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More Posing Basics

Lesson 9 from: Building a Successful Boudoir Business

Jen Rozenbaum

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9. More Posing Basics

Lesson Info

More Posing Basics

Okay so we're gonna get back into a lot of common mistakes that we make during our boudoir shooting and editing and mistake number seven is over editing this is a new interesting topic because I guess art is in the eye of the beholder but I do have to say that I believe that there is quite a bit of over editing or maybe I don't always say incorrect editing but just editing that's not necessary women are really beautiful if you're beautiful andre in a beautiful set you don't have to go crazy kind of dumping a lot editing on the photo and things like that I think you know things of this nature I mean this girl's african american I don't know what I made her look like an alien and I'm not sure what color she is blue purple what it is but this is a very typical idea oven over edited photo there was really no need for it but I don't even think I had photo shot back then I probably used like a casa just being really no I definitely because from being really okay definitely but uh it's unfort...

unate this is another example like you know I don't know what that is it's not the right exposure there's no pores on her body at all she has no skin texture um it's unfortunate for her too yeah sure if you're going to take half out of the way frame but whatever yeah, I'm not sure we're gonna touch on it. So do you d'oh skin softening ideo yeah, do you dio like, give women have like, you know, under you know I've seen some people that kind of leave that and some people that take it out or I like to minimize it but so you do do skin softening zoe to what kind of level? To the minimum level, the most minimum level I can with her looking a little bit better than natural but keeping her skin texture intact and unless she has like, super bad skin or a really big problem, we just need to get rid of on that was by her request I still like to see texture because people have texture and their skin and I think that that's important assed faras under the eyes this is another big one I see like we have two eyelids we have won over our eyes and one under our eyes for some reason a lot of photographers field the ones under our eyes don't belong there, but they actually dio so there's a difference between bags under the eyes or wrinkles or darkness under the eyes and under eye lid if you take out the under eye lid it looks awkward it makes the girl's facebook flat now there's no depth to it and it makes her eyes look really strange and it's just not natural and you might not realize why the picture doesn't look natural but it just doesn't and it starts to change almost there facial structure and the way that they look so they might not even look at the picture and recognize themselves completely they're going to look really different but they're not gonna really know why so be really careful when you're editing under the eyes I had to take out that bottom lid so would you just kind of like like would you just minimize like sometimes you know you get weird shadow in there so I mean, you know what I like to use in that case the pactual and photo show youse no well, what then what happens is like people use healing and clone it just starts taking things out I don't want to do that I want to just minimize it so I used a clone tool on lytton and you know, the light mode and I use it at a really low opacity may be linked thirty percent or less depending on the client and I'll just lighten in here and you'll be surprised how much better that looks and it doesn't erase anything it just minimizes it and it makes them look more natural and super hot gorgeous thanks the vignette okay, my pants are gonna fall down with this microphone, okay? So let's, just talk again about a couple of points besides the eight points we've already discussed imposing some points to consider when you're posing a woman body type again, I don't like to categorize a woman in their body type, but just to keep an eye on their body type and see what looks best on them and knowing that if her hip looks best this way in that picture is probably gonna look best this way in that picture to er and just getting to know a woman's body her age. So sometimes I find that people put older women in sort of a job inappropriate poses like, why would you take a six year old woman and have her lay on the floor with her legs up in the air like it's? Just I don't know it just to me, it doesn't really look right. I want to make sure that we, you know, taken all accounts the type of woman she is and make sure the poses look right on her clothing again, for example, like if you have a bustier with a lot of boning in there, that's like the these what what do they make that out of it's, almost like a metal sometimes. You're not really going to get a good pose with her kind of moving this way or it might be harder for her to move when she's laying down so just keep in mind that type of clothing that they're wearing our laundry that they're wearing and how it will look best when you're posing them. You want to make sure that you show off their best assets and hide what they want to hide, so if a girl's concern about her stomach and she's wearing a braun underwear and you're like, well, your stomach is showing, maybe you would have her lay on her stomach on the bed very simple way of hiding it her better side so everybody has a better side. Some people is more obvious than others. Some people know they're better side or think that they know they're better side, but I always like to kind of when I'm shooting woman have her turn multiple different ways to see which way she's more photogenic. The strangest thing is when you shoot a woman in a mirror so you get two of them sometimes with some women they look like two completely different people it's crazy how different some people is different, you know, faith sides of the face, our it's really crazy some people are very much the same s o just kind of keep that in mind when you're sick somebody and most women most women know their better side and the bagel you have to shoot me everything from the side or whatever it might be I'm choose I don't can't keep track of which is a better side so I never know but most likely people are kind of natural toward their better side if they're not you really need to let them know listen, I know you've been posing like this your whole life, but this is actually a better side so let's work with that this is this you look amazing from the side and that's a fight it if they say do this is my better side like no, no, I think it's this side work with them a little bit, they'll feel more comfortable on the side that they think is the better side hair length so we were just talking about armpits, so if a girl has really short hair girl you know doesn't have long hair, I'm not going to do like a ton of arm up photos because yeah, her armpits are going to be everywhere. So we're going to keep in mind that maybe for girls with longer hair, armpit poses or better a girl with shorter hair we might have to do some different things but just keep in mind also their hair length when you're posing um their height, so yeah your height their height how much room you have what do you looking for a full body pose a three quarter leg where do you need to be do you need to be hired you need to be lower where you going to shoot it from what angle keep that in mind and what feeling are you trying to convey see if you're trying to condemn a fun let's have fun we'll laugh we'll put on some hip hop music or whatever it might be if you're trying to do something a little more sensual you might have like you know enigma on in the background and talking a little bit more about you know is to think about a moment with your husband or something of that nature so think about what you're trying to convey to them but question for you when you was a couple of people are asking about the better sides and never give up never give up I says I have issues seeing people's better sides like how do you go about what do you looking for specifically I don't really look for it if somebody has a better side it will become really obvious in the camera I can always see with my eyes I can only see with my camera in front of my face so take pictures and look at the pictures because the camera read it differently than we do don't forget the camera does not have a brain okay we have a brain and brains do weird things like for example brains auto white balance so I know that your shirt is white even though right now it's not really white but my brain is telling me it's white my camera will probably read in his blue because right now there's a lot of daylight going on in here and it's very blue when you're wearing a blue scarf so my camera will read it is blue because my camera doesn't have a brain okay I know when a girl's laying on the bed and her feet her up like this that they're not actually growing out of her shoulder but my camera doesn't know that my cameras like oh this girl's got feet growing out of her shoulder and that's what it looks like okay I have a brain that automatically tells me about death and with logical and about white and it's doing all the things that your camera does automatically so your camera works differently you need to be the brain behind your camera so you need to look at that you know you need to know and so I need to take a picture of it to see how my camera reads it before I can make decisions okay we've got a question from g e mails you as well so the same body takes may not pose the same way as well how do you work through discovering that and you do you expect to spend the first half hour of a shoot to get her relaxed and comfortable and learn what works for her? Know the first half hour's a really long time. Uh, it should take about five to ten minutes, max, because my chute's, only like the maximum I would shoot is probably two hours after that. A girl gets really tired. I'm like working her teo her bones, you know, so half an hour's a long time here's the thing. And I was just having this conversation with jeff backstage during the break. And you had talked about this a little bit about relaxing your clients and, like, the, you know, letting the veil down. Excuse me. Let me. This is important. So let me get through. We talked yesterday about attracting the type of client that you want. Okay, so I want a fearless woman, for example, so my woman, it might be scared for five minutes, but she'll let it go because she's embracing the experience that's what I'm doing, okay. If ugh let's air looking for somebody who's more delicate. Your words might be delicate. Um, feminine and intimate. We'll just use the same words then your claim I need a little bit more time because she's more delicate, okay? I don't know what his client needs or her client needs but I can tell you with my client because my client is fearless it will take a little bit less time for that to happen like she'll be scared she'll be like yeah it's like she was lives off the fear a little bit like let's do this you know um but I still think a half an hour's a long time you still need to pay, but the thing is that I said that veil is going to be thinner, that those nerves are going to be less because she already knows you and she formed a relationship with her and she's been sitting in that hair and makeup chair hopefully for about an hour and a half, so she's had times sort of work out those nerves then okay, I love how you wrapped it up yesterday's too thrilling thing isn't it really all comes together when you're really because when you're really authentic and you're attracting those authentic people that we really want to be with you there's not going to be a cz many nerves so organic that yeah that's it you don't have to try so hard life is so much better when you don't have to try so hard posing flow is important on the reason why I say that is because this is my toolbox right here my posing for all I know no matter what a girl looks like, no matter what a bad day I'm having what the weather is how much time I have I could get through these poses and I can have successful photos to sell and I do at least some of these poses if not all of them in every single session and yes, I realize you feel like my creativity is not great because I'm doing the same poses over and over again, but I don't just do the exposes I do other things also with my women these air just sort of my anchor like my foundation to my posing and I know that little manipulations in these posing in this poses will work for pretty much everybody in one way shape or form okay? It should consist of a whole bunch of shots that you know we'll work with almost any person which I said and it will save you time, money stress and still excuse me still allow you to be creative so it's going to save you time, money and stressed because you could walk in and any day of the week like I said it. No, you're gonna get great shots it's going to save you stressed because if that girl's uncooperative or unhappy or just a pain in the butt you're like whatever I'm just gonna go to my poses we're gonna get through this it's gonna you know, be fine and it's going to make you more money because you're going to know that you have things every single session and that's why yesterday when somebody said, well, what if somebody just want to think about it? Well, no that's not gonna happen because you're gonna have tools in your toolbox to make sure she wants these photos. Here is a couple of examples this is basically just one pose. You put your arm up on the wall his voice later iong arm up on the wall can you take pretend like there's a string here and just kind of pull it out this way? Yeah, perfect. Bring your knee over. Excellent. Hands up on the waist. Cool. I'll take that picture. Can you just like drop your hand down and kind of play with your hair a little bit that's a second one you turn and look down at your elbow third right? And then maybe just like up with me and give me a little flirty face awesome there's. More pictures I can even take here just by making little tiny changes shooting full body or three let three quarter length a little bit longer up close laughing, serious, smiling this different expressions here, these air four sellable photos just for that I chose I probably took more from one post this is a cool album spread even I mean, you have to think as faras spreads or concern because you want to sell those albums, right? They want similar pictures, similar pictures look good an album little changes, their different enough to be together, but they're similar enough teo to mesh. They're similar enough to be together, but they're different enough to stand out on their own that's sounds better. Yes, sterling does. I should have asked this earlier, but you mentioned yesterday you don't serve alcohol for liability reasons. I worked at a portrait studio for senior portrait it's, where we had a no touch rule on dh that rule was much more relaxed for women than the male photographers, so I often if if I'm describing it and I'm showing them the pose and they're still not getting it, I'll walk up to them and push their hit back. Andi often let them know I'm I'm going to touch you, and if you're uncomfortable, please let me know, and I'm wondering how you handle that in your studio. Yeah, it's first you are going to talk about that only gets a communication a little bit more, but I almost never touched my clients except for when they're laying on the bed and they can't see what I want them to dio I'll just say I never say to them I'm going to touch you if you have a problem let me know I'll say to them is it ok if I move your hand very specific is it okay? You know if I just show you where I want your knee because I don't want when I say can I touch you what does that mean? Where am I going to touch you how much you've taught you you know like that's a little scary on what they'll say is it's true though right like when I touched you right now kathy guy with mike said that this morning and I was like okay, next thing I know I mean ok any way so can I touch you is scary and they're scared and you know they're going to say yeah, no problem but they still might have a problem with it so be very specific is it ok if I move your hand? I mean, I've gone in far like with a girl that I'm pretty close with I could say hey listen, can I just move your boob into your bra little bit like but that's okay? We're cool and she'll be like, yeah totally I don't care I'm an open book you know where she might be like you know what? I'll do it it's okay fine that's totally fine read your client men don't ever have ever ever ever ever ever ever touch your clients don't even move a hair please don't ever touch your client is just a liability I'm not saying that maybe they don't have a relationship with the woman that there you know she's my friend it's totally fine it's just stupid in my book it's just stupid um we need to learn communication so we don't have to touch our clients and so that we could get more poses in the same amount of time and make more money it's not just about you know it's it's about money it's about selling it's about getting creative it's about getting what we want it's not just about you know you want to do a couple poses we want to like you know you want to work it so yeah I will touch my clients sometimes if it's super necessary but always be very specific and don't be afraid by the way to show them the pose first show them the pose yourself then if it's really necessary it's always the last resort for me when it's it's usually like okay, you know open your arm okay? You're still not getting it and I'll push push their elbow back um I I just I have it in my head from working at that job that I'm putting myself at risk anytime I'm touching them I don't want them to come back and say you touched me inappropriately or anything like that I just don't want to put myself in that position even if I'm only touching that elbow you're hundred per cent right and that's why you need to ask permission and be very specific and use a consent agreement from now on because and maybe and I don't know what my consent agreement says I made it so long ago but maybe in that consent agreement it should say something in regards tio you know I always ask permission I don't know I'm not an attorney but I'll always ask permission before touching but please no sometimes it's necessary for posing I don't know speak to a lawyer about it's a good question okay, one pose for different shots can you just lay down on the bed cut it in half diagonally I'm going I'm going to this kind of fast cause I'm gonna actually show you with the model next they were going to get a little more specific into it. Um and can you just lengthen your legs? I mean, how tall? If you had to guess, how tall would you say she is? What does she look like? Love you, courtney uh, yeah, she's probably five to, but she looks so long, yeah, totally, totally five to, um but she looks long because well first well she's a long torso which is awesome because that makes the girl look a little bit longer but yeah just to kind of lay there look down your hand let's move your arms bring your knees up up your knee uh I mean bring your legs up pop you nia but the ice confuse my body parts all the time you want to talk about communication I'll be like can you move your elbow no, I mean your shoulder no. What is that thing called again? You know because as you go through you just saying the same thing over and over and we just laugh about it you know it's okay to make mistakes um and then I could say to her from there can you just turn on your side a little bit cool and now can you just come up on that arm takes like a minute to do all of these four shots all sellable this is when they sit in the pricing and the purchasing session and they go I don't know which which one do you think? That's what you were like she get to side she's got it by the mall don't forget the details even your poses so this is two more shots I got from the same pose just by focusing on top half of the body about him half of the body one pose for shots can you look down can you look out can you laugh close in further back walking around changing it up all four sellable shots when the girls on her stomach on the bed like that I usually sell at least two of those shots when the girls on the back like this I at least sell two ago shot that's like with every single session it's it's consistent and you know what then I'll say to my clients you know you don't have to decide between the one where you're looking up and looking down or you're laying this way and then this way because most of my clients by two of these and they buy two goes and then you just gave them permission and they're like okay that I'm going to do that to most people do what I want to be like most people it's true you're laughing but it's true you know like when you go into a store oh here's the best like when you're shopping online you could sort through things I really shop a lot everything's going back to stopping but when you shop online you consort through price or you consort most popular I want to see everybody else's by right so give them permission it's okay if you want to have this boat it's okay to love yourself that rush that you want two of those in the in the album same thing one pose three shots I took the post the picture that way and then I moved around I took it from the back and then I took it again from the side and said, hey, can you just look up at me? Same pose three totally different shots shoot from all sides this is all the same exact clothes she didn't move I did claim wanted was wondering if you were standing on a ladder when you're shooting the clients on the bell maybe he's talking about this one, then maybe that one no, just standing right next to the bed it's just the way I have her head moves I'm gonna show you how to do that. I will move her head in this position. This is like almost I always almost moved their heads because if they're laying down and now you can't really show them how to move their head because you're standing up and it's like totally different, so I will just say, hey, can I just put your head in the position I want? But for me ahead is fair game like there's, nothing sexy about a head and I usually will fix their hair here because the first instinct of every client when they laid on us to do this and then they have like, the hair spread out and I hate that, so I'll push it underneath them no, no ladder um yes and here and here what so great about this is we're taking like sort of ah anonymous shot with a little bit of face in it and the thing is she doesn't she bought two of the shots at least when when you make the girl's touch look good shoes by every single one of them telling you right now here's what we're talking about with movement so I anchored her pose can you go up against the wall push your hip away from me she was wearing this big shirt and she's a tiny girls to do me a favor I want to see your body so can you just kind of move your shirt around like this for me? Look up at me when she's well, while I'm shooting hey, look up on me okay, good look down again at your hand awesome. Thanks for pictures like this making awesome spread on awesome album spread and then of course I'll say you know, look at me sexy and then I'll say something stupid and she'll start laughing and I take a picture of that too, and she looks super cute in both of those, doesn't she? So mix it up again same foundational pose but now I'm having her move her arms, I'm having her look up, look down and change things around and these are all perfectly sellable. Totally different. In fact, she ended up getting I think she ends up getting all of these. Remember a hundred percent, maybe one of them. She didn't maybe, like beat the top one on the right is a little too similar to the bottom one on the left, but three of them at least she did. John, I just I love how you're presenting the tool kit and the basic tools, but also your showing people how to translate it through to the sales process like one pose your making your thinking ahead to the sale. Yeah, I'm thinking also about an album like I could design an album in my sleep. People always talk about all it takes me so long to make an album. No, I have taken the pictures based on what I know I want that album toe look like when I go through the purchasing appointment, I will sell her based on what I want the album toe look like because I'm pretty much already decided, like I always joke that I could just take the pictures for them because they just pick whatever gear them towards anyway. I know what's gonna look good in the album, they don't again, you're the boss take control, they don't know what looks good on an album, you d'oh so I know when I take these pictures you know what if I get her to move around it's gonna be so cute and she's gonna want all four of these I'm gonna show her what they're gonna look like in a spread and then she's like good thank you yes, I love it sold yeah that's part of your job it's not even you know, sometimes people think I think I think that they're scared to do it cause they ticket sales e or it's pushy or it's manipulative no it's not it's your job same here, right it's telling a story like I love video but I don't shoot video this is the closest thing I could ever get to it. I almost wanted to like flip book like I want to show a story what's happening here when you when you're taking pictures like this and you're showing them multiple pictures it's telling them what's happening it's kind of like picture girl getting undressed right and she's like dropping her clothes you want to see her unzip you want to see the clothes coming off you don't want to just see her dressed and enclose off there's a story to be told in the middle and that's what we do with some of this movement so this is erica session and what I just showed you was thirty four solid sellable photos from only seven poses there was only seven poses right there they tell a story they're cohesive and she looks gorgeous and every single one of them simple you could have an album right there I should you thirty four pictures on average I probably sell anywhere between twenty five and thirty photos that's thirty four right there I probably could've had her come in for half an hour taking those pictures and been done right that's not what happened but to make it easier on yourself think about how much easier it is to pull is less take better pictures we'll take a little look at jessica session and see how we kind of followed the same flow a little bit eh so it's similar but different when she has the images when you have images of clients laughing do you feel that let's make it's better to make a client laugh or just have them smile yeah wasn't here she was in arizona and then ah lot of other people are asking about how do you make again how do you make people laugh that's so that it's genuine oh regardless of what my husband tells you I'm really funny husband doesn't think I'm funny I don't get it okay um I will do almost anything to make the client left but let me go back to the first question first which wass marshall versus mountain this is the same thing we were talking about before when I think about a wedding, when you take a portrait of somebody there smiling and they looked really beautiful, but they're not really their authentic selves, so if I asked after you to smile for me for a picture, she would be really beautiful, and it would be awesome. But if I took a picture of her laughing at something, jolene said, that would be an emotion. I want emotion, I don't want to just take a pretty picture, so I'm going to make her laugh because that's really what her face looks like. That's what she recognizes, you know, that's what her husband recognizes and that's what makes somebody sexy is the real them not like cheese, because it is cheese, right? It's like, you know, so we want emotion, so, yeah, I make them laugh, and I don't care what it is, and I have one of my clients once I'll say to them like, oh, can you give me a word that will make you laugh? And sometimes they like, I don't know. Okay, good, thanks. I don't need your word anymore, right? Um, sometimes if you make them like a little slightly like you put them on the spot like that it's like they laugh because they were kind of a little uncomfortable they don't know what to say if they're like I don't know man it could be a tough one like one time a client gave me a word like fart I had to say fart like one hundred times in a session so you're laughing right? So I'll just make something up or I'll be like oh my god you know my daughter did today or global you know I don't know I don't know how I make people just so natural added I think you can just you know just just I don't know you don't need one liners you don't need tio have jokes just be yourself and work off what they're feeling and you know, I think that the key there too is to make sure that you are then capturing the natural part but you can't be like um all right ready I'm gonna make them left so what's the word I could say no you have to be like so what can I say to make you laugh and I know that I'm ready to go in there like I don't know or sometimes a client will laugh at something that we're just talking about I'll be like no you're not allowed to laugh when I don't have the camera my head and I pick it up and then they laugh again that's so funny and then there is my picture yeah yeah so you just you know listen to what your clients have to say to listen to the stories and make them feel like you know this is totally ridiculous like there may be laying daniel what can I say to make you laugh they'll say I don't know and you go how about hello you're laying in some stranger's bed with underwear on you can't think of anything funny you know like and they're really coming this is so ridiculous and they just start laughing you know you just have to kind of relate to them a little bit and they're vulnerable it's not hard to make them laugh they're uncomfortable so that laughter comes you know helps break the tension and then once they're laughing or your friend yeah without the one liners genuine nothing is genuine and real to you and then they're like oh you should go to ten and she's funny dio you gave them funny okay should we move on or you have work with one quick question so courtney hi she says would be appropriate to have opposing book or chart to help and to show your clients the position that you want them in no is it appropriate? Yes if it makes you more comfortable that's totally fine I don't want to do that because inevitably they're always going to compare themselves to the person in the picture and chances are the person that picture is a model or you know, even if it's one of your own pictures it's just is uncomfortable we're trying not to compare women right? We're trying to make this woman feel good for what she could d'oh so I would prefer not to I would rather demonstrate the pose myself and make a fool out of myself and make her feel better about things oh yeah it's not my method but I'm not saying it couldn't work for her okay all right so let's go through justice photos I'm sorry if I keep moving I'm having a bit of a hard time seeing the screen with the reflection okay, so again we're taking it three quarters were taking it full body and we're taking the same picture close up especially if it's a good picture except for the fingers coming these air unedited by the way I'm probably take her fingers we don't like reindeer war but um can you guys see this? Okay. Okay, so same pose different photos chances are she'll probably take something like full body and close up it's different enough she might want to put it into different areas. Um here I'm just kind of showing you I'm going to show you this next without all the red markings on it but I'm showing you how we're getting in the posing as shape in the triangle so this is why it's so interesting so what we can do is again create four different looks with the same pose just by having her look in different places playing with her hair looking up looking down all beautiful pictures I think I'm here again just kind of play with your hair but again do you see how she's in that foundational pose her body's not moving don't want you to move your body just play with your hair one pose for shop so we start laying on the bed and let's hit the bottom then we have her roll over to her side men from there I'll take a more close up shot of her laying on the side and then I just have relayed back on her back are you actively coaching her like constantly talking coaching her through this whole thing yeah and you'll see that when we shoot next with the model I'm hoping that it translates because I don't really shoot in front of people very often right? So I'm hoping that we could just kind of get into a groove but yeah definitely and again stopping every two to three pictures to look what I have and checking those eight points and making sure all those eight point look good and if they don't we're gonna change it and again my eyes sees things differently than my camera sees them so even if I'm taking pictures and I think it's looking offthe um I want to make sure my cameron I agree and what were those eight points again those are the neck you're gonna put me on the spot we're gonna look at the shoulders arms waste what we have teo get neck so arrests I was so habitually now the hips knees, ankles, ankles thank you um you'll see you'll get used to doing it you won't even have to think about it anymore it's just like anything else but it's that awkward time where you are yeah think about it that it's like okay, let me go through yeah it's really it's just a body can I mean if you think about it it's just a body scan just check every single part of her body from head to toe like I said things like get missed the most of the things at the end because we kind of scan and then we lose it somewhere so remember the hands the feet those air those things I think people missed the most looking up looking down just a simple eye movement could change a picture and that this is the thing that I found women like pictures looking down and men like pictures looking up so if you had left it up to a woman she would choose every single picture looking away from the camera because it intimidates her to see herself sexy she might even say I don't even recognize myself so I really look like that it's confusing for her but I like to sell her. Your partner wants to see you looking up, people find that sexy that's what they see when they look at you so I would convince you I would like to convince you to take pretty much every pose looking up, looking down so you have some options for her when you're going to the album sales, a couple more, posing questions for you um, one is let's see where to go from rhonda less shell, who says what are some short hair posing suggestions? I wouldn't really do anything differently with short head women, except that I wouldn't like I said I wouldn't show a lot of armpit because it's not covered as much also to really kind of make sure they keep their shoulders down, because when a woman has long hair and she keeps her shoulders up, the hair kind of blocks is so you have to be really aware of the shoulders when they have short hair to make sure that they're in the proper position. Well, thank you when you are posing some one who was really aware of a self proceed body flaw and they compromise the pot's in an attempt to hide the flaw, how do you put them through that? Sure, that's a really good question, thank you. What I will tell them is I will say, you know, I sometimes I have to sit and have a heart to heart with the clients and I will let them know you hired me because you trust me you know where do you trust me? Yes they'll say of course I trust you are hired you can trust me I'm not that's not even in my frame even if it is in my frame I will tell them it's not because I am posing it to make sure it looks good and if I tell them it's not in the frame, then they're not worried about it anymore or I might say I have to show you something this is what it looks like and they're gonna go what that's me and then they're going to do whatever you tell them to dio so I know some people don't like to show photos off the back of their camera because they're nervous well, it's not edited or what not but that's even better if it's not edited in the girl looks awesome show it to her and be like then she's really gonna bring it, you know, just be like all right, I trust you even more now I know I look awesome I'll do whatever you tell me to dio that trust and confidence just seems so important so important and I'm not ever saying lie to your clients even though I say well she's not in the frame but you just have to sort of do whatever they need to do to have the confidence you know tell them what they need to hear it I have the confidence as long as you know it looks good and then you could say how I'm just kidding with you and look at how awesome you look in there you know that that's the best thing to do okay, okay same thing that's pretty much the same shot we took with erica before remember when her thumb was in her undies but it's a little tiny bit different her touch is a little different a little rounder so let's show it off let's put your hand on it a little bit right? And she doesn't have the underwear to put the summoned so let's change the pose a little bit. So here we have her full body looking down three quarters, looking up three quarters with a little bit of our movement to create some interest and a close up on the tush same post four shots, same thing here love stuff like this thiss was at the end of her session she's clearly getting a lot more playful and having fun with it she has hip out now she's another girl who could never hit bad because she's so small that it won't really matter so it's ok with her hip out but foundational pose that way and just kind of move things around hey jess, can you play with your shirt a little bit awesome pretend like you're tying it can you look up at me when you do that? Pretend like you want me to take it off of you tell me that you want me to take it off of you with your eyes um can you play with your undies a little bit? Okay put your hands up here because like if she was playing with her underwear in her hand was just down that would be really boring you want the other hand busy so put your hand up on your head just kind of play with the underwear a little bit and then look up at me when you do it she didn't move she did move once and all four of these air totally different. Jen, do you do that in a particular order like do you know in your mind that you're going to say ok, I have to do this first this first necessarily because I'm also looking at sometimes clients just do things that you don't expect them like a weight stop right there let's work off that I love that um so no, not particularly okay, whatever I'm in the mood for thank you so here we saw twenty four photos from six poses as a lot less work time and confusion than changing oppose every single time you hit the shutter I have seen that click okay let's do something different clique let's just me different holy that's a lot of work to do any of you do it that way or you do it this way or anybody want to share with me how they do that they have opposing method or you just kind of winging it well let me ask you what you just said sometimes the claim puts himself in a position or sometimes it's just like they reached down to check their their shoe and I'm like whoa there so um sometimes you have to take yourself out of that and and and watch her client to see what they d'oh um so that's why I try I try not to pose them every time I take a different photo but I also do the opposite and I'll have them in a pose and I'll take one hundred pictures of that one pose and I'm like whoa okay we need to stop I've gone too far here so sometimes I forget and just go too far I do that too especially when a girl is like a really great opposing or just really photogenic me like get to shoot you all day and then you go to college early but today too two pictures would have sufficed you know it's like yeah so that's normal okay, so let's talk about a couple of tips when coming up with posing flow so you know how to come up with one we want to make sure that we're showing off a woman herbs it is not comfortable or natural and she might hate you a little or a lot I haven't even sometimes head clients I got a little hostile with me because I am like literally like you need to push your hips out further and should be like I'm like to use give me attitude I think you just gave me attitude like I'll call him out on it you don't know me like you lied hearts and like that's how you know it looks good let's make a joke out of it, you know, like yeah, because I want to break that like they get a little annoyed sometimes like you're hurting me and I'm like you're being a model and every single girl walks out going man, those models really earn their money they didn't respect for models but she's going to hate me then, but I don't care because I know she's gonna love me when she sees the pictures and she's going to say to me it was so worth every this happens all the time it was so worth it and then they hug me and they sort of apologized for being mean um yeah and and that's okay it's okay to say you're kind listen it's gonna hurt it's going to feel uncomfortable and that's okay we want to make sure we lengthen our clients like we talked about before a lot of my clients are not very total but wanna look talk but the thing is there's nothing worse than making a short client look short but there's nothing worse there's nothing worse than that they're making its whole client look short that's just bad too so we want to make sure with tall clients we make them look long too this is lisa again and again lease is like five feet tall five two somewhere on there and she looks it right now but look at how much different she looks in something like this totally different boys if she had heels on it would be even better nude heels are like the best thing in the world to make somebody look taller I'm wearing them today but really it lengthens the leg or whatever you know whatever I'm if they're darker skin tones at where a darker she wear brown shoe or what not to make them look it's just kind of longer this is lisa too on the pose on the right hand side should spray short because their hips are facing are toward the camera but look at her and the other pose when her hips are away from the camera she looks so much taller longer there doesn't she so same outfit same scenario almost the same pose just moving her hips a different way makes her look longer yes I did have a question earlier about can you define when you're saying the twenty four images from six poses you need to find again what you consider the supposed to be is it because she's on the bed now and that's one pose and sure anytime you have to basically like put your camera down on me like all right let's get into a new pose I'm going to show you what I want you to dio it's sort of what I call like the foundation of the pose so like I consider maybe the body or like the torso of the foundation where I wanted to be and then everything else kind of moves around it any time I have to change that or move a person where they are flipped him over onto their backs were like I said put the camera down and go okay let's change it up can you come stand over here and let's do this that's pretty much a pose um and I think that that will become more clear when I start to write a thank you this q t r shot and biggest last year and she is probably also five feet tall but she looks super tall because she's wearing nude heels and look at how much, how many inches I added to her by putting her arms up and hiding her armpits with her hair right on that's. Why people always say, oh, you only shoot, you know, thin girls, you only shoot short girls or tall girls or whatever, no, I should all types of girls, but I'm going to make them look like what I want them to look like just by how I pose them ways to hide things that women worry about. Certainly, war job. We've discussed that peace is at this point, but I'm going to say it again because it's important for you to know that your wardrobe will help hide things that your client is worried about and things that you should be worried about. A client tells you they have a million stretch marks. Did I ever tell you I hate editing? Put a corset on? I don't want to see the stretch marks put on a q t shirt on mondays, whatever it might be, I don't wanna have to edit them out all day and night. Listen to what your clients want and work around that of course lighting certainly putting things in shadow will hide them, we're lighting them will flatter. Show them off. Yes, khun, oui, william ward it was was definitely wanting to know a little bit more about that if you could talk a little bit more about how to address lighting when posing and how they might work together. Sure, yeah, definitely making sure that things that they don't want her in shadow or lighting also is really important, like flat lighting versus side lighting. So a woman has no more definition in her body, like remember that picture? I said that she had a cute little seven year old heinie the lighting really works on her just because of the way she had, like sort of just the way her back was formed. It just showed off like, you know, the lights in the shadows, but if she had, if she, you know, had cellulite on her tush, I wouldn't work because it would accentuate the cellular aid. So we were probably flat light something like that to make sure that we're not accentuating things we don't want to see same with like older women, sometimes and wrinkles, we want to make sure we flat light a little bit more, as if not to show that off were younger women, you could get a little more adventurous with lighting because you don't have wrinkles on laying on the stomach. We spoke about cropping I've done plenty of cropping, like, maybe even like cutting off a thigh, like of a girl sitting down, cutting off her thigh halfway because it makes it look smaller. We're just taking things out of the picture, they don't like what? I don't like my touch, okay, we'll focus on the top half, you know, watching how women actually move it's so important, and this is when you least expect it. So when you put down your camera that's, when the woman really becomes herself and you used to think about that, I used to when I worked in my bedroom very often put women in a pose on the bed and then say, you know what, give me one second, I just want to go check on my son and I would leave and come back like, two minutes later, and they'd be in some sort of relaxed position on the bed, and it was always the best post always because they would relax, they would show me the real their real selves, so if they were normally laying on the bed, doing something kind of like this or, you know, whatever they're doing, it's hard to show laying on the bed when you're standing and I I would leave they would kind of just right now that's a beautiful picture have to watch the way in and one time I had a delivery to the studio it was cold give me one second tracing it was cold, so the client was standing near my window and I said, give me a second, I just have to answer the door answer the door I came back and she was just kind of standing there like this. I was like, holy don't move her at my cara executions of her, her favorite pictures because that's, the person she recognizes and I learned from my clients to like when they want to get playful and they want to get fun, I sometimes take pictures of them and I'll look back and be like that's an awesome pose, and I realized that would be good or that a body could move that way, so pay attention to what your clients were doing when you put down the camera don't be afraid to just kind of watch and I mean, don't be like a creeper, but just kind of keeping an eye on them, you know? Or give them a moment to just relax and be themselves to see how they naturally just comment that something along that line is often I tell my clients just okay, just don't worry about it, I'm just going take a couple test poses and almost always there like fast of what I want that's the one because they're so react like, oh, I don't care if she was testing the camera definitely it's so true and people want to recognise themselves in photos you know it's weird cause they're like I want to be somebody else but they still want to recognize themselves, you know? So if you can combine the two and have some pictures words like super glamorous and like, well, I don't know who that person is, but they could still have, like, a little bit of themselves in their album then they're like all right, it's still may I know I'm still there that's huge, yeah, because it's combining the authentic self with the fantasy self a little bit too um so watching the way women yeah, fabric like I spoke about, we're going to do some of this too hiding certain parts of the body she was wearing an ugly outfit. We're behind some fabric. Um, you know diana has nothing to hide but it's a pretty picture and you can get creative in other ways to do it. Communication clear, concise communication is vital for effective posing, especially when you're under time pressure, practice practice, practice practice tracy when you told me that your clients sometimes will ask you for an extra hour or an extra half an hour. Your answer now to them, khun b I don't need the actual half an hour. I already got everything I needed in the hour. Hey, we made so they they did so many poses in that hour they're going like I am out of here, you know, for so many pictures versus poses. You know, we took care of everything we needed in that hour. You should be able to get your clients to move the way you want without touching them. We've already discussed that. And men I promised I was going to dress men more today, and they asked me for it online last night, which is very nice. I definitely recommend you practice posing in the mirror, whether a woman or a man because your body even though you don't have what we have and you don't have the curves that we have, you need to know how a body works, what joints move where, how they work and as far as that's concerned men and women's bodies work the same exact way. Okay, my hips move this way a man's hips move this way all the same thing. So just know physically sometimes what limitations are just practicing and see when you move, how it changes your body I kind of do this all the time and my clients will sometimes even bust me like in the mirror because I know like, okay, she's a little bit short in the torso, so I want to lengthen her I'm going to stand in the torch in the mirror and see how I can lengthen my own tour so what I need to do to move to lengthen my torso and so I'll know to tell her what she needs to dio don't forget every single woman is different, so every single day when a client walks in that door it's like I'm a new photographer, so if I don't know how to do it, I practiced in the mirror on myself first cause I don't want her to be my dummy, so I'll practice it myself and they'll be like what he's doing like almost practising poses for you and I think it's hysterical so don't be afraid to do it men, women and the communication is definitely kate do you guys want teo practice any communication skills on me? Maybe anyone who's brave ok, come up julie, we had like a few minutes for that is that I grabbed the mike and this is not just for boudoir opposing this is pretty much for life you could get anybody to do whatever you want if you communicate properly so my opposing you yeah I want you to just pick something that you want me to do and I want will know how clear and concise it is if I do what you want me if I do you know you tell me and I do it you know what um okay let's try this is one of my favorite poses so kind of put your fingers in your hair and bring your elbow around this wife so your face is peeking through other way and go ahead and bring it back this way which way is this way this way perfect okay and then we need to change up your feet a little bit more um so if you could pop your hip backwards I can't see you because my arms in the way I'm really not even trying to be funny way let's do this last okay so let's pop your head backwards okay so I learned some things this morning so your waist who's separately from your bottom half so without moving your waste from the top up move your waste backwards toward the wall ok we're getting there okay okay that's actually why don't you trade crossing this foot over that foot and nice good posture where we go and then let's bring that hand back up into your hair and push it back this way your elbow and a little bit more again um kind of moving your booty out without there you go with her and then thiss point this is where I would probably want to move your hair touched the client to kind of pull um to kind of bring the pose is there no getting on and then I would probably ask you to do just run your fingers through your hair yeah, exactly. Okay, so I'm this is really uncomfortable which is cool that means it's right? But one of the things is what you want to do with this hand. Oh, I forgot about that hand. Why don't you wrap this hand around your waist? Bring it up a little bit higher right there? What do you think? Well, I think I'm losing your face so I would ask you to kind of peek through and area. Okay, so let me show you a couple things I can't tell even just by standing here if you ask a girl to tilt toward you sure you're going to see her face more that being said, that was a really good job e can I tell you? Can I make a few constructive criticisms? Are suggestions on how we could work a little bit better? How about you stand here and I pose you in the same post? I don't even know if I can and I'm not even sure what that looks like yeah let's just put this down here, sir, thank you okay. Julian, can you do me a favor? Can you face the window for me? Excellent. What I want you to do is pretend like there's a string attached to this hip and it's also attached that wall and it's pulling you tore that wall. Awesome. Can you put your toes together for me? Yeah, and just do it again. Perfect. And that this needs ben. Can you just pop it over a little bit? So it's a kind of crossing over the other knee. Excellent, but mission make sure you keep your feet together while you do it. Perfect. I want you take this hand and just kind of put it on your waist for me. Excellent. Uh but I want you to do is raise this arm that's closest to me. Put it up in your head this but you're gonna marry you bring your elbow over so I can see your face just lean toward me a tiny and just kind of been your hand hand back here. Perfect. And now I can't see that other hand and I want to suck you just wrap it very delicately around your waist. Awesome does that looks similar to what I just did a perfect but I think it was a little more concise because it wasn't can you move this way? Can you move that way? Can you just push it that way? I don't know what that way means can you pop your hip out that's not familiar things to me, these are things that you and I do every day, but that woman's never done so when you say, can you pop your hip out or can you push your hit back? I have no, I don't know what that means. So you show her or like I said, there's a string pulling you or something of that nature? Does that make sense? When when you said, can you move your elbow that way? I was like this here let's switch sides for one second, so I was like this and you said, can you move your elbow that way way? But you didn't show me at that point, so I don't even know which way that way is right? So I'm just gonna do whatever I think is right, and then that's, when they start doing things you don't want them to do, then you first have to correct them and then do it again the way you want to be done, okay, so we have to make sure, but it was really good it really was good, just fine tuning it, um, did it look different to you guys the way we did it at all? Women to like you, I might do the opposite without thinking about it, you know, like so they've got their left arm up, I've got my right arm up, you know? And I need teo get with the program and have same and stand, you know, right next to them and I'll be I'll be sure to say that I'm here I want you to mirror me e I want you to do what I'm doing, what you do mirror, you know, I don't want you to use the same arm just near me or and I barely ever use right or left because I get really confused, you know, when she's standing there she's laying down our moving around so much so I might say the hand closest to me or the hand closest to the wall or the hand with the ring on and wear the bracelet, something of that nature, yeah, and I love like, there's a string pulling, you know, that's good, because sometimes yet, you know, yeah, you pop your hip bone and you're like, okay, here's my bum, right? You know, that looks awkward don't do that, and the other thing was also you want to make sure you hit all the eight point, so when you didn't pose this other arm for me, I felt like, what should I be doing with this and that's when you leave clients, their own devices and they start doing things you don't want them to do, just cause they feel like they should be doing something with their arm, so you have to make sure you hit every single part of their body. I do forget about the arms, and then that is your right when I said, move your arm that way, that that means nothing, and that is where I will push your hip, like toward the wall instead of giving the direction to move your hips like that wall. And now you're not going to have to do that anymore, because you're going to learn how to communicate that precisely to your client, and you're not even gonna have to touch them in that way anywhere. Good. Awesome. Thanks for being brave. Well, the internet absolutely loved that. Good. I don't know if we have time for another one. Yeah. Anybody else find you another? Come on, it's not wait. Remember what I said? It is not embarrassing. There's. No such thing as failure, only learning. Yeah, and by the way, I really wasn't being an idiot. You are being a jerk when I like kind of just did whatever I was trying to prove a point to you, you know, because really I don't know I mean I told a workshop once where a guy literally said to the client um I want you to move your leg that way you know what I mean? No, she doesn't know what you mean ok? She has no idea what you mean I've literally had clients that have been worse than that so I mean it's not like I haven't been in the position yeah, we all have and you know, the thing is I was just going to say something and I lost it oh, you remember way we're talking about I watched like five minutes of myself from creative live yesterday and I was like, wow, I don't remember saying that it's like, weird I can't see that's me, I don't even remember that moment, so when you're in a moment you're in the spotlight and they're having this experience it's sort of like that that same thing they're sort of having that out of body experience and there might be in a little bit of a different place so you need to just be really precise about what you want because they might not really be with you daphne okay don't be scared there's only learning no failure failure does not exist come stand on this is is this side okay the other way? Okay okay, so I'm gonna um is it all right if I put your hair in front what this is what I would suggest right off the bat why don't you do that after you oppose me how do you know where my hair is gonna be when you're done posing me? Okay, okay so in this scenario jan you are the boss ok ok so I want you to face me you're going to hear my body language okay place your feet parallel to each other we're going to do is you're gonna teach you guys daphne can us actually sweating so we can get about a better angle thank you so you're going to stand facing me and then you're gonna take that arm you're gonna put it right up on your waist almost like right under your rib cage ix exactly and then you're going to stand just relax your shoulders you're going to take your other hand him that I didn't relax my shoulder's okay gotta dig another hand you gonna put it almost again of right where your rib cages relax your shoulder you're going to pull up nice and tall you're gonna face me square on your ring and bring your chin forward and down and then I want you just a little less and then again relax, relax you're showed my favorite line is also know you're good at that don't be is good at that and then you're going to look at me and you are the boss yeah click exactly beautiful cause them to get to new another one or that one I want to do another one before you do that how are you shooting this? You shooting it full body have shooting you three quarter length okay and I'm just getting this part and I'm getting the strong body language okay? Arms and your shoulder what I would do is what points did you check before you snapped? Well, I was making sure your body language was straight on to me and then the next when I was going to keep your feet in the same position but move your hips okay, what I would have done with this one has had to push my chips back this way good tip yeah, cool, but other than that perfectly concise and off you can do another one but we have to start from scratch radio so the same thing what you're going to do is you're going to face me with your legs parallel to each other and you're going to take this hip and you're just going to push it went out keep pushing until it hurts exactly you're going to come upon the tippy toe this leg and you're just going to tuck it in and you're gonna pull up nice and tall you're going to take that arm and put it right here and a little bit higher perfect and then you're going to take this hand and I want you to just kind of like, put it right up here in your call around and almost like bring some hair forward and then can I can I come over and sort of just your hair a little just going to take your hand and just kind of pull it, bring your chin for just down just a little relax it down and then relax your lower lip and you're still the boss in this photo and click okay, now from here give me an altar on uh, change without changing my body like what's the next thing you're going to dio to take another picture without moving the foundation. Okay, so I want you to look down towards your shoulder and close your eyes and now I want you just think of something really funny about your husband. Just go for it. Perfect. Thank you. So very good job. You take that with you very, very good. So one thing I wanted to say about that, uh you did a good job. Breathe. One thing I want to say about closing your eyes I actually never had my client's close their eyes. You want to know why this is so random? It changes your eyelash line when you close your eyes versus just looking down and keeping them open just that little bit it makes your lashes look longer when you close your eyes I don't know what happens to them but they look shorter and they're sort of like more sunken into your eyes you should always have a client looked down almost like looking at their cheekbones it's uncomfortable or I might say look down toward your elbow so my eyes and look closed but they're not yeah I don't know it's a random thing that I've noticed when they close their eyes they look makes him look a little bit more dead and it changes the last line do you have a question okay, good job yeah it's true and it's uncomfortable because you're like I'm staring at my cheek bones what are you doing up there but it's it looks better that way okay don't be afraid to get creative okay after you've done all you're posing flow and you have everything solid and you know you have great shots don't be afraid to try new things, especially in clients and know how to move one that you have a good relationship with and ones that take instruction well try some new things definitely get influenced by fashion magazines, celebrities, pop culture dancers you know, lady gaga whatever it is, you know that they're moving and in creating and definitely get inspired look for new ideas um don't be afraid to fail uh remember there is no failure if you do a ton of work and you get her into a pose and you're like this is just not working either take a picture and move on or just say you know what can we just look we just redo I like to say the client like this is looking like a pose I just it's so posey I can't stand it this is not the barbizon school of boudoir let's like drop it and let's redo you know because I want to believe you tell them that all time yes it is opposed and yes it's not real or natural for you but I still want to believe you and I don't believe this you know I might believe this but I don't believe this okay so we want to make sure it's believable again we said watched a woman moves naturally and make sure you break the rules there's too many rules in photography you know what she her face has to be showing we need to see both eyes her nose needs to be in the line of her face who cares have some fun once you know the rules then break um have a good time with them not every picture has to be technically perfect to have an emotional reaction to know how to take technically perfect photos but don't always do it because that's not fun um and work with the model it's, always a learning experience, to work with the model once in a while, and we're going to do that tomorrow, there's a lot of people in our industry there like she possum paddles on her website, and some people do, and some people don't. Some people try to pass off models, israel clients or real clients is models or whatever it is. I don't know what the lines to me are all crossed women are women, I don't care how you want to clarify that you would classify them, a model is a real woman, a client could be a model, it doesn't really matter. The point is don't let anybody persuade you from not shooting with professional models that know how to move because there's a couple different things I've learned from it learned new poses, and I've learned that I could get more creative in those chutes because I don't need to instruct the women on what to do some models more than others. That leaves me a little bit role room to be creative with my photography, because I don't have to think so much about the closing when I'm working, so I definitely recommend that also on my website I don't I couldn't, whatever I should a model, I put it under a category called concept. Um versus putting it like in my main gallery my main galleries really all my clients that I've worked with even though not a lot of them signed model releases that still what's in there maybe a couple of models that I've worked with like it um like some workshops that I've done, but I've posed them so like it was kind of like they were a real client because I worked with them, they didn't just do their thing, I told them what to do, so I felt that that's where they belong, but if you're working with a model that you don't have to pose and she's just does her thing, maybe consider putting it under a label like concept or something because then your clients were like, whoa, she's like this isn't the only thing she does she just concept shoots and look at how creative she got here and I don't want a regular she don't want a concept shoot, so you're kind of putting it out there and we'll talk about that more tomorrow, so I don't want to talk about it today so the points to remember right point supposing don't forget every time you pull somebody, you're gonna check those eight points or you going to try to start getting into the habit at least of checking those eight points it's what I know daphne just kind of I know it's a lot of work and here's the thing that I think you're gonna find I hate to break it to you you might get worse before they get better right? Because now you're going to be like this happens well, at least this is his excuse this happens to my husband when he goes to golf school because he's like I don't know what happened I went to call school and I say I stink now but mostly it's because now you have so many things I think about you using your brain more than your intuition, but once you use it and you keep doing it becomes muscle memory it will just start becoming intuition so you don't have to worry about that. So the first couple of sessions you shoot after this you might fumble a little and go wait, what am I doing again? But just let your intuition do it and don't worry so much I'm not gonna be there and like give you three lashes if you don't check every single point off the body, I don't do it all the time either uh as shape making sure that the client has some beautiful curve to her it's not just straight all the time negative space and creating triangles and shapes in the body that make it more interesting you know, triangles, triangles, triangles keep things interesting uh, leading lines opposing to show the emotion you want to convey obviously plan wardrobe with clients case I haven't said that yet uh clear communication get creative and have fun have fun with your posing trying different crazy things you never know what you're gonna find um it'd be a shame if you did all of this and you didn't have any fun any suggestions on action type shots are or are most of the shots that you do static pose is sure um I always pose that foundation whose and move around like that so I always like to pretend they're sort of like a stick in the body and everything goes around that I don't really do the whole like okay twirl down you know like let's do like some of this or let's do jumping or something like that that's not typically what I do because I don't think that that really falls into what boudoir is for me um have I ever done it yeah like of a client has like a really poofy skirt or wants to do so fine yeah I would probably do something that but again it is being done by other people so I try to stay away from it um I try to keep more of like my hands on the body in fact remember when I told you yesterday about the client the company that I worked with across marketed with that were former strippers they taught me some cool moves so you they have a move called I think it's the uh figure what they called the lotion or the robert palmer and lotion or something like two different you know like syria or my husband but basically like the lotion they call it the lotion when you just kind of like our putting lotion on your body so things like that I'll do more of and it's always going to make a girl laugh because she's like I can't believe I'm doing this um and also just kind of the moving of the body is sort of like, you know, I guess robert palmer videos like I don't know that's what they call it s so things like that um things like that I like I don't know like a ton of movement there is not like no sex in here but I will do some some minimum yeah faithful movement you know? But you know, sometimes I'll have like fabric like I'll have the girls like kind of throw the fabric up in the air and go like the ends like it's the grand finale yes, I did this you know, like we could have a moment that's fine, but thinking probably not that words that much more okay and thanks for funny right lady jang's husband if you're watching hilarious image and also about posing and how you work in the room with the client do you refer to objects around the room or have things planted in specific spot so like point your elbow, the red cup or not always because like if I say point your elbow the red cup what's the first thing you do go to look for where the red cup is and that's just going to screw up my pose so I'd rather you something much larger you know? Can you move your head toward the wall? You know what you know? Could you look toward the door? Can you put your arm near the window? You know, things like that are much better things to reference then like, you know, you see that little thing on the floor over there that shoe can you put your you know, unless I'm having a client like look a certain way, I might say look down at the floor like pretend like you're looking at that shoe something like that, but I try to keep it a little more of a broad reference plus in case you miss yesterday my studio is very tiny and I don't have that much stuff, including a red cup dayton photography in eugene origin and bruce earl had also asked do you pose in a certain order feet up or from the head down, head down thank you and jacket uh jacket photography says how do you feel about couples boudoir photos good question I'm roasted down for this but I used to couples boudoir and I think it's awesome if you want to do it I think it's a great way to work with your clients and even maybe have a follow up session like they did the boudoir and they loved it so much they want to come back with their partner I don't specifically do it anymore if somebody really wants a couple of shoot, I have another photographer that I will come in and shoot it for me the mostly the reason is because don't forget my three words or fearless, feminine and intimate and the problem is when you start shooting couples, the intimacy is between them not between me and the client and I just don't enjoy that I want to be connected to my client so I feel left out when I do couples but really I mean, I was really going home like ready I put it on my website and I just you saying I just don't like it, I just don't have a good time I don't feel the same I walk out just feeling like that was okay. I don't have the same emotional reaction when I look at the images, I just it just wasn't for me and then one day jeff said, uh then just stop shooting them and I went okay uh I'll just stop shooting them that's fine because I really wanted but that wanted to enjoy it but it's just there's a guy there it's not feminine it's not intimate with me in her so I start doing it but I think it's awesome yeah, courtney question where do you always like what do you do with eyes like I'm earlier one side you know, you think girl was looking away and you made a comment about oh, I don't even know where she looking so is their specific places you will always direct the ice too awesome question and what are those places? Yes, if you've ever gone to a strip club is another thing I learned from you, minister, for education, making my mom proud uh, if you've never been to a strip club strippers look to places that you don't look atyou or they look down at their body imagine you were in a strip club and a girl was stripping right? And she was like, getting all sexy and she was like, I wonder what I got to get the grocery store tomorrow, you know, it doesn't make sense, it just doesn't make sense I mean, you're looking at you or I'm looking down in my body right both engaging way, but that's how you know it works, but I just like made butterflies happened for a second there, right? So but if I was like just looking over here and I was trying to engage you that's not engaging so that's my answer ninety nine point nine percent of time looking at you or looking down at my body in some way once in a while I might have a client look out a window pretend like you're waiting for your husband to come home very, very rarely you know, looking at you were looking down and also as far as how they get like that that's sexy I type of thing going on um I'll tell them to pretend like I'm really far away or that there's maybe a little bit of smoke in the room they're just trying to make sure they see that that's me so like a little tiny squint or give me a little squint not like a what are you doing out there but just like a kind of like the sun's in my eyes right now little time squint that was a good way talked a little bit yesterday about music, but a couple of people are asking beer coleman and b f x by art do you you play music during your chutes and then do you have the women move to the music as part of the posing? Yes, I do play music um I don't really use it for the posing unless our clients really having a hard time because can't loosen up and I'll be like let's, just blast the music because I feel like if she can't hear me it's almost like I'm not there, so if I make it really loud, she might be able to tune me out because she doesn't hear my shutter going stuff I guess I might make it like obnoxiously loud and be like, just ignore me let's, just go do the lotion thing pretend like I'm not here and we'll just move on from there cool and envy you photography says to use a fan for her movement or but yeah, not a time so we have a fan here somewhere we might use depends on the hair depends on the girl depends on the moment, but I don't I want them to feel like a supermodel, but I don't blow him away, so just maybe like a little bit of motion, very strictly and after light to use any type of I am like mostly natural light, but I also use a west cut ice late, which is so awesome and amazing and I brought it with me so we can play with it tomorrow and I also have spider lights and I have some other lights I've used along the line, but that's currently what I'm up to right now um soft light naturally too soft light it's really beautiful but it's not always there so I don't shoot at night I only shoot during the day but if it's a really stormy day really gray and I need a little bit of fill light or I want to do something a little bit more dramatic use other lights but it's not my my first race is really natural I would say great not a question from french kiss photo does every client go through the same set of poses? I don't ask them so like if you have a client might come in so I love these poses that are on your website and I want to do them what I will say to them is, um not every post suits every person I based my poses on your body type and what looks awesome on you and I will certainly try those or maybe uses his influence in your session but I can't guarantee your at those poses because they might not suit you right? I want to make you look the best that you can and I guess I was thinking maybe it was more like do for yourself are you taking them through the same poses every single time I know but I could sometimes I d'oh depends on the day like I said it's part of the girl depends on the connection some girls just don't take instruction very well and they just they're not with me and I'm like let's just keep this simple for everybody and I'm just gonna do what I know and some girls are, like, amazing, I'm like, you don't even need may I'm just gonna be here with my camera, you know? So it depends on the person this is the thing don't be afraid of doing the same pose with a lot of different girls like you don't have to be van gogh every single time you pick up your camera and reinvent yourself every single time you pick up your camera. It's okay for you to have salad poses, you know, always work don't forget also, like there's, very few people seeing these pictures, right? Who's seeing the picture, maybe a couple of close girlfriends on dh, her husband or her partner and you know, so if you if I took the same pose in each one of you, you're still gonna love it like, oh my god, I did that post too, and I love it, you know, on and people come to you like, I don't know if this happens. You people come to me with pictures for my website, like I want this picture, just my face, please you know so it's okay to take the same pose with you know different girls I don't know where along the line we think we have to like you know, blow it out of the water every time and come up with something new so just one more point to follow up on that what is it that you when when a client comes in what parts are you of her body are you looking at first like what's your what's your assessment how does that work for you? I don't do that I don't like our rundown assessment um I've already spoken to her she's already told me what she loves and hates right? Um some aware of that I don't do an assessment I do I just start posing her like the first five ten poses are things I'll do pretty much with every girl okay in the beginning because I know I'm solid and them and know that they're easy to communicate on it will give me a really quick idea of how her body works and we'll start with that I have to see which way we're going but maybe we'll start with that in the next segment s so I can show you how I how I start actually window here is kind of similar to what I have and I know that those are solid poses and it'll give me a good idea about her body looks like or how it moves because it's not how it looked like you could stand there and I could say ok let me take mental notes about ken his body and then you could start moving and it could be completely different thank you I just have a question just looking at your photograph behind you there you know like I've you know different occasions I have let just a face in kind of left you know the back side a bit darker and then you know, various photographers have commented and gone you know like well you know the whole body should be lit you know why is the backside dark you know why is only your face lit and you know I kind of go well that was my choice so I was just I'm just interested to know kind of what your take is on that you know I think that's a stunning photo and I don't really care about the back side of her isn't lit but I just was wondering you know your thoughts about her face not just her body this boat is really about her face not like such sick I says okay uh yeah yeah so this photo is you're only seeing one photo from the entire shoot so this photo was about her face but I have another one where I shot from the side that her whole body was really let evenly and it showed much more of her curve yeah, so I you know could sell both of them. So you're telling me other photographers told you that well, it's not that I mean listening but you know, everyone has an opinion and everyone is really here to share it. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Yeah, I mean, I showed I did one of these presentations in the city one in new york city once and I should like a before and after and some idiot raises hand goes well, I like the before okay that's fine, but it's my picture and I like the after it's my choice it's my photo I took it that was my intent it's about intent yeah it's about your message I'm sorry if I'm not looking at you because it's so bright like barely you're here and you're staring you ty can just lotion and well, we all have bowling in uh it's about your your intent, courtney and nobody can tell you well, it should be this my orders should be that way I'm not even kidding you in sixth grade I will never forget this as long as I live I made a painting and my art teacher came up and said it needs to have blue in it and she put baloo my picture and I was really livid about it because it was my picture and she could never decide what my picture should look like. She might not have liked it, but that's okay, there's, plenty of people that think picasso was crazy and his work is terrible, miss plenty of people that appreciate it and think it's, amazing and genius thank you for giving me permission to be my own damn boss ugo give you permission. Thank you. I have a quick question that's, maybe more technical, but I'm wondering what linds you use and do you are there certain poses that you won't do with a specific lens? I often use a twenty four to seventy lens because my studio is so small it's, not my favorite lines, is not really ideal for boudoir, but I have to make it work. What was it twenty four to seven days? Um, if I can use my eighty five, I use that the most often when I can, because I find that it's the most flattering for women again, I use the fifty millimeter for the first three years of my life. But it's also not the most flattering for women. And I could spot one time. Remember I asked you what did you use a fifty millimeter for that? Because there's something interesting when you shoot with a fifty, you just framed differently. For whatever reason, I could recognize it right away. And your photo is not saying it's bad. I recognized it cause I was like, those look like my picture was when I shot with fifty. It was like I connected with you on that. Um, you know, fifties, okay, a lot of people use it, but I just find too much distortion on it. I'd rather season eighty five if you have the room and when I shoot, I have, like, a rooftop that I'll shoot on sometimes. And when I have enough for him also with a seven a two, two hundred thanks. You're welcome russian about posing flow like I think that's one of my issues is I guess I don't have a plan of attack with client and I want them to stand and then I want them. I want them to lay down and I want him stand up from. So do you start with your standing poses and then moved to the bed or because you usually don't do the bed first, because the bed pictures of the ones that sell the best. So if you start with them that's, where the girls nervous and we don't combine the best cellar with the most nervous. So we want to make sure we do that two or three outfits. And at least I usually start with standing. Pose is because they're a little bit easier. Um, and I'll show you. I'll start with the next girl, like how I would really normally start in my studio, and, you know, with differentiation that I'll have. And I mean, this is a little different in my studio but it's? Not that different, so

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