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Preparing the Ink

Lesson 3 from: Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Meagan Lewis

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3. Preparing the Ink

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Lesson Info

Preparing the Ink

Screen printing ink is it's kind of like paint it's open this up here and get a good look it's pretty um it's thick but it's you know gotta paint like quality to it and I want to make him kind of inspired by this like, denim blue color, so I kind of want to make I don't really like this blue that's coming out of the out of the container here, so I kind of wanna experiment and see what I can do to change that up a bed, so I'm going to take a little bit out into a cup and see probably need again like with mixing colors, different colors have different strengths, so if I'm going to add a dark color toe a light color, I wantto ad that dark color very sparingly because I don't want it to overpower it's gonna be a lot harder to take it away than it is to add it I'm just going to take a little bit of black thank you. I had a little bit of yellow tube it see what happens and I can already see when that color is just a little bit different, you know, just have fun with it makes something that i...

s you again I can have a swatch next to me and I can be adding, you know, the different color that I want to it um to make it something to make it match something that I'm looking for you had a little bit more black kind of went a little darker this is a science people now it's not right let's go for it. Okay, okay, I kind of like the way that that looks it's different. Okay, now we're gonna make an ink pad and, um, what we're going to be doing is I can't really because this is so thin and gloppy like paint I can't I'm just roll it out onto a surface and stamped into it because the this stamp would slide around if I was like, stamping it onto a baking sheet or something like that and I can't really roll the ink on with the breyer because that would slide around too. So what I want to do is kind of create my own ink pad here, and what I've got is a piece of felt and a paper plate and I'm gonna cut out my felt see it doesn't have to be perfect, I can just do a square. There are different ways to do this to I've heard people they'll add a little bit of felt to the screen printing ink to draw out a little bit of the moisture and, you know, blah blah, blah doesn't have to be that scientific doesn't it's really not that big of a deal what whatever works I just like to put a little felt down and some people put the ink underneath the felt and then they put the felt on top and let the ink seep through. I get a little impatient waiting for the ink to seep through, so I just go ahead and I got my paper plate I got my felt and I just pour the geek on top of the felt and I smoosh it around to about the size that my stamp is going to be I don't want any big, um puddles of ink anywhere, okay? Be mindful of inky fingers sometimes it's good to keep a little bit of a damp towel or some wet wipes next to you and this stuff can for sure get put over here, ok? You got my fabric, I didn't pre wash these, though I pre washed them and iron them um, before I came, so I guess they're smooth for the most part. Okay, I've got my stamp and I'm just gonna go and dab and first time, you know it's not, but it's not completely on there, so gonna make sure that I'm getting it completely saturated might need a little bit more ink, okay, so I don't know can we get a good close up of how much ink is on the stamp, their kind of see? It's kind of gloppy, a little bit it's, nice and shiny. There's. Definitely no patches of rubber still showing. The thing with fabric is, you do kind of want, um, a little bit more ink on the stamp than if you were printing with an ink pad. Um, because the facts are if you were printing on paper, excuse me, because the fabrics going to absorb a lot of that. Thanks. So definitely kind of get a little bit more on there. So I was going to go ahead and stand this baby.

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Overall, I learned some fun techniques and enjoyed Megan's voice and informal speaking style. I am also, a 'design/learn as you do' crafter, so I found this style relatable, however, as a craft teacher I do know that for others this can be frustrating. I agree with some of the other reviewers that she lacked sufficient knowledge about textiles for this presentation. This is a great place to start learning about creating your own stamps.

Joyce Carter

Great Class very informative about stamp making.

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