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Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO

Lesson 37 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO

Lesson 37 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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37. Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO


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Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO


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Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO

Welcome back we cut out a little early last time so we could give a little bit more attention to this last segment of creative live because we have a special guest who's going to talk to us about ceo and then we have lots of cool stuff to show you about posting to your well we already post posted a facebook we've posted out tio smugmug teo show our clients and stuff but we also want to be able to post to social media we want to post out to our to our wordpress sites for blogging things like that but those things can take time and so there's always that battle between do I want to really optimize my ex ceo or do I want to not sleep? You know I mean it's like you really it's a battle it's like a sleep sleep and usually for me the ceo winds and then I have no sleep so but most people will just be like, uh I'm going to sleep and we'll just we'll just let whatever happens happens on the web because I don't understand it anyway and so we have scott widen kivowitz with us today he is from nex...

t gen next gen is a a company that creates a plug in into wordpress it is not a light room plug in it is a wordpress plug in and so wordpress has the same kind of thing inside of wordpress you can create a wordpress site and then once you have that word press site you can plug in various tools into it and next gen is plug in tow wordpress that allows for amazingly beautiful photographic galleries as well as it does shopping carts and all sorts of great things that word press on its own cannot dio and so next gen is that link that helps you tow to create really beautiful sights inside of word press and so we use next gen inside of our wordpress blawg which gives us some pretty amazing effects both gallery and blogging so we can show block our galleries that that look like any other gallery so I used to use other means different sites in order to create my my portfolio, but we're switching completely over to our wordpress site because now we can get those portfolios inside of our wordpress so we can maintain some of the ceo because the best asio I have is on my block so I might as well capitalize on that and continue to build that ceo and not worry about building a ceo on something that is an inferior system so we're transitioning over tat at this time on dso next jin is the reason that we can do that so I want to welcome scott scott are you there? I am here hey scott, how are you? Good doing good glad to see you yeah, you too and s o sleep is overrated by the way that's true sleep is overrated who needs a lot of it? I found that four hours is still functional I can get if I get four hours I'm pretty functional so that yeah, I've been doing that since my daughter was born, so yes get used to it now yeah at one point you'll hit the wall and then and then uh then you'll need, like five days of sleep straight and then you'll be okay again, but I'm told that you can never actually regain any of that time or any of that sleep time, so you pretty much just take off like months and years of your life, but I'm okay with that because I'm not sure I ever want to get to be like ninety years old, and so I'm okay if I steal from that later time in life I'll just, you know, keep this part of my life. So yeah, so way have been talking about work flow throughout this entire course. We talked about selecting images and adjusting images and now we're in the process of sharing images. And so before we started talking about sharing them on a blogger on websites, we wanted to talk to you because you know more about this topic than any of us about search engine optimization and what what are the things when you deal with images that you as a company have to deal with and try and trying to make sure that we as your customers get the best search engine optimization possible out ofyour services and then are there any tips that you can tell us that will help us to employ your services and word presses service is better so shoot give us some of those lessons and we'll ask you some questions as we go yeah so you know we get we get questioned about seo a lot with but with our work press products and uh some of the things that we constantly are telling our customers are making sure that your file names are keyword rich so your file names aren't just, you know, dsc one, two, three whatever comes out of the camera making sure that you're filing and that's going to the web actually has the key word that you want to rank well for in it and not making every single soul. If you're doing gallery of of photos from one wedding venue and that's in a block article, you don't want every photo in that gallery to have the same keyword innit you want actually branch off with more long tail keywords basically keywords that are related to the main key word, so if you have a wedding venue, you know wedding venue in nebraska er then you want to make sure that every other image is the key the actual file name is related to that wedding venue so, uh country wedding venue nebraska things like that things that are just related to it but are not identical right? Because google can tell if you're just automatically I think I think google in my in my mind google's entire goal in life is to make sure that none of us get to do anything in an automatic way yeah, so they they're carsley changing their algorithm is based on things that they they think are more beneficial for the people are using their search engine, but they're also trying tio stop the people who are automating completely sort of trying to get past their their their system teo tryingto make it so that you have to do more work basically right making it so google's goaless for you and I not have sleep yeah that's pretty much it so they're evil, right? Okay, so another thing is something that's very important is called the all tag and because when a search engine like google or being when they look at your website, they're not seeing an image there seeing ones and zeroes or seeing data so in order to tell google what that images of you actually want to make sure there's an all tag or old text which actually stands for alternative text and you could do that in were press, you could get another software. Next gallery allows it as well. Uh, basically that all texas also that keywords. So if your file name let's see, your file name is wedding venue nebraska. You actually want that all text to be a wedding venue in nebraska. You could make it a phrase. You could make it a sentence, whatever it is. But you wanted to make sure that the key word that you want that image to wrangle for is also in that all text. That's very, very important. So those two things and these things need to be inter related because you need you need to have the all tag have some of the same words that your file name has. And then those have to have some of the same words that are also in the text of your blogged right, that that's another thing that's very, very important is you, khun. You can optimize your images with the all techs found him. You know as much as you want. But if you're the content on the page outside of those images it's not well optimize as well. It's not going to help the images because google's going to look at the images. On pages on rank those better when the actual content of the page is better right exactly so when he talked about image sc oh you can't just look at the images on lee you have to look at the overall picture and that's a very common misconception is you know, a lot of photographers will look into say well I keyword id and I you know have the file name ok have you all text why am I not ranking well well what are you doing outside of the images that are beneficial telling google that you should be raking better exactly um so if I'm if I'm riding a blogger post then and I am all tagging my image and I am naming my image correctly and I am typing some of those same key words into the actual text and obviously I understand that if we constantly air typing the same things into our text like work saying royal poems I went to the royal palms to shoot this wedding and at the royal palms there is this and that the royal palms this and the royal palms that then I'm going to get blacklisted on that because I look like I'm yeah that's a google calls that keywords stuffing keywords stuffing yes so I don't want to stuff my key words either right right there's a there's a percentage of how many times your key word should be used within the length of your you're content and that includes all tags and file names and things like that the good ballpark is somewhere between one to two percent so you know let's say your google wants a minimum of three hundred words on a page in order for two really wink rank well ideally over five hundred is even better but so let's say you have three hundred words you need one to two percent of those three hundred words to contain the key word that you want cool thank you all for so it's a very small percentage we don't really need to say the royal palms over and over just once would be absolutely sufficient it's gonna be more than once but it's going to be a very low number it could be you know a lot less than ten times but that ten that less than ten times is the title of the page or post that's the uh that's that the image file named the image all text different things like that add up very quick so you don't need it to be in the text content too much got excellent so ah, what other advice can you give us about ah kee wording or a search engine optimization that will help us outside of just what we're posting in our you know images and what we're posting in the text around it other are there no knows that we shouldn't be doing besides keywords stuffing he were something is pretty big there let's say there's ah, it was a tough so outside of just image sc oh um because again we have to look at the overall picture uh there's you wanted this thing called link building, which is basically getting links to your sight and you have to look at it a little bit different than then. It used to be because in the past google just wanting to build links and that helped your your sgl now they want youto I have very little to do with those links they want you to, not really so you could do a guest post on another site for example wedding photographer is going to a guest post on off be bright, very popular site for a lot of bridegrooms and to go look at for the wedding so a lot of wedding photographers go there, but google now knows well, you've got a link back to your site because you are your guests blogging on this website so it's you actually having something to do with the lane going back to your site? And so google now looks at that and says, well, that's not organic that's not natural because you actually have something to do with it so really what used to be great for link building is very different google doesn't really look at that that sort of linked building as very beneficial what they want is for it to be one hundred percent organic where you have very, very little or nothing to do with the link. So for example, a great thing for photographers to do to improve their ceo is to get really close with, uh, college college professors that teach photography in your area and get them somehow to use your website as an example to teach their students that way. The your website is linked from their website right there, including you in the syllabus there, including when whatever the class you know, conversation is whether they're talking about, you know, this is for your photography business here's a great example of a photography business, and they're looking to you or here's a great example of photography's web site, and they're looking to you things like that on dh not only is getting organic link like that so important and so beneficial for usto, but if you can get a dot edu link back to your website, google looks at a dot edu lik like it's ten points instead of just being one point. So, you know, and that's funny because I used to teach college, so I know how not true that is so because you're a college professor does not mean that you know what you're talking about so it's it's very difficult to get a college a link to you but it's very possible but that's that's the one thing that the overall picture that it would be great but I brought that up because you don't want to just try to get links from anywhere don't buy links that's a huge no no do not buy links google catches wind of you buying links you're done film not only will they d rank you but they could you know completely remove you were blacklisted from google nice so if you want to go under the radar then that's the way to go write if you wantto you want to get off the get off google then there's black you list yourself I do I do want to bring up one thing that is not official yet in google but it's something that a lot of photographers should consider I know a lot of photographers are worried about photo theft right when they go to and you even talk about this I think yesterday uh about photo stefan websites and you could protect on you can talk about with smug love the fact that you can protect your you know downloads and right clicks and stuff and next time next time pro which you're using also allows youto protect from right click and protect from dragging images off the website but what is really important for f e o wise is actually including metadata that means, you know, making sure all the exits and I ptc that's inside of light room stays inside the photo, including your copyright, which is great for photo theft but what's really good about this is google of starting to rank or will be starting to rank? They unofficially announced this they're goingto eventually be ranking is with metadata, so if you're using a nikon camera that could show up at some point because if you the file says it was made with a nikon camera, you know people start searching for a nikon if they someone does a search down the road for I want to see a nikon photo that was shot with a seventy two, two hundred lens and the focal length was two hundred millimeters at f too pointy. Eventually, google will show that that is an excellent news because I don't remove that metadata. The only meditated I remove is where it is a shot in order to protect the identity of the people and the kids and stuff like that so and then that's in that little area and light room when you're exporting remember you get to choose what you're going to export, you leave the metadata in, but you removed like the sensitive information and so but on that same note, though, if you're not sensitive to the location that's also really important to keep because imagine if you could keep like you're on a you know appear somewhere whatever that would be ok, so landscape photographers what's it matter you know for the most part what is it what's it matter where the photos was made if if I'm leaving the gps daddy in there eventually I can want to see a photo from new jersey and spits a you know, a specific part new jersey and because that gps data is in the photo, google will show it right eventually not at this moment but eventually not excellent that's nice big brother is watching they are always watching always watching google is big brother well, any other advice you can give us before we, uh teach these guys how to post tio two wordpress through next gen I guess the last thing is make sure that whatever images you're displaying on the front end of your site are small enough to look make sure your website loads fast especially if you're going to have a large gallery of images like a lot of wedding photographer a lot of wedding photographers will post sort of what you're what you're doing as well with the block post I'll where it's a lot of photos and a big list that khun it could in theory be a little bit slower toe load because you're loading a lot of images so make sure that the images that you're displaying on the front end our small enough in size to both in file size and resolution to load fast one of the beautiful things about next gen galleries that allows you to resize the upload for the front end, but next time pro can actually sell the full size on the back end, right, right? And you can also resize because I'm uploading very large images so that if someone clicks on the image they can go to a bigger version of it. But it's really only a limiting him to a seven hundred or an eight hundred pixel sized image on dh, so if I can limit it to that, then that's it faster load when I'm looking at it first, but if you click on it, then I can have a sixteen hundred pixel if I have a really big screen and I want to see it in all its glory, well, same same deal, right? India it awesome that's why next gen is such a cool product and so and and in conjunction with next gen if you're using alloy photos plugin that's in light room than that delivers it into next gen and the next gin takes it over from their does all the competitions makes the different sizes that it needs to make in order to provided with a fast load on the site itself but have access to the big stuff in the background I love it well, you guys were great. Uh, it has been such a pleasure to work with you as we've been kind of putting this together on our site. And so we totally appreciate you dropping by giving us some words of wisdom. And I have to say, you guys have been great helping us, and any time we had any kind of issues and we wanted to try and figure out something, you guys were great. So we appreciate all the help. No problem. Our pleasure. Thank you, scott. Thanks for having me. All right, take care. That is scott from next gen on dh. Then I also would be remiss in in telling you about next gen and alloy photo if I didn't also mention this guy right here. His name is isaac bailey. Isaac bailey is my web designer, and next gen is a simple plug and play. Once you get it, you just activate it and put it on your wordpress site on dh alloy photo connects really easily into it, but in order to get the full magnitude of what you I want it to look like inside of your wordpress site, you really need someone who knows what they're doing. It will. So these plug ins themselves we'll give you and deliver some beautiful things, but if you really want to make them really work inside your sight do exactly what you want him to do that's when you want to pull in a web designer and have that web designer really tweak things and make sure it's the right with for you and because I don't speak any of that kind of language, I don't know what what we're talking about it's all I needed to do was connect isaac to next gen and then he did all that fussing and working and making sure that you know my sight was exactly the way I wanted it to look and so everything that's on my site now jared platt, dot com all the blogger all the beauty of it it is all due to isaac bailey and his design on, so if you want to link to him, I've left, eh? Blink to his email at jared platt dot com forward slash creative live if you go to the tools section, um, you can click on isaac bailey and they'll take you to him. So you you really I mean, if you know a web designer that's really good at word press great, but if you don't, bail is a fantastic tool to use, so just write his name down when you need someone to tweak your word press or site just give him a call because he's fantastic super genius dude so

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