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Publish Services in Lightroom CC

Lesson 15 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Publish Services in Lightroom CC

Lesson 15 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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15. Publish Services in Lightroom CC


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Day 3

Lesson Info

Publish Services in Lightroom CC

Now let us talk about published services because we will need those published services later, so I need it to be in your quiver of tools that you can use. So when we go down to our published services, you have several of them are already part of light room hard drives you. Khun published any hard drive location and noticed that you can have multiple hard drive, multiple facebook, multiple any published so you basically when you go to set up a public service, you just hit this little plus button. Go to the published manager when you're in the published manager, you can add a published service and you can choose any kind of public service that you have installed. You need to install published services by going to either a website that has a published service, some of the great ones you can get published services obviously through next gen, which is a great they make a great tool. You king smugmug has an amazing published service flicker facebook b hanson, hard driver already on the syste...

m. There are a lot of different places that have good publishing services, so just go on. Anything that you use that's online somewhere might have a published service or someone may have made a published service because they got sick and tired of going to that place, and so look for that search it on google, say published service for light room for whatever, and see if there's one there you can also go to the adobe exchange, which will take you there. If you go to this little thing, this is find more services online. If you click on that, you'll find a whole bunch of free and paid plug ins for light room it's. Great resource, you can find all sorts of stuff there, lots of free stuff, lots of paid stuff, but some of it horrible and some of it good, so just kind of play around with it, but also, if you go to like, light room are photographers, toolbox, it's, photographers, dash toolbox, dot com that's a great place, they got a lot of really useful plug ins there. Um, a lot of these plug ins or shareware type things where you you use them, and if you like them, then you send them a tip for how much you think it's worth they don't like. Tell you how much you have to pay it's kind of an interesting honor system or whatever, so they're like send you up a pal thing says, we think it's worth seven fifty, but as long as you pay over one penny will give you the codes and so you know, you just give him what you think it's worth and I generally over pam because whatever they're doing is something I can't do, and I'm very grateful they're doing it and I want them to keep developing it, and so I'm going to pay them maur if it's just a tip system, I'm gonna pamela mohr than what they want because I want them to keep doing it to set up a public service, you hit this little plus button, goto the published manager, and then you're going to add a published service based on the ones that you have so let's assume that I have a facebook post type of thing that I want to make, and so I would go in and choose facebook and then I would name that post so I could say optional facebook post because I've already got the facebook post I need, but I'm going to create an optional one and now, once I've created that optional one, I get to choose all of the stuff that goes into posting that, so what I would do is I would say first off, I would have to authorize, and I'm authorized as myself, so if people go to jared platt on facebook than whatever I'm posting here will be seen, and no matter how many people are out there, I don't think you'll crash facebook so you did crash my site, which is fine them very happy that that many people went there and I don't know if it's live yet, but couple of you could check jared platt dot com not a lot just a couple I don't know how you communicate that, but you know you guys choose through four of you go check the umm anyway, so we'll make something on facebook and we'll publish it so that people can see it so I would then go in and create an album and I can create a new album straight from here because it's talking to facebook once I'm locked in so I can choose nostalgia, I've got all sorts of different things that I could load it too, but I'm going to make a new album and name and I'm going to call it what the f a doesn't know dot, dot dot okay, so I'm gonna hit create and s o there's might see it's made my album, so now I'm going to choose what's going to go in it so I can choose, uh, set facebook title, I'm going to do that using the I p t c title, so now whatever I want the title to be is going to be what I put in the title inside of light room um and then I'm going to say went up letting photos replace the existing title onda also if if it's empty what should I use instead of this use the file name and then I'm going teo I can say rename the file and I could just say file name headline so now it's going to use whatever file name exists plus a little place called headline so now I get to choose all the details on how it's getting posted and then I'm going to say quality it's obviously going to be a j peg I'm gonna make it and eighty quality long edge nine sixty is fine um zoom out a little bit okay here's where we want to remove person information and location information because I don't want people to know where I'm taking pictures for two reasons number one I don't want people to know where my client's live because I'm taking pictures of kids or whatever. Secondly, I don't want people to know where I'm taking all of my scouting photos because I worked very hard on my scouting and if you wanted nowhere I scout than either follow me in a car and be creepy or go scout go find stuff like that's part of the fun of what we do is discovering things don't like call me and ask me where I shot something go find something cool you know so I once have I once had not a photographer but a client of some other photographer called me and said, hey, we saw that you shot this really cool shot in this place ball of all blonde we really loved it and I wanted my photographer to take me there to shoot like you gotta be kidding me you're calling me asking me for a a location that I worked hard to find? It was a really cool location and I and I wrote her back and I just said, you know, you should you should ask your photographer to find locations because they'll beam or what that photographer and visions and you don't want to lose the quality of what they because if they take you to my locations than it's me it's, not them and if you hired them you want their flare, so have them do it. So I thought that was a pretty good like I was diplomatic, right? A senate, mcgee, you go to this gps location and so anyway, all right, so I'm going to save this and now I have a new published service and you can see that it says optional facebook post there it is, and it says what the faa doesn't know. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go in and take a photo at sea this one and I am going to actually want really cool clouds now that's all that's going on all right? So I'm going to go into my metadata and again remember I told you you could like look at different sets of metadata so you can look at the default you can look at all of it same time but I have one called captioning work where I've actually there's a plug in that allows you to decide what's showing in there so that you could just on ly see the stuff you need to see instead of scrolling down through endless amounts of information and so this one allows me to just set the title, the headline caption probable so I'm going to do the title, which is uh what the f a doesn't know won't hurt them and then I'm going to say flying with gps on and then in the caption I'm going to say and unfortunately facebook doesn't actually use the caption like, I wish it would take the caption and put it in, but it seems to not use it, but I'm still going to tell a story in the caption because I want to remember this story and then if I block it, I want to use that caption and so I'm going to say while flying over the elvir phoenix, I decided to take some photos with the gps on shocker and we didn't even crash okay, perfect, so that's what I want to say and gps is on there and I am going to, but it won't send that gps data location, and then I'm going to take that photo I'm going to go to the develop, and I'm just gonna, you know, trick it out a little bit so that it looks pretty cool bring the highlights down just a little bit, whites down a little bit, and I really give it some clarity so you could see those clouds and, well, bit of vibrance, so there were okay, there we go. So now I'm going to take that photo, and I'm gonna drag it over to what the faa doesn't know. And now that I've gotta publish service there, I just had published, and it is on its way to facebook and done well almost done done ok, so the internet you can go to facebook dot com forward slash jared platt and you should see a post from me on what the faa doesn't know, so you can go ahead and comment on that, and we will actually see, by the way, your comments right down here where it says no comments and no likes so currently we have no comments and no likes on this photo, but we shall see how many people love the faa, okay, good, all right? So that is the process of public services were going to use public services throughout the rest of our course in order to do some blogged posting, even in order to do some album design. So we're going to we're going to use those published services pretty heavily in all of our work flow to get our images to the places that they need to go efficiently so that we don't have to be copying and pasting and moving images and exporting images and then throwing up over here, we literally khun do all of it at once and walk away and let light room post things in different places for us. All right, so light room again, like I said, this morning light room is your central hub for everything you shoot with a camera, it goes backto light room, you work in light room, you send it to a published service, you send it to everything hubs around light room, and if you if you treat your life that way, if you treat, you know, all of your photo activity in that way, you'll find that, um, you're organized, you confined the photos, they're useful to you, and you don't lose them and just get done faster.

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Ratings and Reviews

April S.

I've been using Lightroom for about a year now. I'm pretty comfortable with the basics and a little more. Sometimes knowing what I want to learn next depends on knowing what's out there to be learned. I listened in to this course from work to get an idea of whether there was enough new content to warrant buying the course. Though Jared covers lots that I know, he filled many small things I didn't know and covered some bigger topics that were new to me. I decided that I wanted to own this course because I respond best to structured learning, and Jared starts at point A and carries through to point Z, so to speak. I have watched his live and rebroadcast courses before and I really like and learn from his teaching style too, so I'm sure this course will be the boost I need as I prepare to subscribe to Lightroom CC instead of just using my local copy. Though another reviewer's tone wasn't very nice, I have to agree that it would helpful to have a written synopsis or outline of courses to help when deciding whether to purchase. Looking at the titles of the included videos is helpful, but not enough. This would be especially useful when a person hasn't seen the live broadcast first, and is simply evaluating a course in the course library.

Jim Pater

I learned a lot from this class when I took it a long time ago. I'm not as fond of his ego but that's fine as I don't have to be around him all day long. What I found extremely useful was the video on synching Lightroom Presets. I set this Dropbox synching system on my laptop and desktop Mac computers and it works perfectly. I also use it for other programs as well like Photoshop and another program called Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for your help Jared. Much appreciated trick.


I am new to Lightroom and from the start of the course it became very clear to me that Jared is one quality person with a real passion to explain everything with great skill and a motivation for success. I did not hesitate to download his course as this is the basis for my personal development and the journey to experience great photography.

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