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Building Infographics in Illustrator


Building Infographics in Illustrator


Class Description


  • Create basic shapes and icons

  • Add dimensions, textures, and effects to your infographic design

  • Build a grid structure and design within the grid

  • Design a pie chart


You see them everywhere—magazines and newspapers, websites and blogs, social media platforms and TV news shows. Infographics have become one of the most popular data visualization tools used to explain complex information and make a point. But while infographics might appear simple and straightforward at first glance, creating a truly effective and beautiful infographic takes thoughtfulness and skill.

Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor Jason Hoppe will show you how to make an infographic using Adobe® Illustrator®, the industry standard design tool for creating powerful, compelling and beautiful infographics that stand out from the crowd.

This class will help you:

  • Organize and explain complex data sets with infographics.

  • Use color to express the tone and ideas behind your graphic.

  • Explore typography and use it to advance your concept.

  • Tie all of your elements together in a unified, beautiful infographic.

In this intensive course, you’ll learn to use Adobe Illustrator like a pro—no graphic design skills required. Whether you're a designer or non-designer, you’ll learn to create icons using basic shapes, fills, strokes, and textures; learn how to choose easy-to-read fonts and typefaces that make a statement and tie ideas together, and build a wireframe for your layout and transform it into a finished infographic. By the end, you’ll know everything there is to know about using Adobe Illustrator to create infographics that engage viewers, share information, and tell stories.


  • People at all levels (designers and non-designers) who want to get specific, intensive instruction in building infographics with Adobe Illustrator.

  • Those who know the basics of Adobe Illustrator, but not well enough to design a professional-looking infographic.

  • People who don’t know how to access and use all of the helpful tools and effects in Adobe Illustrator that can take their graphics to the next level.


Adobe Illustrator CC 2014


  1. What Is an Infographic?

    This lesson gives an overview of the elements of infographics, including icons, grid structure, fonts, colors, and how to set up your initial document to ultimately create good data visualizations.

  2. Creating Adobe Illustrator Shapes

    Jason shows you how to create Adobe Illustrator shapes—from rounded rectangles to ellipses to polygons to stars—and how to drag and drop, use the Transform panel and Scale tool.

  3. How to Edit Shapes in Adobe Illustrator Part 1

    Learn how to edit shapes in Adobe Illustrator using the Selection tool, the Miter Limit, the Zoom tool, and more.

  4. How to Edit Shapes in Adobe Illustrator Part 2

    Continue learning about how to edit shapes in Illustrator, including the ins and outs of fills, strokes, editing corners, and duplicating and repeating steps.

  5. Simple Adobe Illustrator Icons

    Learn to build simple Illustrator icons such as raindrops, clouds, eyes, leaves, and moons using Isolation mode, the Transform tool, the Pathfinder tool, and more.

  6. The Pathfinder Tool and Adobe Illustrator

    The Pathfinder tool and Adobe Illustrator allow you to unite, combine, and intersect multiple objects in various ways.

  7. How to Create an Icon Part 1

    Jason demonstrates how to create an icon using various tools.

  8. Icon Design Tutorial

    Learn how to create two- and three-dimensional objects and subject-matter, including multi-dimensional pie charts, Greek columns, a camera, coins, and a car.

  9. Rotate Tool and Adobe Illustrator

    Learn about Rotate tool and Adobe Illustrator, including how to adjust the center of rotation and replicate objects.

  10. The Shear Tool

    Jason shows you how to use the Shear tool to create angled objects, such as rain, stairs, and a ribbon.

  11. Adobe Illustrator Swatches

    Jason covers Adobe Illustrator swatches and color schemes. He discusses how to pick and choose colors for your infographic that will help make it more effective and clear.

  12. Adobe Illustrator Effects

    Jason demonstrates how to use the Effects panel to create cool shapes such as mountains, water, lightening, an ice cream cone, lasagna noodles, and fan blades.

  13. Adobe Illustrator 3D

    Jason talks about Adobe Illustrator 3D and how you can make your objects look three dimensional.

  14. Typography and Adobe Illustrator

    Learn about typography and Illustrator and how you can use fonts to get your point across and set the tone of your infographic.

  15. Illustrator and Text

    Continue learning about Adobe Illustrator and text and how you can manipulate the words in your infographics.

  16. How to Make a Grid in Adobe Illustrator

    Learn how to make a grid in Adobe Illustrator that helps you structure your infographic and tell your story.

  17. Adobe Illustrator Grid

    Jason shows you how to use the Adobe Illustrator Grid tool to do callouts, pointers, and connectors and create a flow within your infographic.

  18. 3D Icons

    Get more instruction about how to create convincing 3D icons.

  19. Pie Chart and Adobe Illustrator

    Learn more about pie chart and Adobe Illustrator.

  20. Bringing It All Together and Becoming an Infographic Maker Part 1

    Jason shows you how to bring all the elements of the infographic together.

  21. Bringing It All Together and Becoming an Infographic Maker Part 2

    Jason continues his demonstration of how to bring the various elements of the infographic together



I'm not even through the second day yet and I'm thrilled with this class! Only thing, I wish he would go slower BUT then again, if he did, we wouldn't get SO MUCH information. I'm glad I purchased the class so I can go back and replay to my heart's content. Even though this class is based on creating infographics, the wealth of information is perfect for any project using Illustrator. I do wish he would have shown how to work with corners (for example) for those of us who do not have CC (I'm in CS6) so we could learn the "hard way without widgets" and the easier way with widgets. Jason is very funny and I love his direct approach to getting the job done while knocking a clients socks off. I look forward to many more classes taught by Jason.

a Creativelive Student

Another amazing class from a man with a seemingly unbelievably clear mind. So great at conveying the concepts of the program so that you can effectively learn actual methods but also walk away with enough information on the way the software is organized so that figuring out a solution to a design challenge, on your own, is light years easier and faster. i am thrilled with the broader grasp of the possibilities i learned. i could go on and on. It is absolutely a class worth taking whatever your level of expertise.


Loved the class, learnt so much from Jason even if he talks a little fast sometimes he is still very funny and makes it look so easy, would love to buy his indesign class too love watching him, excellent teacher.