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Stylized Shoot: Sarah

Lesson 14 from: Building a Successful Boudoir Business

Jen Rozenbaum

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Lesson Info

14. Stylized Shoot: Sarah

Lesson Info

Stylized Shoot: Sarah

today working with Sarah Sarah looks incredible. In fact, makeup that we chose on Pinterest This is pretty much exactly what it looks like. You look almost exactly like the picture. So it's incredible. So Coma did a really great job with that and we chose to outfits for her today. This first outfit, if you want to throw your road off, is the bodysuit that I brought with me from New York. This is from American Apparel. We just have a pair of new Dundee's underneath it. And, um, this is we bought the spot bra, right? Way did yes. So we book we bought this bike brought and the accessories and the shoes are Well, the bra is from whisper Macy's, I think, and the accessories and shoes or from forever 21. So we spent very, very little on this outfit. She looks super hot, right? And I really wanted to go with something very strong here, and it's sexy, but not in a traditional, sexy way. So I like that because we're doing stylized and we wanted to be a little more edgy and fashion forward. So o...

ur theme today is smoke. Yeah, so I want to make sure that when we do this today that you understand this is not pretty. This is gonna be dangerous. What, you think, like, you know, smoke dark, very intense and your super adorable. But I want you to turn up the intensity for me. Okay? Often it I want. Actually, this clothing rack is so much fun. So I want to pull this out. Let's do something. So let's move this stuff out of the way. You don't need you anything. You just look coaches, it's here. I don't think that right now. No. So I love stuff like this. Kind of like what I call urban glamour, sort of grungy looking. And it's made out of pipes. And that's the kind of stuff that I particularly like. I realize it's not for everybody, but we're gonna make it work. And I'm going to use the lens baby again because why not? It's give us, gives us a little bit of blurred in the photos, which I think could be like smoke. So if you can actually create smoke, then we're going to just take it. So you just be really careful because it moves and I actually want you to come. Well, let's see what happens. So the first thing we're gonna do is when we are hiring a model. Sarah has modeling experience, so we're just gonna kind of let her do her thing. And if it's not what we're looking for, well adjusted or if we have another idea well adjusted, but I want to see how she moves. Naturally. That bracelet was loud, huh? It's like, Okay, so we're just gonna see where we are. So the lens baby takes a little bit longer to shoot with, cause it's, um manual Focus, Sacks A Let's see. Sorry. Am I gonna you know, John, can we back up the instead of me? Backing up thing was that it's better. Good. Can you just bring Maybe you're careful. Yeah, that's better. Good. Stay just like that and don't move. So this is manual focus. Our could take me like a minute to get what I want. Don't mistake it for I don't like it or Yeah. Oh, so don't move. Good. And I want you to with your face. I think you look super hot. I got you blinking, so we're gonna do that again. But I want you to not be mad at me. Your sexy Yes, a little sexy. Because I don't want you to be mad, but no smile. No beautiful. Can you stay with that? And then just give me, like, a couple of more body poses. Beautiful. Good. Stay just like that, gorgeous. Can you look down for me with that? Yeah, amazing. Well, for one second, please. Good. Same. I just say impose. I just want your head up. Kind of close your eyes. Amazing. Look over at me. Beautiful. Relax for one second. So again, we're going to just stop. Take a look at what we have. 11. These The great thing about this body suit is it really shows off her the way her body moves like the lines of the body. So you can see you just move back and forth for me. Kind of with your hips. Like you can see how the lines of the bodies who follow the shape of her body So it really shows off her curves. There is really shy bird, A warmup, Teoh. Awesome. So and I love how you're kind of coming underneath that bar. So what? We want to be careful of that bar is not cutting off her head, her neck, any point of her body her you wouldn't cut off her waist. But any point, that's really important in her body. We want to make sure it's not cutting off. So I love that you're kind of ducking underneath there. That's perfect. Good. Stay just like that one second. Awesome. Or just relax for one sec. Good. I love these full body. So I'm gonna stay back here for a minute. And that's good, huh? Yeah. She's hot on a cool. We're gonna have girl crushes. Beautiful. I love it. Oh, yeah. Don't don't Sorry. And if you I need to move, you tell me otherwise. Just don't beautiful relax for one second. So the lens baby is giving me a little bit of like, a smoky feel, even though there's no smoking here and I'm not gonna lie. I totally screw up the focus on this often, especially because she's moving and I'm trying to keep up with her, and it's it's not an easy thing to use, So I just keep shooting and shooting and shooting because I want to make sure that I have a lot to choose from, just in case my focus is a little bit off. And by the way, on the lens, baby, I try not to go below. Ah, for oh, aperture. Because when you get to like to ate it, it gets really, really hard to focus. I try not to go below for, um but I think it looks pretty cool. Maybe we can call it like, just three or four pictures to show. Have a blur. Different chiefs way I move it and see how the blur changes. Like depending on where I push the lens. So I decide which is great. And then it just kind of gives us the feel of smoke, even though there actually is no smoke. And I'm all right. Why do you continue? I love it, but that back leg I don't love because I can't see it. Yeah, perfect. John, can I just ask you one for you? But can you just straighten it out? You see how the parts was sitting on is pushed away from you a little bit more? Yeah. This is what I love about a great model. She could have a completely different personality than what? She's putting forth legal. We went shopping is up shoes, like, you know, she's like, I love that, you know? So when you talk about personality, don't always judge a model, you know, thinking, Oh, she's too cute or bubbly for something like this. You know, a great model could really turn on whatever personality you want, right? Okay. Do you just like that? By the way, the beauty of the EJ 80 is that you also don't have to have blur with it. It's a great just 80 millimeter lens, and you can just good that hand over your head looks a little strange. So let's do something else with that, Um, can you kind of maybe just bring it out, like on your on your knee? You know, it down was actually kind of cool, too. Yeah, you know what? I don't know. I feel like so Sarah is a little bit on the shorter side. How tall are you There. Okay, so she's a little bit of the short time was happening. Is that feeling, like starting to get a little compacted? No, I'm not against you doing some floor stuff. Um, let's try it again and see how we could make it work instead of just avoiding it. Because that's what we want to learn. Yeah, that's so much better already. Good. And then that arm can you just kind of beautiful. Comfortable for one second. Okay, What's great is you see how her hair is. Can you turn your head a little more to the window? Her hair? Oh, yeah. Don't move. Her hair is kind of don't move for just one second here is covering her arm back here. I want to show you. So usually what happens? Is that you Okay. First, when a woman leans on her arm like that, see? How are bicep? I mean, her try said clearly I don't work out enough. I can't keep my muscle straight, but her tries up tends to get larger than it looks like in real life. So with that, we're gonna throw her hair over her arm. You could go ahead and we don't have to worry about it. Can you just throw your hair over again? Because now we can't. Yeah. Perfect. So it was so good before he messed with. Can somebody? By the way, let me know when we're about halfway bearable doing after a change for her. Thanks. I totally love it. And the other thing? Oh, my God. Don't move. That other thing here is that I'm really not looking for perfection personally in this shoot on anything because, like, I'm like that her hair is messed up. I'm it's okay if, like, her hairs on this side and not perfectly range on that side, this is, like, a little more grungy. So that matches what I'm trying to dio. Yeah, I think she looks pretty hot. Cool. Let's do some more sanding stuff. Why don't we turn it this way? We had hold on cute his backside ever go back? I need to go to the gym or I want to see more of your backside. So yeah, um, hold on. So the leg that's up, I'm not loving it. So can you try the other side? Yeah. Trying to crouch down as much, Sarah, because you want to get some length in those legs. Okay, so the arm over you is doing this thing and it looks like reindeer a little, so yeah. Oh, yeah. So bring the arm. The left arm in a little tiny bit more closer to your head. Yeah, Stand up straight for me. Yes. There you go, John. I might need her. Reflected a little bit. Don't bone that leg as much as you want to, Sarah. Keep it like it's OK. Give me a little sexier face. Let John you could go. You know what? I don't even know if I need her. Reflected. Good. That arm. I want it on the other side if you can. Yeah, don't move its purpose. Look down on his shoulder and drop that shoulder down. Just a little bit. Beautiful. Look up at me from there again. Gorgeous. Relax for a second. So cute. Do you see how, like bending her leg when she was bending her legs, it made her look a little bit shorter. We want to make sure we're keeping lengthen her. And that's part of the reason I put her in nude heels, by the way, because if you put her in black hell, the length of her legs have become much more apparent. But putting her and nude heels makes her legs look much longer. I like the way you're standing. Can I just see how your if you alternate your legs, let me say it again. Yeah, let's do that. And then you know what? Keep your hands together like they just were, but over this way more. Yeah, let's try something like that. But I don't want you to lean too far over because we start getting into the Fort Post. We want to keep your posture really nice and straight. Beautiful. But you know what is so funny? I know you guys laugh, but if somebody says you're in a fart pose, you would know exactly what that means. There's no question about it. It's like no one's ever like. What's the far post? Or like, Oh, let me stand up straight, you know? So that's like the, you know, the communication that you use and people understand what you're talking about. Nice. Oh, perfect. Don't move. Look at me. Beautiful. OK, relax. Let's turn it on the other way. What is that weird thing that's hanging off of it? Is that part of it? Oh, they're so smart. All right, let's turn it the other way. So, Jen? Yes? Could you remind people again? What? What lens? Baby, You were Yes, this is the optic. I'm sorry and probably getting this wrong. And I'm sorry lens, baby, because I really love you. But it's the edge. A optic edge. Eighties anybody. It's the optic edge. 80. What's cool about an easy basically blurs the rims of the picture, so it's either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It doesn't some of the other lens babies kind of blur. The whole thing was like, except for a circle in the middle. This one just does the edges, and that's why they call it the Edge 80. And it's a really sharp lens. Like I said, I use it sometimes, not even blur, just as the 80 millimeter. It's a really beautiful lens, and it's pretty affordable, so I like it. So cl Kate let me know that it's the composer pro, the composer pro, but it's but it's not the composer pro apart with the Edge 80. Yes, yes, he has 80. You need to have the composer pros like this bottom part. That's what you need to attach your camera and then the composer pro. I'm scared. I might have to see if I can take it out. I'm scared of my neck. That's all right. I think this part comes out and you can put things in here like I have the sweet 35. Okay, The edge 80. So this is the composer pro with the educating. Thank you. A J D. Optic. There you go. Now it's all making sense to me. Okay, so let's instead of standing on it, could we come off of it? Yeah, you know what? Can we get rid of the sandbags, John? Because I hate editing, and I don't want to edit them out later. Sorry. I'm not gonna have her stand on it. So I don't think it'll be that big of a deal. And I just kind of grab both sides, maybe, and turn your face a little bit more of the light. Don't point your elbows toward me. Point them out a little bit. Get them out. Good. Look up at me. Lower your chin a little bit. Turn your face to the window. Beautiful. Beautiful. Relax for one second. Super smoking hot. I love how this body suit shows off your curves. Can you stand it? How you feeling? Okay. Okay. Good. Here's the other thing. Just because she's a model doesn't mean I shouldn't ask her if she needs water or something to drink. Or is she okay or are we communicating properly? Because I think sometimes people forget models are people, too, and they have feelings and they get hungry and they get headaches. And there she was hurt, just like ours do. And so you can't just do whatever you want with them. You have to communicate and make sure that you're on the same page and you're good. So when you're giving your elbows to me, it's not flattering for the camera. So we want to make sure to keep it out, or at least a little bit out Cool. And just trying to just be care. I want you just kind of come up straight. No, it's OK. That's what we want for right now. It looks awesome when you do it right now. We want to keep it kind of straight. Why don't you give me that? Were And you don't when you had more? Do we know? Don't point that elbow towards me as much God and look over at me. Don't move. I have to get up on the steps. Not even tall enough. Beautiful. Look for the window again. So it's for in your head more toward the window. Chin down a little bit. Like good. Look over at me. Beautiful. Relax for one second. Yes. So some of them your elbows pointing toward me. And here's another tape in this. I do this with clients to let me show you what I'm talking about. This is your elbow toward me. You see how it makes your arm with kind of short and awkward and thick. But then when you turn your elbow out, it looks so much better. And when you show your clients that they're never gonna do this again, or they're gonna be aware when they do this because they saw that it looks bad and they don't want to look bad So they'll do whatever you told them to Dio. Thanks. Let's do a couple more from behind. So if you could just kind of turnaround, maybe I want, like, let's do let's do more of a strong stance, maybe something like this. And when you do it, what I want you to do is kind of pushed out a little bit. Yeah, to me, feel reduced a little bit of dust over there from sitting down on your body suit. I think it give me this arm, This arm, I just want it down. Kind of just get exactly Don't move. Just gonna fix your hair for you, Okay? Holy cannoli. So much care of jealous. That's amazing. And here's the other thing. And even though I mean it, I'm being genuine. Give models compliments to, even though they're gorgeous. They have moments where they don't always feel gorgeous as well. So make sure you're true to their compliments. And then just make sure your arm is kind of right here. Turn your head a little tiny, bit more if you can. Excellent. Looking down on your shoulder for me. She could be reflected a little bit more. This Let's go. You Can I grab it from you, John, and then I'll get back to more, more So here, Beautiful. Here's the interesting thing is I'm looking at this and I'll show you. Just look down toward your shoulder for me. I just don't love. This is much because the back of the body suit is not is interesting. It's the front. So we're going to skip that. We're gonna go to something up. Um, smoke. You know, let's just some faith. It's just more face shots. Maybe because your makeup is so kind of amazing. So let's have you sit. Let's turn this again. You know what? Let's do it this way. Oh, my God. You don't have to do that. Well, John Dio, why don't you come sit? Sit on here. John, can we move this all the way over right now? I just have you sit on there, but let's go down. One. What? We do this. Let's see. All right, let's try this first. Maybe you can. This foot That's closest to me. Bring it back like this A little bit more. Just a little tiny bit. So it's not the other foot. Should come out a little bit more. Turn your head this way. But I want I want Do you have to hold on to hear keepers, Let me get Give me, like, a little something I want. Yeah, Exactly. Okay. See, she remembered because I showed her that she remembered. Yeah, don't move One second. Get your tiny over bits. There you go. Good. You know, a little tiny. But look up at me. Don't move. Gorgeous. Yeah, I think these air great, beautiful. Let's do something else different. Still kind of involving your face, but not that. So let's do something a little different about Can you give me sort of, like, maybe just sort of touching your lips, but not beautiful, And here just don't proof your hair quite as much good. And, um, it's feeling well similar. She's just Let's open it up a tiny little bit when girls have a lot of hair, Sometimes you could start feeling really like heavy. Gotta make sure they're getting it out of their face months. It's also blocking the light. When your hair is in your face too much, just a little tiny. You don't look. Just don't move for one second. I don't like your hand. Here is little to claw like, so let's bring it down to your neck. Good. And watch me one second. Sarah. Not so heavy. Just really, really delicate in late over here. Let's just check out this hand. Yeah, just kind of your hair. Very lightly. Just lower your chin a little tiny bit and I want you to look up at me with those really seriously fierce expression. Don't move because I messed up the focus on that. Good. Get that hand out of there. That's on your chest way. Now let's do something with both hands in your hair. Good. Don't move. Lower your chin for me. Don't move really nice and squinty like it's super smoky in here. We're just okay. Let's have you change into the other outfit. I'm I don't know where your robe is. You grab that and then I guess it could take some questions. Well, that's happening. Sounds good, but they are in the studio audience. If you have any lady, any feet observation far about smoke or how I'm talking to the model. How she's moving. Does it seem different than when you would be working with a client? Yeah, it's weird. When I shoot, my cough goes away, that is, we're so focused. I noticed that, too. So what I really enjoyed about watching you is that the model placed herself and then you just sort of modulated and then you she already had opposed, and then you layered her into it, and I really enjoyed your sort of subtle positive coaching video way have some questions. So question from Christina and Vero, Do you have a list with what your clients or models should appear for with your shoots, for example, moisturized lips without any hair without our anything for their scars, with their hair in places without small scars from shaving? Anything sort of like that. Teoh. Avoid doing more Photoshopped work, and then another one was, Do you tell your clients not to wear tight fitting socks before the shoot to avoid those sock marks or any body marks are not really. And I'm not going to say I've never had a problem, but I really never had the problem. I think sometimes the more you concerned a woman with a 1,000,000 different things, the more nervous they're going to get, you know, like two days before they're gonna be walk around in sweat pants and no bra, no underwear and their husbands big. What is going on here like something's not right. But, you know, people live life. They have lives the day before. She's not going to necessarily get a great night's sleep. She might have a new baby or just gonna drink a gallon of water the day before. So yeah, all those suggestions? A really nice. But truthfully, I don't really think they make such a big difference in the pictures. Like yesterday. The models asked me, Should we moisturize our legs before we come out? I'm like no one's gonna tell if you moisturize your legs. It doesn't really matter. Does it make you feel good? Awesome. Does it make me feel good? I'm indifferent to it. So, um, as far as like wearing tights, acts and stuff, I don't know. I don't think anybody really does. I've never really had a problem with that. If the other advantage to having hair and makeup on premises, if she walks in and you see she's wearing something that might give her lines or be a problem, you can always say to her, Hey, listen, can you take that off during hair makeup? I'll give you a robe and then you have an hour to two hours for the lines to go away. But I really don't stress my women out with that stuff. My whole thing is don't spray tan and come in and have a good time and we have a question from pro photographer. Can you talk more about the use of jewelry? What types are best on what would be too much? I use very minimal jewelry. It's all about the woman that flatters the woman, and it flatters the outfit. That's awesome. But if it takes away from it, it doesn't belong in the picture. Typically, I'll have her wear earrings because those that's the one thing that gets in the way the least. Um, here she was, wearing a bracelet and a necklace. I thought it really broke up the black a little bit, so it it served its purpose with her. If she didn't wear that necklace, it might not be as obvious of the Venus sort of mimic TV, So I felt it was purposeful. But if it's like just to wear jewelry and just to kind of have to, you know, some people layer it on at for me, it's too much less is more also, hoop earrings make me crazy when women lay down and they were hoop earings or they're wearing necklaces and the necklace kind of goes to the side, so I try to keep necklaces off of them. When you do any laying down poses. We talked about it during shooting yesterday, but could you again talk about what you're using as the reflector? Yeah, this is the Home Depot special, I call it. It's a piece of insulation and it was probably $15. Um, we cut it up a little bit too much, so we glued it back together with tape. But it's really just you can turn. It may be the other way and there see what it looks like on the other side, but it's just silver. I mean, it's not any one particular brand. It comes different ways, Matt. Shiny, whatever works, different sizes. You can cut it up on my studio. I have it on one side of silver. The other side. It's partially black, so I can change the light that way. Also manipulate the light. And then, if I know again, we talked about it yesterday. But if you could touch on when you choose to use other types of lighting and or what other tools? Yeah, I was actually really hoping we could use the ice late today, but it's so bright in here right now, it's not really gonna make that much of a difference. But if it was darker in here or if there were any if I won't really wanted to create drama, I would purposely make it dark in here and use something like the ice lighter, the spider lights to give it a little more drama like something like this would be amazing. But unfortunately, we just can't do it in here today, logistically. But yeah, I like to use different lights to create what I want. Sarah has a very unusual bra size. I'm not going to tell you what it is because I don't wanna embarrass our, but it's a very unusual bra size. It was very difficult to find bras for her, so we met her at Victoria's Secret, and she was like, by the way, and nothing here is gonna fit me because they don't carry my size. So we had to really search and make it work. When I realized was that it was not gonna be easy. So we went off a foundation piece of just a black bra. And what can we build around that black bra? Because the bras the hardest thing to find. So if I had something in my mind were, Let's say, Well, I really wanted to use pink with her or, you know, we were gonna do the candy shooting. It had to be something colorful. Or if I wanted to use red, I would have had a really hard time with that. So I had to readjust. And I certainly this outfit that you're going to see now that we bought for her was not really what I had in mind. But I think it's gonna work for this. I'm gonna make it work because we have to, because we had to work off that black bra, or at least something that she had already because we couldn't find much in her size. So and then I know yesterday we talked all about posing and day to, but we were wondering if you could talk a little bit more about the models, leg and foot placement while she's sitting and like, as you were destroyed on the stool. Yeah, it's I do that. So I even post feet, even if I'm only shooting from here because it's sort of like everything is connected. Remember we talked about that yesterday. The way you move your knees changes. Look of your hips. The way you move your ways changes the look of your chest. So I pull is a girl from head to toe, even if I'm not shooting her head to toe. And the thing is, my intention might be to shoot her 3/4. But all of a sudden I might go. You know what? This is a great pose. Let me pull back and shoot her, and I don't have to go in. Impose her again. I've already done it. So defeat again are the weirdest and hardest to place along with the arms and the rest. Right? So I want to make sure that it it just looks good no matter what, where I'm ready to pull out and for her, I'm trying to lengthen her legs. It's very easy for her to look short and stunted if they're not done properly. And let's see, we had another question again. We talked all about posing yesterday, but maybe we could just, you know, a Yes, exactly. Maybe we could just do a refresher for a Tiago Machado. And everybody out there says, Is there any pose that is a good starter pose for a fully amateur model, like a post foundation that is easy for the model while allowing the photographer to do a lot of variation. Yeah, definitely. So I spoke yesterday quite a bit, about a foundation pose and sort of evening everything out around it. I didn't have to say anything to Sarah, but she sort of pulled that foundation pose right out because she watched yesterday. But she sort of pulled the hip to the side legs together, giving the body a little bit of an s shape and a beautiful curve. And this is a great starting point from here. She could move around. You could move her arms and legs, you could move her head, but something like this is a fantastic starter posed to work off of.

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