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Publishing a Blog Post From Lightroom CC

Lesson 39 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Publishing a Blog Post From Lightroom CC

Lesson 39 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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39. Publishing a Blog Post From Lightroom CC


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Day 3

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Publishing a Blog Post From Lightroom CC

So I've got all of this out here and I'm ready to post it, so I'm going to organize it in the fashion how do I want organized? So I want to start with the walk and then I want to go to the getting ready and then she's leaving for the church and then hears, you know, the kiss after the church and here's this here's that involve a lot, so I've got it all set, and now I'm going to highlight all of these images and I don't need to go to post my blogged I don't have to export thes is j pegs, and then I don't need to go somewhere else to post him. I just simply go down here to my next gen gallery now, this is the next gen gallery. This is made by alloy photo a l l o y photo alloy photo makes this next gen gallery posting mechanism. It is a published service. Click on this. I'm gonna right click it. So I've got some for my gallery's here so I can drag stuff. So if I want to make this part of my gallery, I could do that as well, but right now I'm gonna make a block post I'm gonna right click t...

his block post. And I'm going to I could edit the settings if I click on that it'll give me the option to go in and choose all the different settings that have to do with that every photo that's going to my block but I've set those up and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit create gallery when I create the gallery it has to think for a little while because it's connecting and it's talking to the server it's setting up the gallery right now and then it's going to receive information from me and here in a second so I am going to wait for it there we go so here's the gallery and this is the options I get to choose so the name of the post is going to be the name of the post so I need to choose it well and remember he talked about the name is important and so I'm going to say an english wedding in ripe actually I should just say a wedding a wedding in ripe england time so that's going to be the post how about let's a lovely wedding in right england right you've got to be snarky sometimes right? Hey wouldn't it be lovely all right um so I'm in include all the selected photos and then I've got all of these other options down here the description so I shot this wedding in ripe england it wass perhaps the cute pissed little village I have ever seen the wedding was in a church that is so old it is mentioned in the dooms day book that is bold. Okay, so that's a good little description of what's going on and now we're going to decide what we want, where we want to put it. So here I can tell it what kind of category to put it in so it's weddings and there's, a drawing from my wordpress site, and I can decide whether it's going to be a draft or whether it's going to publish directly let's, just publish it so I'm just going to publish this, um, I could post it immediately, or I could schedule it and sam and post it later, but we're going to post it immediately. And then down below is the post template. The post template is very specific html blawg posting stuff and so it comes as part of your, uh, plug in and part of the the word press plug in so it's it connects the two and so you choose it, you get to choose and this one I chose because of the blawg post type so there are different kinds I could change that, and then these images would become like, uh, you know, the masonry site that you, you know, you could tell it I want masonry and when you when you say that it's gonna post it in here with a different type of code however this code also can you congar on top of the code and anything you put on top or bottom of the code is just text that you're throwing in your block and so now if I want some kind of a statement at the top of my blog's or at the bottom of my block I can put it here so I can I can write in this I can say, um it was such a pleasure to photograph this wedding in ripe england. Um I loved the village I loved wedding and most importantly I loved loved my clients and their family this is their the most incredible people I've ever met, so I love him. Um, so then I'm going to go down to the bottom and I can hit a little return there and say photography bye jared platt uh, wedding uh, location england uh, and then I I say because I make I've already made a slide show, so we'll talk about slide shows in a minute, but I've made a slide show and I'm gonna post that slide show with this, and so I need to talk about that, so I'm going to say music by and I this is music by uh mindy glad hill okay so now I'm gonna go up here now remember I'm posting all this stuff with the with thea this is all part of the post now I have made a slideshow and I've posted it on video so all of my videos go up on venue and that's where I served them from so in order to find that video I just need to put it in the bog post so I'm going to go in and I've already grabbed the embed code and so I'm going to grab the embed code by doing this well done uh send my stickies right here so zoom out I just put I just grab this and so this is the embed code and this is the number right here so if I copy that and I overwrite the embed code with that numbers so I always have my in bed co just sitting there and then I just take the number of the actual video so each each video has its own number and I just paste over the top of it and now I can take that whole little copy just copy that whole thing go back to this template area here and go up to the top of it so just go up and then hit enter and then paste that right at the top and then I'm gonna hit apply and now the whole thing's in there and it looks like a mess but that little code is always just sitting there and you just type whatever you want the top type whatever you the one at the bottom if you want to put a little code of some kind in there to embed a video that's fine and hit create and now it's it's up loading all that kind of stuff to the gallery right now it's getting ready and then we're going to publish it so as soon as it's done doing what it's doing so it's doing that stuff so we wait for it as soon as it looks like it's done thinking which I have to worry that you like you don't try and publish until it's done thinking now it's done thinking and now I'm going to highlight this all of these images are now going to be published and so we sit back and let that publish to the site what it's doing is it's publishing very big images just like we talked about it's publishing big images and then what happens is once you get the images published up there it takes them and re sizes those images to be the right size for the blogger post and for you know the slideshow version of it that you if you click on one it takes you somewhere and it also does a whole bunch of other things so the next gen galleries also allow you to toggle on all sorts of things it's like you can toggle on various you could instead of my my published service is taking a logo and putting it on my photos, but you could also not published with logos and then next gen could be putting the logo's on there for you. You can also tell it to put on all the social media's sharing like pinning and stuff like that. So all of that stuff, if you hover over my images you khun pin them or you can share them on facebook or whatever, so all of that stuff is available to so we're just we're currently posting right now. Um so while we're posting, are there any questions from the web we have got here? Yeah, go give it, give us question for images that are already up in a block. How about adding maurin photo captions? How would you help? How would that help? It would definitely help us, so all you would do is go in to your image area so work press itself even if you don't have next gen galleries has an image area, and if you go into the image, even if you're on the editing the block post and you just click on that image and edit the image, a little box will appear that's just like the box over here that we're working on in light room and it has uh, it has an all tag. It has a description. It has a caption and if you put those things in that's part of it and you're good to go, okay, um our key words in the file name uploaded toe wordpress important or just the key words when I change the image title inward press if the original file name is important, how do you keep your file name? Short enough yet still useful words? Do you know, sacrifice and make long known a note? So you remember my initial were image names are zero zero one five for six or whatever, but that's what that title arming the headline is for, so if you utilize the headline and you use it, and then whenever you export something, you tell the export option to take the the name that already exists on the j peg and upend it with your your your headline then you've got that whole strength got it and now you've got a useful name, but you don't have a use name and if you if you do it on your own like you keep renaming stop, you're just causing yourself problems, so just rename it on the way out when it's in your catalog just keep it you know, just this short, easy, beautiful names that looked good in a proof book like this so you want them to look good here like that so they don't look, they don't look good if they're long names you want them to look really nice in the proof book, but then when they export out, you want those short little beauty awful names to become long names and that's what the headlines for got it we're almost done, but keep keep asking questions yes, you in bed slideshows in your block then or have them as part of the blood that's correct? Who do use for your soundtrack where you use terrible scoop music? So triple scoop music provides all the music that I use in my slide shows because they provide really great music and I can trust that, um I'm being taken care of and the musician is being taken care of. I worry about other services that have really convoluted short licenses because if you have a short license who's taking care of the musician after the license expires because if the license is only like a year or if it's convoluted you can only have x number of copies or whatever. Then how does the musician ever really know if their music is still being policed? Whereas with with triple scoop what they've done is they give you a ninety nine year license to use the images for whatever purposes you know if it's if you're, uh like me, you're using it for blogged posts and for you, no client slide shows and things like that, so that's great and I've got a ninety nine year license, so once I purchase it, I don't have to worry about it, and the artist knows that they've gotten paid for what I'm going to use it for, and we don't ever have to worry about it again, so I prefer that simplicity because I'm taking care of the artist is taken care of, and I really, really care about musicians, so mostly because I used to make music, and I know how difficult it is to make a good song and how expensive it is, and so I need those artists to be taken care of it, just like I said, just like on the when you're buying a plug in when you buy a plug in and they say it's free, but we would love it if you tip us, you need to tip them so that they will continue to make them same with musicians when you I have a song and you like a song by the song so that your musician that you like will keep working and keep alive and keep eating, so it doesn't matter how rich you think they are, they're not all that rich because it costs a lot of money to make music so then this is this counts for anything it's not just for people who are, you know like me were working using music I'm talking about everything make sure that you are really taking care of the people that take care of you the musicians are taking care of you they're they're one of the people in the world who make life worth living right a lot of people help you live doctors help you live, but musicians make life worth living and so those people need to be taken care of some and you guys, photographers or one of those people that make life worth living and you hope that people will take care of you and so we take care of each other when I'm using your music I'm gonna pay you for it when you're using my photography I hope you'll pay me for it you know? Okay, so here we are the block post this up it's done it's live to the world so if you go to jared platt dot com and click on the blogged you will see this and you will see that it's got lovely, lovely wedding and ripe england and then it has the video from video feeding in and then also has hopes what's going on there okay, we have one image that seems to have lost its way and I don't know let's just let's just refresh it and see if maybe it wandered around and and now it's coming in hopefully we haven't crashed the sight already could have no come on, come on baby there you so it just apparently it pulled it up faster than it had delivered it so you can see that it's got my little logo on there and it's got little tags below it see that so there's all the text about the images and I've chosen to put my text about the image above the image so that you read the text and then you see the image some people put the text below the image it's really up to you which way you want to go but you can see that these are they came in quickly this is on ly and do you see when I hover over this this is wedding in ripe england that's the old tag it's really the all tagged not only is to show google what it is, but if I'm blind and I don't know what that is, I can hover over it and my computer can say this is a wedding in ripe england so I can hear what I'm looking at so do that and then down the bottom photography by jared platt wedding location england music mindy gledhill now if I wanted to at this point I could go in and click on edit and go into my word because I'm already logged in as a as the word press administrator so I can click on edit and I could go in and fuss with things like I could highlight mindy glad hill's name and linked to her site all right, I could do some more fussing with it and change things around but let's just leave that for later time when we're not slow on the internet does that does that look like an easy enough process? Can you blogged? Yeah, you could blogged and the great thing is is that now that this thing is in full swing and we have it all instituted by the way this is fairly newly implemented into my sight we've been working on this for a little while now coming up with the concepts and deciding what we wanted, teo and so we're just thrilled to find next gen because they did everything we wanted them to do like I had in my head this is how I wanted to do. I want to be able to do all of this from light room without having to go in and edit anything and I was like, I got to do this and and I was working with isaac and isaac is like, I don't know, but we'll figure it out, we're working and we're searching plug ins and we're searching and and then we found next gen and we found allah a photo and the two together and boom it's the perfect combination so the three of them isaac bailey next gen and alloy photo together is one incredible super team and they created something that makes my life very easy so very excited about it and it's something that you can now post at a whim thing about that at a whim you could be in your you're working and you're on that you're in the process of working on a set of files and you see one image and all you have to do is go over and title it and put the key words in it and put the description in it and then just drag it over and hit published and then just keep working and that's it and it's published it's it's on its way it's already published and you just keep working keep working keep working, publish something else and then because you khun time it you could just say I want this to published tomorrow and then I'm gonna work work work out and I want this to publish the next day and then working working working I want this to publish the next day and just keep going that's the kind of beauty that we want so automation is super important so again we have to give a big shout out to scott for joining us and helping us okay so now any questions before we go to making slide shows? Okay, we'll question about how to determine the optimal size for a blawg post for images. Yes, so image sizes in the block post, you know that's a really good question. One question if you look at my block post, when you look at this, you are looking at a laptop screen, you have to come up with the optimal size for every screen at the same time, the other thing and this is something that scott didn't mention, but there's a brand new thing inside of google's search if you are not optimized both for mobile device and for regular, divisive for computers, you're going to get kind of ousted. And so you have tohave a system that is, they call it responsive design, and so it has to be a responsive design. So I want you to watch this as I go like this, see how the design grows with it, and as I go like this, watch how the design starts to shrink see how the pictures start to shrink, so I still see them and they re pagine its and now watch. As soon as I get to a certain size, it flips now, it's, assuming you're an ipad, and then it's going to go and it's going to flip again until finally it's like oh, now I'm an iphone, and so it looks different see how my sight is different on an iphone. The top of the site is different and the but everything still fits so that you can still see it, but I've lost the sidebar because now I am on an iphone, but then when I scroll it back out now I've got if I scroll up, I've got my side bar back, and I've got a completely different top, so you need a responsive design in order for google to continue to see you is relevant if you're if you're and that's, I think that's how they weed out, like mom and pop shops that don't ever change anything, and they're like, still got the little dancing leper con at the top, you know, it's, a little flashy thing and it's all you know, so I don't know why I thought of that anyway, so get the dancing route leprechauns off your site and make sure that they're responsive because that's important, but in an answer that question, then the size is important in that we chose because originally we had our these were eight hundred pixels wide and that's, a really nice size for a small computer, but on a big computer, it's kind of smaller. And so were like, well, we want to make it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. But then, all of a sudden, if it's a great size for a big one on the little one, I was like, I could only see half the photo and so I was like, not let's, keep it at eight hundred pixels. But if I click on it, watch what happens when I click on it. So I'm gonna I'm gonna take this size up bigger so that we can see it's a big screen if I click on it then it's going to take me into a gallery of this image and the gallery and we have tto forgive us for being so slow here. I'm not sure why we have such a slow internet. Um, probably because there's lots of people doing work around here but anyway. So if you click on the image it's going to take you to a large version of it so you can you can swipe through these things in full glory, like nice and big, you know there's a perfect size and it is not coming up. This is an internet slow problem. This is not a anyway, those of you who go on the web and click on it, and you will see that you can open up nice big versions unless someone's crashed people crashing the site. I don't know, but notice then when I scroll, uh, scroll down and get a vertical. Do you see how big that is? That's seven hundred pixels, so we've told it when it goes vertical, we need two, seven hundred not eight hundred, because if it's eight hundred, it goes beyond the width of a normal laptop screen, and so then you don't get it. You have to go like this to see the whole picture, so you really have to think about so as far as I'm concerned with my laptop and my laptops of pretty new laptop with a retina screen and all that. And so, as far as I'm concerned, uh, seven hundred pixels is about the right height for any vertical image and then horizontal. You could go a lot wider if you want, but then also the verticals look tiny. So then it's question of what you do, you can also, you know, design your sight so that all verticals get two images side by side and that's something that you don't lot of people think that you have to go through and make up, you know, uh go into photos off and put two side by side and make him into a horizontal image and then save that image out and that's a lot of work and that's stupid you're not have to do that if you have the right a person who can code the site the right way it'll happen automatically so that's why you call isaac and isaac will take care of it he'll make it so that in the css code anytime there's vertical images they'll just be side by side so those kind of things can happen automatically so you want the people or the systems that can do things automatically and that's why we use light room to do all this and that's why use next gen to do all this because it doesn't automatically okay cool do you have a question about do you know of any other plug ins for light room that will work with wickes and square square space site so not not wordpress but are there plug ins for those because a lot of people sounds like yeah there there are plug ins I can guarantee you there's a plug in for squarespace eso if you have a system just go onto the onto google and search published service and then whatever your thing is that you wicks square there's going to be something out there it might not always be great but if you if you have enough people that want it there will be someone out there who will design it. You just have to shout loud enough, and they will. They'll come and fill the space. Cool!

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I've been using Lightroom for about a year now. I'm pretty comfortable with the basics and a little more. Sometimes knowing what I want to learn next depends on knowing what's out there to be learned. I listened in to this course from work to get an idea of whether there was enough new content to warrant buying the course. Though Jared covers lots that I know, he filled many small things I didn't know and covered some bigger topics that were new to me. I decided that I wanted to own this course because I respond best to structured learning, and Jared starts at point A and carries through to point Z, so to speak. I have watched his live and rebroadcast courses before and I really like and learn from his teaching style too, so I'm sure this course will be the boost I need as I prepare to subscribe to Lightroom CC instead of just using my local copy. Though another reviewer's tone wasn't very nice, I have to agree that it would helpful to have a written synopsis or outline of courses to help when deciding whether to purchase. Looking at the titles of the included videos is helpful, but not enough. This would be especially useful when a person hasn't seen the live broadcast first, and is simply evaluating a course in the course library.

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I learned a lot from this class when I took it a long time ago. I'm not as fond of his ego but that's fine as I don't have to be around him all day long. What I found extremely useful was the video on synching Lightroom Presets. I set this Dropbox synching system on my laptop and desktop Mac computers and it works perfectly. I also use it for other programs as well like Photoshop and another program called Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for your help Jared. Much appreciated trick.


I am new to Lightroom and from the start of the course it became very clear to me that Jared is one quality person with a real passion to explain everything with great skill and a motivation for success. I did not hesitate to download his course as this is the basis for my personal development and the journey to experience great photography.

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