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Lesson 32 from: Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

John Greengo

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My Menu

All right, the final little tab here is called my menu and this is where you get to decide what you want in your menu system so in here you'll be able to go into register to my menu and then you'll be able to go in and select things that you normally adjust in your camera so that you can change them mohr quickly them without this and so the way that you would do this is you would go in and you'd register and then you would sort all these things in my menu and so let me go ahead and show you let's just do a little live demonstration on this one right here so for instance I want to go into the menu always helps to have the camera turned on remember that one so and let's say I want to change the image quality and I want to form at the memory cards so for image quality it's up here on the first item and formatting the memory card is right back here and so they're two very different areas in the menu system so what we're going to do is we're going to register this in my menu so I'm going to...

go over to my menu and I'm gonna hit set and I'm going to register to my menu and there's image quality first number one there and it's has set okay down to the bottom so I'm going to hit set register in my menu yep that's exactly what I want to dio thank you and now I'm going to scroll down and I'm going to find for matt let's see where is where it is right there right there I'm going to hit set okay and now I'm going to set that is okay now I'm going to hit menu because I'm done with this and I can use the touch screen as well and now I want oh let's let's sort these items so I have two items in here I have the format card and I have the image quality I don't want to put the format at the top of the list so I'm going to get set I'm going to bring it up and put it right there now we could work with one too we don't go down any further but we could do three for five 00:01:58.779 --> 00:02:01. so we could do six items in our favorites menu and 00:02:01.87 --> 00:02:04. so we could put six in here we can order whatever 00:02:04.27 --> 00:02:06. we want now when I'm working on the camera and I go 00:02:06.98 --> 00:02:08. oh you know what I need to do is I need to change 00:02:08.81 --> 00:02:12. the image quality hit menu and it automatically goes 00:02:12.34 --> 00:02:15. to the green tap which is my favorite and so the six 00:02:15.5 --> 00:02:18. items that I use most I have set up here and I don't 00:02:18.84 --> 00:02:21. have to go hunt for them in the rest of the menu system 00:02:21.68 --> 00:02:24. so I would highly recommend setting this up with a 00:02:24.58 --> 00:02:26. few key items that you know you're going to use on 00:02:26.87 --> 00:02:30. a regular basis organizing them as you see fit and 00:02:30.66 --> 00:02:32. using them on a regular basis. 00:02:33.97 --> 00:02:36. Yes. Gonna question great, john. So before we head 00:02:36.77 --> 00:02:39. into the next segment, just a couple of last minute 00:02:39.18 --> 00:02:43. questions here, this one was from iowa. Mom, you showed 00:02:43.3 --> 00:02:45. us about a mirror lockup, but her question was, how 00:02:45.97 --> 00:02:49. can I keep live you from shutting off so quickly? 00:02:49.77 --> 00:02:53. Is there another way to lock up the mirror? Okay, 00:02:53.19 --> 00:02:57. so live you in mere lockup are similar but two different 00:02:57.5 --> 00:03:01. things and so live you is activated on the back of 00:03:01.35 --> 00:03:05. the camera with the live you but near lockup is located 00:03:05.88 --> 00:03:08. in the menu section. They do a similar thing in that 00:03:08.78 --> 00:03:10. they lock up the mirror. The difference is that in 00:03:10.5 --> 00:03:14. live you we do have it always helps to turn the camera 00:03:14.41 --> 00:03:14. on. 00:03:15.61 --> 00:03:17. We see the image here. And so if this is shutting 00:03:17.5 --> 00:03:20. down too quickly, what you need to do is go into the 00:03:20.74 --> 00:03:24. live you settings. And I'll do this right now, which 00:03:24.3 --> 00:03:26. is this red tab with a little screen on the back of 00:03:26.88 --> 00:03:32. the camera and let's see, we're going to see if we 00:03:32.23 --> 00:03:37. can leave this on a longer period of time let's, try 00:03:37.1 --> 00:03:37. a minute 00:03:41.04 --> 00:03:44. and so it should shut down less frequently now to 00:03:44.5 --> 00:03:48. be honest you may need to go to the auto power off 00:03:49.27 --> 00:03:51. and put that for a longer period of time as well okay, 00:03:52.97 --> 00:03:58. well speaking of actually that same thing terra di 00:03:58.08 --> 00:04:02. was wondering about is there an impact of turning 00:04:02.01 --> 00:04:07. the camera on and off on and off in terms of the battery 00:04:07.53 --> 00:04:10. life that you know just like turning a light on and 00:04:10.93 --> 00:04:13. off do you know what I'm saying? Yeah and so there 00:04:13.38 --> 00:04:16. is a little bit of extra battery usage that's going 00:04:16.95 --> 00:04:19. on when you turn it on and off if for no other reason 00:04:19.45 --> 00:04:21. it's going through the automatic censor cleaning system 00:04:22.1 --> 00:04:24. every time you turn off every time you turn it on 00:04:24.42 --> 00:04:26. now the camera has a number of sleep modes where it 00:04:26.84 --> 00:04:31. goes into kind of a nap mode and then a full on sleep 00:04:31.28 --> 00:04:35. note and if I'm out shooting photos let's say I'm 00:04:35.05 --> 00:04:37. traveling and I'm walking down the street and I may 00:04:37.23 --> 00:04:39. shoot a photo in ten seconds or maybe not for the 00:04:39.71 --> 00:04:42. next hour I'm going to leave the camera turned on 00:04:42.64 --> 00:04:45. so that it's ready to shoot a photo and I know that 00:04:45.74 --> 00:04:48. it's just in its sleep mode until I press down on 00:04:48.08 --> 00:04:50. the shutter release because that's what wakes the 00:04:50.16 --> 00:04:53. camera and the amount of battery power that the camera 00:04:53.02 --> 00:04:56. is using in that scenario is next to nothing and so 00:04:56.91 --> 00:04:59. when I decide you know what I'm done with photography. 00:04:59.12 --> 00:05:00. Now I'm going to go shoot picture, I'm going to go 00:05:00.73 --> 00:05:02. to lunch, I'm not shooting photos, and I'm going to 00:05:02.96 --> 00:05:05. turn the camera off, put the camera the camera bag, 00:05:05.39 --> 00:05:08. and so if you have any interest in shooting photos 00:05:08.83 --> 00:05:12. right away, feel free to leave this camera on. Unlike 00:05:12.18 --> 00:05:15. the mere elice cameras, which had that display that's 00:05:15.31 --> 00:05:18. on all the time, the amount of power consumption when 00:05:18.58 --> 00:05:21. the camera is on here, but not actually being used 00:05:21.56 --> 00:05:26. is extremely minimal. And so I would try to resist 00:05:26.85 --> 00:05:29. the urge to turn the camera off every time you've 00:05:29.61 --> 00:05:30. finished taking one photo.

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Jen Hubbenator

Feeling pretty good about my T6s purchase! John's teaching style was fabulous, and I am left feeling pretty confident and a lot less overwhelmed!

rodrigo andrade

Great Class! John Greengo is an amazing teacher. I have a t6i for like 6 months and this class helped me a lot. Totally worth the money!

a Creativelive Student

As a student of John's for the past 2 years with the Fundamentals of Photography, the Nikon D3300 and D5500, I recently traded my Nikon D3300 for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. As always, the training was superb, easy to understand, and I feel better in being able to use a digital camera. The reason for the switch in manufacturers was because of the ease of use of the Canon. I look forward to referring back to the lessons if I need a refresher course. Thank you, John. Your teaching is starting to click, finally.

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