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Comparing Prints from Lightroom CC

Lesson 29 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

Comparing Prints from Lightroom CC

Lesson 29 from: The Ultimate Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

Jared Platt

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29. Comparing Prints from Lightroom CC


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Day 3

Lesson Info

Comparing Prints from Lightroom CC

So here is the cans and paper is going to give me an heir and say, you know how many paper in there but that's all right, I say it's moving right now and this paper I'll bring it over as we're printing this one so that you can see it but this paper is just super super toothy put my paper and let's see here goes I think I got it fast enough so there's the paper and I'm gonna bring over some prints that I've already printed so you can see here is the jackson print and if we bring the overhead camera and you can see and see the tooth on it let's see if I can show it so it's that zoom on in there zoom in zoom zoom zoom there's just a beautiful beautiful soft paper I don't know if you can see the tooth in the air you can see the tooth there absolutely beautiful paper and then we've got hears does the valen paper here so it's still a very nice soft paper not quite as toothy um but it's just a super beautiful print let me turn it right side up there so that's the print right there absolutely ...

beautiful paper but you can see how it's it's right on the money and and you can let me compare to prince so this is show show that overhead again and you can see it's very subtle but you can see the difference between this print here and this print here you can see this one's darker are this one's lighter and this one's darker so there's it's lighter here and it's darker there and that was the difference when we changed the brightness and the contrast so that we can say no and we didn't have to adjust the photo itself we simply adjusted the contrast and the brightness down at the bottom in the color management area so you print out a print common compare a and say does it look like I expect it to look when I'm looking at my screen and if it doesn't what can I do to the contrast of the brightness to make that happen? A lot of the times if it's too bright you want to bring the the brightness down the contrast up and that will help to boost the highlights bring the shadows down but overall bring the brightness down and you just have to tweak those two but those two are pretty much the culprits on most things but you can definitely see that is a slight difference and it's just subtle but you want those subtleties to be perfect when you're printing and so this one I don't like this one as much as I like this one I like the extra you know the contrast it helps it look a little bit more like the image on the screen, so what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna put this right over to the side if you khun, if you can video over there like that and then I'm going to go to that image inside of light room so let's see if I can grab that image really quickly. Um, we're going to go to here it is a go so there's the image as we see it on the screen and then here's the image on the print so seems to get a little brighter that's probably not quite accurate, but it's close um but when you look at him together, they're pretty dang accurate and pretty close. So so anyway, that's the print, you kind of those on the web, I don't know if you're seeing exactly the same thing or not, but when I'm when we're looking at him here we see exactly the same feel. Now, obviously what we're seeing on my glossy screen is much more contrast ing, but when you're seeing them side by side than you really get the same feel alright, so that is printing in a nutshell, it's not a hard thing to do, but it's something that when you're finished with your images it's something that you want to do immediately so I've got a cool image I want to share it it's my favorite image from the wedding so I'm going to hit print it shouldn't be something that I have to fuss over and set up because of that fuss over and set it up and whatever that free print that I'm offering is costing me a lot of money because it's my time but if I can set it up so it's azizi is just simply going to the print module here clicking on print, choosing the paper type and the size that I think is great that's worked in the past and going over and hitting print that's literally it's click and click and it's on its way because everything's already set up do a little bit of fussing and work on the first one and then everything else will follow it'll all work I've been printing the last couple days every time I come in here I print an extra print and I I don't do anything to the print I just hit print because it's it's dialed in. Now for those of you who want to fuss a little bit mohr there's something extra that you should know about in the developed module if you go into the develop module and look at on image you've hit the s ky that's for s for soft proofing you click on the s ky it turns the page white and if you go over here under the history graham you can choose what you're going to print it on so if I'm gonna print on this ah carell paper I click on that and it's showing me what this will look like based on the paper's reflectivity and all of that kind of stuff so it gets a little bit more yellow it gets a little bit more but it's amazing how little it changes on the aqua roll paper because it really does shine through it's a it's a very bright paper even though there's not any white there's no optical bright ners in it but it's it's very white paper um or luminescent paper I should say but also if I was going to and this is new delight room by the way the soft proofing isn't but you can also go to us web coded swap v two or any other profile so you can if you're a cm like a printer is sending to press you can click on that and I'll show you what look at the difference you see that huge difference so if I go hopes let's go back to the developed five go here and I turn off soft proving see that and then I turn on soft proving see how dingy it is when you goto see m y k you're it's a different looking print and so if you are someone who is sending off to press then you want to look at this photo in a different way, turn on the soft proofing and choose whatever color profile you need to for that press run and then what happens? Watch what happens when I grabbed the exposure and bring it up like that it pops up and says you are editing the photo do you want to make a copy of it so that you'll have one that's normal and one that's for seem like okay, press and so I'm going to say, yeah, create a proof copy, so I hit create a proof copy and now I've got a copy so the original is is this one and the proof copy is that one? So now I can fuss with this one as much as I like until it works for what I'm going to see when it goes to press and then once I've got that set the way I want it then I just know from here on out if I want to print normal so let's take it off of city so now soft proofing is off this is what it looks like to me normally on other things and then this is what I had to do see how bright it is, but that's what I had to do in order for when I go to print in press in order for it to look normal under soft proofing so that allows you to go to press without guessing on what it's going to look like, you know, like I know it's going to look different on, you know, piece of dingy press paper with seem like a is there a way to put text on the photo in the print module other than the identity plate? The eye? Okay, there are two ways to put stuff on the photo. The first way is through identity plate the identity plate can go anywhere on the page it can go over the photo, it can go over the page itself below the photo to the side of photo could be anywhere the watermark has to be on the photo itself, so you have two options watermark is on the photo doesn't get outside the borders of the photo um, and then there's the the identity plate, which can go outside the photo. Um, if you want to start putting stuff in other places, the book module is going to have a lot of options for printing out like entire stories. You could design an entire text, paige, that kind of stuff and you could print that on a piece of paper like this you don't have to send it to blurb, you can just print it out on a piece of paper so you could use the book module toe actually make prince if you wanted that's a possibility is there a way to change the typeface in the print module in the print module you have very limited access to the things that you're do it like if you're doing the identity play you can click on the edit and you can go in and say I want this to be you know helvetica I wanted to be you know so any fund that you have available to you but it's a limited amount of like you can change the type font size and you khun do regular italics or whatever but it's not like you know, working in in design or something like that but in the book module you have full access just it is the same text engine that you have inside of in design and inside of photo shop and so you can change the kern ing and the leading and all that kind of stuff and we just finished our print by the way so let's take a look at it awesome this is on that really toothy paper but the important thing here I think, um is if you look here at the black so if you go to that overhead camera and take a look at the black here in her dress totally told all the detail is there so I can see all of the edges here along her dress I can see everything that I want to see in there plus I've got all of the detail in skin tones and all of that kind of stuff so you can see for all of you out there you can see that's just really nice rich blacks but you could get all the detail in there uh but it again it's a toothy paper it's different than what you're looking at on your screen but it is a very, very mean you just you want to touch it so loving so pretty okay what's next question awesome! I think we got one right here but mine's more of a general question I installed light room see see about a week ago I'm on a two thousand fourteen mac book pro, which is a nice powerful computer it seems to me like it's running slower than the old light room five was was one of few have some general tips and tricks for speeding it up or things to look at make it ten fast let's let's talk about that what are some of the best tips for speeding up light room first tip inside of the preferences if you go to preferences, this isn't light room c c or light room six there is a new tab called performance if you click on the performance tab there's a check box here called use graphics processor what it does is it utilizes your regular processor in your computers but it also utilizes the graphics processor because the graphics process sometimes just sitting there doing you know very minimal stuff and so it can now send some things to the grasses graphics processor, toe work so you have much you should see on light room six and c c you should see a much faster import much faster export and you should see most things operating much faster and if you're not, then there's a problem and it's probably not light room it's probably somewhere in settings computers, whatever so that's one place to check, check mark that it comes off and you turn it on when you turn that on, you will see a great improvement and speed. There is one note to make about that the older system is in the older your graphics processor is the less that will be useful to you, and at one point I think it doesn't even allow you to turn it on if you have two older computer but that also being said, my computer itself apparently has a pretty crappy graphics card it's not a reliable one because occasionally it flickers and I think what's happening is it's I'm overloading it with processes and so it it flickers like it doesn't change the operation and it all looks fine it's just annoying that it goes everyone solid because baby like that just kind of flickers we, uh there is ah away to mitigate that if you go into the actual preferences, your system preferences and you go into your energy settings, this little area right here, if you uncheck automatic graphic switching that's just a like a energy saver thing, if you uncheck that it flickers less so that's just what I learned from dealing with dobie on it was like, what is going on? And it's just because this particular machine has a very crappy little graphics card, apparently it's it's fast, but apparently it's, glitchy and all of the newer ones and the older ones don't have the problem, but this one seems to have the problem, so but that helps to mitigate it. I only see the flicker once in a great while, and it doesn't do anything bad to the photos. It doesn't ruin anything doesn't slow anything down it just occasionally, my menu bar goes like that, so it makes me think I'm gonna lose something, but I'm not, um, okay, so that's the first thing, the second thing that you can do inside of here is and I think it here file handling in the file handling menu, which is in the middle, is a minimum size of your cash that needs to be fifty gigabytes or bigger. The more the more space you have on your hard drive, the better and if you have a solid state even better, but if you can allocate fifty or a hundred gigabytes of space that you're not using, I don't think you can say I'll give it one hundred gigabytes of space if you don't have one hundred gigabytes of space, you can't give it one hundred gigabytes space and expect anything from it, but if you give it fifty or hundred gigabytes of space that will help to speed it up a swell so that's, another speed area to improve and also you can see that you can limit or have a maximum size allocated the video I haven't at three gigabytes, which is totally not enough, but I don't do a lot of video and so I don't really worry too much about it if you want to play video a lot on here really increased the size of that cash because the video will play much better and smoother if it doesn't have to like cash because some of those files are really big and so give it some space. All right? So those are two things in our preference is that we can do there are other things like for instance, if you are seeing that on a catalogue that you've transferred in, probably what you'll want to do is just go into optimize catalog click on optimized catalog and it'll go in and clean out the old stuff that's not useful and it's kind of just optimize it and give it a tune up and that's useful in keeping something running and I do that on occasion maybe once every couple months I'll go in and tuneup catalog especially my portfolio catalog because that starts to bog down and occasionally you just got to go in there and get rid of all the dead weight so that's one thing you can do the other thing that you khun d'oh and usually this is most people's problem is this desktop should be clean if you have a messy desk top with lots and lots of stuff on it expect things to get slow so put stuff anything that you have on the desktop should find a place somewhere inside of your pictures folder your documents for your movies folder your music fuller that's where those things belong the only things that I've put out here on the desktop or things I'm using to day and if it's a big file like a movie that I don't put it out here. So these are just like little tiny things that I'm using today or tomorrow or you know usually it's like do this today because it annoys me that it's there and so I'm going to get it done if it's on my desktop because it's annoying to see it so though there's some things that you can play around with the speed up the work for this may be a good rap up question for end of day tomorrow but I'm sure that there's been a lot of viewers encouraged by you to upgrade from light room three or four or five tips tricks best practices for doing that any potential hiccups a lot of people they get used to their tool they get you know reluctant to upgrade because they hear some nightmare stories maybe from some user or user forum they're just you know, reluctant to do it oh, I think I can address that pretty quick you uh first off if you're updating from three teo cc or to six it's going to be a big difference first off it'll you'll you'll see a lot of speed increase on certain things light room three was pretty fast and so that's why a lot of people have stayed there and then they heard horror stories that four was slower and five was slower and so they didn't up troy upgrade s o the speed increases or decreases that you saw on foreign five are fixed in six so there's a lot of speed in six I've seen a lot of posts on people like yea it's fast again and stuff like that so it is a fast program at this point I think there's some things that they put into five and for that just slowed it down a little bit and they had to go in and really tweak up the engine on dh now because you're on ifyou're on cc they constantly send out little adjustments and tweaks and so it it can get faster tools could be thrown in just on the fly and so like you could be working and then the next day there will be something come down and will be new and that's what's happened with photo shop I've you know, I've been on cc with photo shop for what a year and a half or whatever how long ever it's been um and that in that time I've seen three or four major tools get thrown into photo shop without even a big hoopla about it just wear you wake up one morning and there's a new tool for you and so I'm excited about that happening for light room so that's a big deal um and so those people are upgrading to cc are going to see major advancements come come along on di I can guarantee you in the next year or so you're going to see some pretty cool stuff come into light room itself because now they can start adding it to the cloud services so I'm super excited about things that could happen there um hiccups one of the hiccups that you might find in coming into its just like you said it got slower and that's, probably because you came in with an older catalog updated it and it just needs to be optimized, so make sure you optimize the catalog. Secondly, if you have a good graphic process or make sure you go in and check that graphics processor, use check box because that's something that if you're not checking it, you're not using the full potential of this tool, so light room c c has a lot of abilities in speed if you check that box if you have the good enough processor and if you're using a box computer where you can actually install a processor, go out and buy the best graphics processor processor you can put in your box and you will really see an increase it'll be like you got a new computer just with the graphics processor, so that's a useful idea to pursue I can't do that with a little, you know, laptop computer, but so those were some things that I would look for, but in most cases when you update from light room three, four, five two cc, you won't notice anything you're literally download the product. You'll open it up, choose the catalog you want to use and you'll you'll see, you know, a five minute or two minutes, you know, building a new catalogue kind of updating that catalog on, then you won't notice any difference. Because it's going to go to the same precept folder that we just talked about it's going to go there it's going to grab this your presets from there he's going to run him you're never going to know that you were in a different program except you've got all these new tools, so in most cases you won't even know and at that point go ahead and delete five unless if you're running five and cc or six, you can run them side by side so if you want to run, you know, work on too because you know you can't work on two catalogues at the same time, but if you have light room five and light from six, you can because they're different programs so you could do that, but um otherwise there shouldn't be a big difference most of the presets thatyou have either from yourself or definitely for me five six four doesn't matter the only the only breaking point where it really matters is three to four and in those cases minor designed such that they work in three and force that means that mine designed or three, four, five, six they all work, some of the things in cc and six don't exist in four and five and so therefore there are no pre sets for him but that's what's coming next week so all right

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