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Optimizing Image Metadata in Lightroom CC

Lesson 38 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Optimizing Image Metadata in Lightroom CC

Lesson 38 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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38. Optimizing Image Metadata in Lightroom CC


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Day 3

Lesson Info

Optimizing Image Metadata in Lightroom CC

Now, let's, talk about posting images, then, um so we want to share our images with people, and we want to share them on a regular basis, so when I'm working inside of light room, I'm already in a position to do do a lot of work, so I'm going to go to some images that we have been working on throughout this workshop, you'll recall this image, which is one of my favorite images that I've taken in the number of years I love this image. Um, and as I'm working inside of of light room, I'm selecting down, so obviously the client gets this many images, and then I'm going to give this many images to them in an album, and then this many images in a slide show and this many images in a block post, so it kind of goes like that, so the smaller the number of images I get to those are the more critical ones, and those are the ones I want to show. So when I look at these images, this is my set of images that I really, really love from this wedding and that's a good smattering of images that, you kno...

w, gives me lots of, and I can find other ones that I really like to, but these are all my favourite images from that wedding. And so with all of these favorite images that that's a very small number of images I can write something on each of those images I'm in the flow when I'm working on it I'm already working on say this one particular image here and so if I'm already working on this one particular image once I'm done with it I already have some feelings on it so yeah over on the right hand side of all of my work is a set of key word metadata options so I can click in here and look at the key words so notice that I've got architectural and destination weddings and farmhouse and groom and home and address and baba baba baba so that stuff's available to any system that wants to read my metadata on dh as scott had mentioned that in the future the mord meditated we have the better off our uh seo will be as they start looking into the image on dso all that meta data exists and if you want you can look at the default and see look at all this metadata that exists there's cannon mark two that's twenty four seventy all this kind of stuff is available so that and I'm gonna post it now so that as google advances and starts reaching inside the images it will have all that available throughout the history of posting I've never removed that kind of metadata on ly the only the geo tagging around my client's houses and stuff like that that's where I want to remove it. Um and as based on that conversation, I'm going to start adding more and more gps locations except for around my client's house is now I want to note something if I go to the maps inside the maps. So right now we're looking at this is you can see where the locations are on these photographs. So inside the maps, you can see all these photographs were taken in these general areas right here. If you create a location so you can come up to these saved locations right over here, you can create a location. So if this is the location I khun hit plus at a location and I can call this this is a place called ripe england so ripe england and I can create as an inside of my favorite locations. Or I can create a new folder and make other folders of locations inside of that, I can tell that location to be a private location if I click on private as a location. And then I changed the radius. So that it's right around that house and I hit create any time I export something, even if I allow the metadata and the gps. To go out that one won't. So if you shoot at your client's house and you don't want to export that location, all you have to do is geo tagged the location and then put a fence around it, and then that one location will never go out, and that information will always be available inside of this catalogue so that when you're exporting it's never going toe anything outside that location, it'll send but anything in it, it's like a little protective fence, so just know that that exists. I'm not going to make that around that because I don't necessarily care that this goes out. I don't mind the gps location going out, okay? So just so you know that if you want to start doing that a cz long's ugo tag and we talked about geo tagging earlier and how he's our iphone do it and how that, through the cloud comes back in here, and then we can utilize all that information for sharing. So you have noticed that as we've gone through this entire process, I keep putting more and more information into my photos. Most of that is for my own benefit, so that I can find them. So I can help other people find locations or look at dresses or whatever, but it's also for the ceo on my site and it's also for the ability for my clients to be able to find their images while they're working on their site on there, you know, proofing site, so all of that information is on ly only could be helpful to you, so put it in all right, so let's, go back to our library and let's look at this image here, so once we've pared it down and we say these are the images that we want a block, then we want to cycle through those images, and we want to look at our metadata, and I'm going to go again. I told you about that plug in by jeffrey jeffrey friedel that allows you to create your own little version of what you want to see in the metadata, so I'm going to go and click on my captioning work so that's the easiest way for me to enter this data. So I'm going to go from image to image, and you can see that I'm adding image information here, so like, for instance, here the title. Now let me show you where these go so title of the image, the title of the image is what word press and next gen is going to use for what we call the whole tag he just talked about thie all tag the all tag will be the title of the image so you already got one thing if you type it in beachy head coastline in england, so now I've got that now if I go to the headline, the headline is going to be, um the file name and the reason it's the file name is when I created the published service I said, when you're renaming this photo, I want you to name it whatever the number is, plus the type of plus the headline, so now I can enter in a name I don't have to change the file name to do it it's going to upend the file name so it's going to be number zero zero one zero two dash on english wedding right now based on that conversation, I should probably say an english wedding uh on the coast line at beachy head, so now that's more, but that might be too long, so maybe I'll just say on the coast line something like that because I don't think we want to make that name way too long but long enough then the caption now I have two versions of the caption and they're both the same this is just if I want to write more gives me a bigger space to do it but you can see I said we took a walk on the southern coast of england the day before the wedding so now notice wedding wedding coast coast right? Okay, so wedding it was a beautiful day with some great people I love my work I want this to sound conversational and google knows if it's conversational google knows whether or not you're just trying to keyword or whether you're actually saying sentences in full sent nces eccentric centrist so you want to type in normal english don't type like you're doing an advertisement for yourself because otherwise you'll be writing just for google and no one will want need your blogged and if no one goes to your blogged because it's just a bunch of drivel then no one's going to be it that's goingto lower your bow to you gotta have cliques you gotta have people coming in staying and so just be aware of that you've got to write something more reading all right? So I'm gonna go through and then here we die here I have nothing. So at this point I need to go in and say, um, flowers along the path on the coastline, right? And then this one I would say flowers in eat uh at an english wedding, right? And then now I'm here flowers in english well, uh let's see there we go. Okay, so I want to do flowers it here are actually that doesn't sound very good. I'll say we saw some cute little flowers growing in the wind on the coast on the coastline during our stroll it got a little chilly for an arizona boy, but for an englishman, I am sure it wass just dandy. Ok, there we go. You see what I'm doing now so I've got some scl in there, but I'm conversational I'm having fun with the bride I'm having fun with, you know, and then I've got the bride and the groom are getting ready to head to the church and ripe england. I was outside the farmhouse, taking a few details when I looked and really that's not truthful, I was taking details of sheep when I looked up to see the groom looking out the window while his beautiful bride ready to herself in the room next door and then I can of course say a little bit more about this and say I am sure he wondered why he had hired a photographer who was more interested in the sheep along the path, then in the wedding couple getting ready but in truth let's say in in truth the reason I was outside wass to stumble upon a magnificent shot like this one you see so now it's got everything I need plus a sheep reference alright just unfortunately weren't goats in the field because then that would have been even better but now if I search for sheep I'm gonna find it because it's in the it's in the data here so now I've got all of that in there I'm gonna just keep kind of running through these and I can post now some of them I might not post a lot of information on I might just say, um the bride heading to the church is that headline and then I would say I'm not gonna put a caption in there because I don't necessarily want a caption belittle every single one of them, so we'll just let that one b because the caption is what's going to actually show up in the text of the blogger it's not even though it's part of the photo it's not it's going to show up and so we're gonna leave that one alone um this one I'm going to say, uh, bride heading to the church in ripe england uh caption so in this one, um, this portrait of the bride and her flowers was taken after the wedding, but I thought it was better as a story telling device too use it as an entrance to the church rather than then exit see that so I'm teaching people because my my audience isn't just a bride, my audience is also photographers, and so I'm going I need to write. I determined long ago there was a point in which I killed my blogged I had a block and I was constantly typing I love this couple there's sochi I love this couple because that's what all the girls that I was following were doing in all of my friends that are photographers or girl. And so then I was like, okay, all these girls are blogging and they're talking about how cute that bright is. Andi, I was doing that I was like, oh, my right, so cute, you know, and I was like, that is totally it was just disingenuous. I was telling stories about their wedding and I was totally uninterested in it. And and then I found myself copying everything I was saying, so I was like, I have to say the same thing about every bride otherwise every bride's gonna be offended that I didn't think they were cute, and so I had to find my own voice. And now my voice is maura about the photographs and why I chose to shoot the photographs, and I found that now I attract a different type of bride and groom I attract a type of bride and groom who are interested in photography and so they it's the people that hire me like photography and so then they want to hear what I have to say about the images so they'll just sit and listen and I'll talk about like we'll shoot and they'll be like, well, what do you do it and they'll ask me while we're shooting why are you like, oh because and then I can actually teach while I'm shooting a wedding you know? And they're they're interested in it and so to them it's kind of a bonus that they've got a photographer and a teacher who is that their wedding because they want to learn a little bit about why I'm shooting that angle instead of that or they'll come up and admire the camera and be like I've even had grooms take my camera and shoot for me they're like, can I shoot some? And I'm like yeah sure hand in the camp and they shoot you know and they're like yeah, it was awesome that's cool, you know, and half their stuff's out of focus and whatever but you know it's cool um but that's, why I'm going to keep this kind of conversational pattern as I go through my images you know? So I talk about thie imagesmore than I like in this when I talk about how important it was to have all of this but the fact that she bustled herself while everybody was around she like she's in the middle of the cocktail and everybody's running around her and she bustles and I'm like that's the perfect place to get bustled most brides go into a corner to get bustle and then you just got a picture of them against the wall which is fine and it gives you like this nice vacant shot but this one gave you all of that motion around her and the and that I've got you know things in the foreground of things in the background and people smiling and looking and the dad's looking on and you know that's great I love that and so I'm talking about that in the block and then of course I'm talking about after the wedding I took a little trip on the countryside went out and drove around and so I spent a whole day just kind of wandered I wandered from southern england up tio stratford so I could watch a shakespeare play and I went all the way out there knowing that there wasn't a seat left and I just hope that someone wouldn't show up because I love shakespeare and so I went off so this was just something I got on the way up to go listen to shakespeare in as soon as I was done then I traveled all the way back down to london and got a hotel and then flew out the next day so but I'm I'm working these subjects, and so this is one of the little girls I'm just following her around she's running around in the in the graveyard kind of looks like a little ghost running around just anyway. Andi, I have to say I shot some of quite a few of these were shot with a little point and shoot gh for so the gh for is just kind of a little camera with it's ah it's, a micro for thirds camera, and it it's a pretty impressive little camera, did a lot of video with it while I was there. I did a lot of photography with it, and this shot in particular I was able to follow her around like this, way down, you know? And because as facial recognition, it's following her around a while, and I just have the the articulating screen out, and I'm just following around and taking pictures because I couldn't have gotten that kind of a shot at that level. If I was doing this, I would have kind of state still more, so that is a great cameron have so

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I learned a lot from this class when I took it a long time ago. I'm not as fond of his ego but that's fine as I don't have to be around him all day long. What I found extremely useful was the video on synching Lightroom Presets. I set this Dropbox synching system on my laptop and desktop Mac computers and it works perfectly. I also use it for other programs as well like Photoshop and another program called Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for your help Jared. Much appreciated trick.


I am new to Lightroom and from the start of the course it became very clear to me that Jared is one quality person with a real passion to explain everything with great skill and a motivation for success. I did not hesitate to download his course as this is the basis for my personal development and the journey to experience great photography.

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