about, so you include too bad solutions. So the overall storyline becomes ideal reality problem, a couple of bad solutions, your solution and then some next steps or call to action or you could combine a basic three a play with any other storyline, a basically a play, you have an introduction and then in the development of ideas, that development of ideas could be your change in the world storyline, your sales speech, your project presentation, you see that's how you can combine them together and if you choose one of them or a combination of them, they will cover most of the situations you will ever in contact. Now this is a photo of a natural session. We did with the first client I mentioned today, the one that wanted to start selling wine by phone with them, we started with the audience transform, measure road map and then we moved to a mind map and also at this stage you see analog, we used a white board and we moved all of those sticky notes which were the ideas as the result of the brainstorming session, we moved them to what seemed like the best storyline for that particular presentation and in this case you can see they chose a very simple basic through our play, introduction, some ideas and conclusion and that's how you develop a clear story line. Now in the next lesson we're going to make an original and enjoyable. I'll see you there

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julie haskett

I was just beginning to create a series of presentations when I noticed this course. Serendipity! I thought I knew what I was doing, but learned some great techniques. More importantly I learned what NOT to do. Now I have much more confidence in the process.

michal babula

A lot of useful information.


Exceptional course. Very well organized and taught. The course was engaging and practical, with clear actionable approaches, examples, and activities from beginning to end.

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