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Light Painting

Lesson 8 from: Beginner's Guide to Astro Landscape Photography

Peter Baumgarten

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Lesson Info

8. Light Painting

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Lesson Info

Light Painting

So I've returned back to this camera that I set up for a live composite shoot. It's now dark, night has set in and I'm ready to start the process. I've checked my settings, I've checked my composition. I could see Polaris, it's right over the rocks where I thought it might be and we're ready to begin and once I start the process, early on I'm gonna try some light painting, but I'm gonna do it in a slightly different way. Rather than using my headlamp, which cast a very bright, central beam and then lots of drop off, I'm gonna use this little BioLite that I picked up, solar power. It's got a beautiful even light, it's dimmable and I can paint some of these rocks here in the foreground, but I'm not gonna paint them from here 'cause, again, I wanna avoid a flat lighting. I'm gonna walk off into the distance and try to paint them from an angle so you get a brighter side of the rock and a bit of a shadow. So here we go. So it's creating the first base exposure. I'm now ready to begin the li...

ghting and we can just let that run then. And in two hours we'll have a mess.

Ratings and Reviews

Lana Froemming

I purchased the Creative Live + Olympus Step Outside Conference Bundle some time ago, and it has taken me this long (too long) to view the astrophotography class. Although not a beginner, I have been using Olympus gear (EPL5 & EM1) for about 7 years now, I have only dabbled in astrophotography – and as a result, blown my fair share of what should have been killer shots. When I did give it a go, I obtained most of my settings’ tips by combing through Peter’s blog posts and then racing out the door. Although I feel that I know my camera pretty well I still learned so much from this course. I appreciate that he walked the viewer through multiple night time photography events including shooting the milky way, the moon, aurora, meteor showers & star trails as well as talked about the different camera features including night sky panoramas, in-camera multiple exposures, live comp & time lapse and presented a variety of lens choices and why (plus so much more). What I love about Creative Live is that once you purchase a “class” you own it and can return to your classroom over, and over again. I also appreciate that they work with experts who are also amazing teachers. Peter is one of those.

Doug Marshall

Some classes are just fantastic and this is one of them! Peter Baumgarten is a wonderful presenter of his extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the subject. This is a course I will return to watch again and again. Highly recommended if you are like me and are interested in getting into astrophotography and landscape.

elizabeth chambers

To my way of thinking this was the best photographic genre instructor featured during the Olympus Step Outside series. He may be a more seasoned instructor than the photographers demonstrating landscape and bird photography. Whatever the reason, I thought he seemed to understand his audience particularly well. Great advice and the post processing was interesting. Likely because of my familiarity with Lightroom, I found the post production done by the bird and landscape photographers rather mundane whereas the astro photography post production was new and interesting to me.

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