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Making Slideshows in Lightroom CC

Lesson 40 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Making Slideshows in Lightroom CC

Lesson 40 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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40. Making Slideshows in Lightroom CC


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Day 3

Lesson Info

Making Slideshows in Lightroom CC

So let's, talk a little bit about slide shows, so there are three tools for slide shows and we're going to talk about one of them. The tools that you can use to make a slide show or a movie are as follows the first tool, which is the most complicated tool, but can do the most stuff is going to be adobes premiere, so if you want to learn adobe premiere, you can make a cool slide show you can zoom in and out, you could put movies in it, you can put text in it, you can, you know all sorts of stuff you could even create by using it as well as after facts would create fire, you know, whatever you want to do, you could do it. Um, but but that's the most complicated tool. Whenever I want to make something in premiere, I hand it to my video guy and he makes it in premiere and it's amazing, it looks great, but he does it. I don't do it because it's much more complicated, I know how to use premiere because I was a film, I studied film and in college, but I don't choose to because it's not my pro...

ficiency that's, not where I am really good, so I choose to have someone else do it that could do it fast okay, so that's the first tool we're not going to talk about that. The second tool that you can use is called an emoto and I'm gonna actually show you anna moto's website it's a n I am o tio animo dot com an emoto is a very automated system where you can upload your images to the server. It will turn out fifty different versions of a slide show so you can do one that's really moving fast one that my personal favorite which I help them design is called documentary if you go to the documentary it's very, very subtle it's very clean it's and most of my slide shows air made on an emoto so occasionally I make something in premiere when it needs to be very tricky and it's more tricky than animal can handle. But almost all of my slide shows air made on an emoto it's very, very easy to do and rather than wasting time talking about it, I have an entire hour and a half or so here on creative live free at all times. So all you have to do is go into the catalogue and find the an emoto tool day lecture that I did a couple months back on an emoto and you will learn all about going to an emoto so it is where I do ninety percent of my slide shows is in an emoto because it's simple it does it for you and they have a library of a thousand or more songs in fact, I think they have a thousand or more triple scoop songs so you don't know about the bio as long as you're a member of an emoto you have access to a thousand triple scoop songs and they have other songs from other companies as well so an emo does a fantastic tool make sure you go and check him out on dh I guarantee you'll like some of their styles one of the styles will be perfect for you but I really suggest that you use my documentary style because it is the coolest one all right, so but we're not gonna talk about an emoto because you can learn about that here on creative live free it's always free it's a completely free an emoto has given it to you for free so go on look at it um so what we're going to talk about here is we're going to talk about the slide show module here inside of like room and that is the simplest way to make a um a slideshow that means also that is that it is the least um flexible so premier is the most flexible most complicated an emoto is second most flexible and it is not very complicated all in fact it's very simple and then light room is ultra simple do it in a flash but it's very very basic and you can't do a lot with it but I'm going to show you what you can do with it so that you have the ideas and you know what you can do okay so if you even have video I have video inside of here is well so you can see if I go to this set of images in the er grid you can see that I've got a photo here and those creepy heads in the background um but those are mannequins so she's a hairdresser and she brought those and we thought that would be really funny so it's very creepy and funny she's kind of a silly funny girl so yeah so anyway we only did one creepy shot but it was pretty funny creepy shot um but notice also we have video see how when I scrub over it it's like playing the video so when you're in light room you can actually add it your video simply double click any video and you can play through that video so you khun you know we're looking at various outfits but also if you look if you pop this open this little tool right here this click to trim you open that up and you can see that what I've got here is a very small segment of a larger video so I can just use these little tabs here too to move them out and move them back in and that is what changes the trim of that video so I just trim it out like that and then I go like that and now if I play it, I've got you know that here's the there's, the video I just needed that little part of the clip and all of these videos are done by an assistant with literally all of these are on a g fifteen point shoot video camera like that it's just video on a point and shoot camera and then we just turn him all the black and white and it really creates a cool feel for the for the senior because they're like, wow, this is awesome I'm in the middle of this photo shoot and got, you know, behind the scenes shots and stuff and so on what we do is we put them in the order that we want them, so we put all the videos in the order and then we put the slides the pictures that we want in there and once we've got it all organized, then we're going to highlight all of our images and we're going to go to the slide show module once we're in the slideshow module we can if it's a new slideshow just like with the book over in the top right hand corner, it would say save the slide show but we don't need to save it because it's already saved and so at this point we would go through and choose all sorts of you know sizes and background colors and stuff which is mostly self explanatory but what's not self explanatory is this there is an intro screen if you turn that on you khun, go in and edit it. And when you edit the intro screen you can type in the person's name or whatever you can start it with your logo you can start it with their name. Whatever. So I started with the senior's name and then I tell what color I want it what size I want it to be and then I do an ending screen and that ending screen is gonna have my logo on it. All right, so thou I am set for an intro and an exit and then I need to choose some music in light room. Ccu can choose multiple tracts of music so you could have, you know a number of tracks of music, whereas with light room five and four and before any any light room that has slide show before light room six or light from c c doesn't have more than one song now here's a tip if you find that your song ends and it cuts the video which is going to do here so you're going to be like, oh, that was pretty abrupt and you can fix that by having a second song in your arsenal that is silence for ten seconds and just add a silent track at the end and it will then go to that track so then you can have a little bit of space so that when it comes off it doesn't abruptly end it fades out or ends the song then it plays the next little five two seconds, one second of blank and then it ends so just so if you want some silence at the end, just make sure that you make a little silent track and you could have, like, five different silent tracks I want, you know, one second five seconds, ten seconds or something like that so that we because sometimes, you know, really dramatic slide show could use silence at the end as you like, show your logo and as you show the last picture, you know, that kind of stuff could really be powerful. So silent tracks makesem silent tracks put him in there. All right, good little tip just uh but you're going to see why you would want them okay? And then below that you have playback if you do manual, that means that you are pushing it manual, this is manual you're like going next next it's like a slideshow you're the one controlling you like hey this is my trip toe yeah and that's the that's the goat we found and there's the sheep that we found and you know there's another goat and there's a cow you know that's a long one so you know if you're doing a slide show with your grandpa or whatever that's what you'd use uh but automatic means that it's going to cycle through them you can sink the slides to music if you do that it will listen to the beats but it's not quite really great yet it is the first time they've done this and so sometimes if the beat if it's like a slow song but it's got a nice little high hat in the song you know but it's a slow song it'll all sudden you're beat like the pictures they're changing really fast because going to the high hat and not to the base so they're kind of following the rock they really need to be listening to the base not the hi hat but anyway hopefully they'll figure out those algorithms or you know hire somebody who knows that you know they need a musician to come into adobe to work on that but for now I generally will use this slide length here I can choose the slide link I can choose the cross fade I'm going to do zero because I want cuts only on this one other times you might fade, but right now I want cuts on lee. You can fit it to the music, and if I click on that it's going to really change that slide to about three point four seconds or something like that, which is too long, phil's too long, so I'm going to do two point, seven seconds on dh. Then, as you go down a little bit further, you can change the audio balance. Now all of these videos have audio in him, but none of the audio is worth keeping, and so I slide it all the way to music. But if I, if the audio was worth using like someone was talking, then I would take it down here tto almost all the way to the video so that what happens is the music will duck underneath it. And then as soon as they finished talking, it'll come back up. So I'm going to keep it all the way to music because the audio is just random and sometimes just wind. I can either choose to or not to use the ken burns like come in and out. If you choose ken burns, come in and out, use the low setting if you go anything above zero on the slider, you will be motion sick for weeks. Because it's like whoa they really need to like high needs to be a lot lower and that they haven't figured that out yet either. So the on ly setting is low all the other settings there like they make you sick and then you have repeat the slideshow in random order which we want to keep him in our orders so we're gonna keep it and then you have quality of standard or high and so I'm gonna click on high and then I'm gonna zoom out and I'm a highlight all the images make sure you're at the front because if you start here it's going to start there so make sure you highlight at the left hand side and I'm going to hit play and this is where we're going to listen to a slide show so sit back grab your popcorn and here we go wait no wait wait but that's all in light room there wasn't anything done outside a liar all in light room just simply go through retouch the images work on all the all the video uh you khun you can work on the video there's a lot you can you can use the tone curves in the video you can use a lot of stuff inside the video and then simply highlight it all put in the slideshow go now once you're in the slide show not only can you play it teo you know people that are looking at the computer but you can also export the video down here on the left hand side export the video it will export your choice of different sizes including a ten, eighty pea size and if we go too the seniors job folder um, which is, uh, right here inside of the working dr um we'll go here and here is the slide show it's an mp for and we have the same, uh, same video, so that could be uploaded the video. And then, of course, the video link uh, the embed code could be copied and through light room, pace it in and published with all of her collection. What do you editing your video in light room? Really? Really? Really? Yeah, I can guarantee you if I'm editing the video it's in light room because I have no interest in doing anything else if if I need a video edited, like, for instance, the video that we've been watching during the breaks, uh, about the poland workshop. That video is edited by my video guy in premiere, so if I need, you know, serious video editing that needs a lot of someone else is going to do that or I could do it, but I'm gonna I have to take a three days to do it but uh and I could do an excellent job but I can't do it as fast as my my video guy by the way whose name is matt madrid so if anybody's out there and needs a really great video guy the guy to call us matt madrid you can get a hold of me and I will contact you to him because he khun khun nail some videos really fast for you so and he's always happy to work so um but I'm going to send it to matt and he's going to do it but if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it inside of lighter in fact sometimes matt will come with me and do video right when he does he's going to do these kind of things and I always tell him keep those video clips short so he does like little tiny videos for me so when he's doing it because we're not recording anything so he's just videotaping little segments here and there so that when I bring it in I could just kind of scrub through him go oh that's a good segment I don't have to scrub through ten minutes I scrubbed through thirty seconds thirty seconds three seconds two seconds thirty second because all I need did you notice that it wasn't one clip over two seconds in there not one video clip over two seconds and quite frankly if you watch a movie there's not a lot of video clips in the movie that air over a few seconds we're cut and fast you keep on you hang on you better be stanley kubrick right that's the person that gets the permission to keep it you know fight a minute clip or whatever so you can always tell the amateur when they hang onto a shot for forever so brevity is the soul of wit which means that I should stop talking about this subject yeah uh what can you export with this or where can you export it so you can export a video file so it's goingto export just a standard video file and you click that export button right there and when you do it it's going to ask you what size so you got four eighty up to ten eighty okay so this is the high definition this is like little web copy I always export the greatest size copy I can best quality and then I'm gonna send it two of em e eoe and then video feeds it out if you're on an iphone it'll feed you an iphone version if you're on a you know so it's going to be responsive to whatever you have on dh then I'm always upgrading inside of m eo I upgraded to the ten eighty so that when I post it somewhere I composed it a ten eighty what light room what formats can it video can it work with I haven't seen it work with a camera that it hasn't recognized yet but it was it's not gonna work with like the you know, the panasonic like the big professional panasonic cameras that divided up and key and you've gotta like reconstitute it later and it's going to work with those but it will work with any of your um you know any of your standard cameras like this is gonna work with this is gonna work with any point and shoot anything that shooting a standard movie file it's gonna work with it so yeah it's a great easy way to deal with with footage so from this kind of a shoot out or a wedding if you're doing a wedding or if you want to just do video of you know, here I'm in I'm in italy and I'm shooting the coast you know? And I'm I'm in meld over where wherever I happen to be and I'm doing a panorama of whatever I'm looking at it I'm like, hey look at this, you know? And then I want to do a slide show for my family to show him the travel I went on you could have photo photo photo video clip photo photo photo photo video clip very easy to do so for personal work or for a professional work it's a very, very valuable tool and it's quick but again it's very simple you can have fades and you can have cuts and that's all you can have so you can trick it out a little bit but not much if you want anything greater than that that's when you go to an emoto and a motive will do a lot of cool, tricky stuff for you and then if you want anything greater than an emotive can provide for you that's when you go to premiere and those air your levels so its premiere than it's an emoto and then it's like room light room is the most basic and and this does not mean better or worse this means more complicated and more options and this means less complicated than less options all all khun b equal just depends on what you need. Any questions? There's one clarifying questions so you can actually cross fade video right? You can cut it and fade it could you cross fade it well everything's across fate actually right, eh? So there's no, it doesn't dip fade it doesn't fade to black and fade back out. God, it actually always crossed miles which is my is a big bugaboo for me because I don't like cross fade, right? I like fade to black and then fade out I like to fade through black I don't like cross fades at all, yet I feel like I'm watching star wars or something. Whenever I see a cross fade, I'm like, oh, good now your wife, let's, duel wife. Now, I just I can't deal with this, we're allowed. I even I either wanted to fade to black and fade back up, or I wanted to cut, not sit, those are my two options, yeah, yeah, yeah, do a swirly thing, and I feel like I'm in a movie once. Oh, yeah, so, unfortunately, all they do is cross fade so good.

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