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Back-End Surveys

Lesson 11 from: Create a Marketing Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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11. Back-End Surveys

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Back-End Surveys

The next piece is back-end surveys. You can use back-end surveys in some different ways. One is you can ask people why they didn't buy. Two is you can ask people why they did buy? And three, if you've got like a recurring model the way I have, you can ask people why they canceled. You can ask people why they buy, why they bought, why they didn't buy or why they canceled. When you do this, you start to hear a lot of the same things that we hear every time we get questions about our offers. Will this work for me? Could this really work for me? I've tried a whole bunch of other things, how is this different? I'm not ready for this yet. I don't have the money right now. I don't have time. I need a custom solution. We all hear the same things. They're said a little bit differently. Every so often you get something really unique and really, really useful. So we are big on back-end surveys at CoCommercial and we actually ask one immediately after people cancel. We have an automated email that...

sends out a back-end survey that simply asks people to tell us what they liked and didn't like about the community and why they decided to cancel. So they get this email automatically via convert kit and then that takes them to a very simple Google form. Google forms are free and they're great for back-end surveys. You don't need a lot of analysis. You just need to know what people are saying. We take them here and we say hey, sorry to see you go. Let us know what could we have done better. Recently, one of the things that we discovered is that people weren't getting meaningful help fast enough. It wasn't that they weren't getting meaningful help, it just wasn't coming at the speed they wanted it to come at. I get that. When you've got a question, you want an answer now. So we started internally thinking about, okay, how could we provide more ways for people to get answers immediately. In other words, how can we have more synchronous conversations instead of asynchronous conversations? So we actually decided to create a new offer within CoCommercial where we would have a lot of those kinds of events. In fact, we'd weekly flash masterminds and we'd have weekly group chats and we'd invite members and we'd have them do chats. And basically provide as many opportunities for people to get together in real time as possible. And we just rolled this out a couple of weeks ago with our existing members and a series of new members and so far we haven't even rolled out the new benefits yet and people are so excited. All we had to do to get that answer and to overcome a lot of objections that people had even before they bought was to simply ask hey why did you cancel? This is another really great way to listen and use that in terms of your marketing as well. And so you're gonna likely be using a back-end surveys to overcome objections. Why aren't customers buying for real? Not just they don't have the money. Not just they don't have the time, but really why aren't they buying? Why are customers canceling? What could you adjust about your product idea or your messaging to overcome those objections? How could your messaging or your copy help further overcome those objections. So if you're not using back-end surveys, I highly recommend giving it a try. It's a really interesting different way to think about listening to your customers.

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Tara, the information you delivered in this class is invaluable. I am in the launching stage of my business, and I know I need to market my business and services and I know I need to write a plan, but I didn't know how to do it. Instagram, content upgrades, Facebook, email marketing, webinars, blogging, etc. etc., I know it all. But I just couldn't get my head around how to truly use marketing campaigns for my business, and especially for my services, to reach my ideal client, help my ideal client and to reach my ideal income. You explained the why behind marketing campaigns and you showed us how to create a marketing campaign from A to Z. The whole sha-bang! You gave me the knowledge and inspiration in how to market my services, how many people I ideally want to reach and above all, a framework I can use time and time again to create a marketing campaign. I purchased the class right after seeing the live broadcast so I can use this class for planning all my next marketing campaigns. You clarified a lot and I am much more confident (and so much more less stressed haha) in creating a marketing campaign plan that works for my business and services. I learned a lot! Thank you! P.S. Love the hot seats.

Susan Best Jones

Tara, I love your creative live events I always learn so much and this time was the same. Perfect timing on this info, it is exactly what I need right now and I feel confident that I can do it! I joined CoCommercial and am excited about that. Thank you, Tara.


This class is well worth the time! Tara does an excellent job of not only providing a step by step system for creating a marketing campaign, but she provides clear context and insights along the way. This is important so that you're not just going through the motions and crossing your fingers that your marketing will work. She helps you understand the strategy behind the scenes so you can get the most out of the work you put in. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering doing their own marketing, or people who are already doing their own marketing and want to feel more empowered and get better results.

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