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Lesson 21 from: Canon EOS 80D Fast Start

John Greengo

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21. My Menu

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My Menu

Alright, at the beginning of the menu setting, I said keep track of a few of your favorite items, and so in here, what we can do is you can add menu tabs and items, and this is kind of a new thing. We've had menus before, but now we can have menu tabs in here, and so let me show you on my camera. So let me go ahead and dive into the menu system here, and I'm gonna go over to my menu, and you can have a group of items in here if you want, but you can also add a tab to it. And so a tab is going to be a grouping of options. And so if you wanted to add a tab, you could go into that tab, we can configure it, if you wanted to rename it, you could. I'm not gonna take the time, but on my camera, my personal camera, I have gone in and I have created a landscape tab, I have created a video tab, what else do I have? I have an action tab, and then I have then put items into that collection that are appropriate to that type of work. So for instance, in my landscape tab, I have mirror lockup, and I ...

have bracketing, and I have HDR, and in the video tab, I have shortcuts to some of the video functions of the camera about the frame rate, or the resolution that I'm shooting. And so if you really wanna customize your camera, you can create, how many tabs on this? I think about five or six tabs on this. I'm gonna back outta this 'cause I don't wanna bother naming something right now, but what you can do, once you've named that tab, is you can select items to register. And so what you do is you just go down through this long list, and so I can just show you, there is a lot of items in here that you might wanna have. And so let's just see, so for instance, I have a basic tab as well, things that I just do on a regular basis, like format the card. I format my card all the time, let's put that in there. Let's go find something else that's reasonably useful. I change the language all the time because I'm always speaking different languages, I won't put that in for right now. I'm always checking the firmware, no I'm not. Let's find, bracketing, auto cancel, no, do, do, do, do, let's find something interesting. It doesn't really matter, let's just put in AF micro adjust, I don't really do this all the time, but now that we have it in there, when I press menu, now it goes in and I have format card, I have micro adjustment, and if I want to, I can go in and I can configure these and I can sort them. Like, oh, I don't format the card that often, I wanna move micro adjust above the format card. And so you can have, as I say, I think it's about five pages, and I think there's six items that you can have on each page, and that way, the whole rest of the menu, the whole thing that we've been doin' for the last two hours, you don't have to worry about going through and digging and finding all your information, which I now realize completely puts to waste my entire menu that I created for all of you. But oh well, if you don't wanna do that in my menus, you still have that to go by. So I highly recommend taking a little bit of time, going into my menus, creating one, or two, three pages of the favorite items that you wanna quickly get back to on a regular basis. And then when you do this, just make sure that your camera, let's see, so you can see I have two tabs in here, so in any case, you'll have your camera go back to the my menu whenever you press menu now. And so it'll start here at the green menu because it assumes that that's where all the important functions that you're setting. And with my camera, because I've gone through and I've picked out all my favorite stuff, it is extraordinarily rare for me to dive anywhere else in the menu other than in the little green section right there. And so stay in the green, go with the green, green go. When you were talking about coordinating the camera with your cellphone for remote shooting, the WiFi and all that, you had a cheat sheet, and you referred to it as your cheat sheet, will that be able to be downloaded? Yeah, so when you get the class, you get a PDF of all the slides in the class, and if you were watching live, you get to do a screen shot of the class really quickly. (laughs) But hopefully, it's worth the class.

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Ashley McCarrick

I bought an 80D so I could have a good all-around DSLR and I was thrilled to see that John just did this class. This is my 3rd class of John's and it was just as great as the others. I now understand what each of the menu settings means and which ones are the best for me. John is an excellent instructor, no matter what your photography skill level is. Thanks, John!

Justin Brodt

Awesome class!!! First watched "How to choose your first DSLR camera" and decide on the Canon EOS 80D based on my needs and what I want to accomplish in the future. I have ordered the camera but have not recieved it yet but I still watched the class. Even though I didn't have the camera in hand I feel that I have a good understanding and feel for it already. The class is very informative and I would advise it to anyone who plans to or has purchased this camera. Great job John!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Scott Ace Nielsen

I just purchased my Canon 80D and also this course, and I am so glad I did. It is truly a perfect virtual owners manual that I can watch any time. John Greengo is am awesome presenter and this is the second course of his that I have purchased so far. ..Well worth the cost, thank you!

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