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Class introduction

Lesson 1 from: Basics of Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Class introduction

Lesson Info

Class introduction

The Adobe Creative Cloud, this is the design suite of applications, dealing with Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, and the people always ask the age old question, "What do I need to use InDesign for? What do I use Illustrator for? What do I use Photoshop for?" And just this morning, we have questions already coming in on the chatroom. People saying, you know, this is what I do for a living. This is what I enjoy doing. I create this. I work on this. I do images, but Photoshop scares me. I don't know what InDesign is. Can I do everything in Illustrator? And we're gonna walk you through what each one does. Why you'd use certain aspects of one application, and what the pitfalls are of some, what the benefits are of others, and then also best practices. Also going to show you elements that are created in each InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop and why we use them. So, over the years, I've noticed there's a lot of content out there on what each and every application does. So, I put tog...

ether this infographic of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop simply because with all the content that's out there, it's all based on the web, and you have to read through a whole bunch of paragraphs on what does and doesn't work for you, and I thought since I do a lot of infographics, put it together as an infographic. What better way than to make it visual? So, with this infographic, I showed you how to use Illustrator or when to use Illustrator, InDesign, and then Photoshop. And we're going to have a four-part class today. The first part is going to be an overview of each and every one, and then, we're going to break each segment into what to do for Illustrator, what to do for InDesign, and what to do for Photoshop. And we have examples. We're gonna bring them all together at the end, see how they integrate, see how they come together. And hopefully answer a lot of questions that you have, get over some of the fear that you have of using the applications, and just get a better sense of what each and everything does. Round it out nicely and be able to go on and create and do wonderful things. So, we're gonna start off here, and yes, we always include bacon. For those long-time watchers and subscribers of CreativeLive, we always slip bacon in there. It's lifelong thing. Did it ever since the very first class, and we never give up on bacon. I know. You're probably wondering why. Well, you can go back to all the old classes and see why. So, starting off with the Adobe Creative Suite, this is the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015. There's been several versions, and so I've been using the most recent ones, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, and the way we break out the class today is we're gonna show you what Illustrator does, we're gonna show you what Photoshop does, and then for the last session, we're going to put it all together in InDesign. So, understanding what they do, how they come together, why you'd use them, and hopefully, use them better, is what we're gonna cover today. So, as Kenna said, you can get all this bonus material as part of the subscription to this video, that all comes with it, and each and every one of these applications that I show you will actually have a very nice guided tour of, an overview of each application, and some of the very basic things that we're gonna be covering in the video. You'll also have PDFs and handouts as well as getting the assets from what we work on today. You will be able to get those assets and those files, download them, watch the video, and actually build and work with this video as well. And that's all part of the bonus materials that we have, which is all the reason why you wanna go in and subscribe, and download this, and tell all your friends.

Class Materials

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Ratings and Reviews

user 1398976626171314

Such an important overview that clarifies and simplifies each piece of software and its role in achieving a beautiful and organized end result. Love Jason's brilliant and funny style and I appreciate his going into the "whys" of the software design evolution so it's not just memorizing methods but truly understanding what you can do even with a eye to the future changes. Fascinating, fun and empowering! My first Creative Live purchase!

Corrine Radergraham

WOW!! Jason is a very engaging instructor. It's obvious that he knows the programs inside and out. He imparts a tremendous amount of excellent material in a very short time, he makes sense and he is well-spoken with a sense of humor and he doesn't get lost in the materials and have to bungle his way out, very well prepared. I've been using PS and IA for the past several years on and off and currently have 6 on my computer but looking at going to CC in the near future. Even with that experience, he provided tips and tricks for both that were very enlightening in using them more productively. I'm not so familiar with ID and I now feel that I have a working knowledge of all three programs. I've taken Adobe classes taught by other instructors and found them rather boring to drag myself through. Jason is not boring in the least! So if you aren't familiar with these programs or are even curious about them and want an excellent overview, I totally recommend that you take this class. You will definitely not be sorry and will get your money's worth. I took this when it was offered on air free of charge. The only down of taking it free is that there are downloadable materials that are only available by purchase which sound excellent and I would like to have them, but I want to take one of Jason's other classes and can't justify the expense of this class only for the downloads, because I am familiar with the programs and would be unlikely to actually watch the class again, and there is his interactive pdf class that I am really looking forward to......5 stars and all thumbs up for Jason's instruction!

Renee Hamilton

Enjoying this class immensely. Havent used illustrator properly for a while but this class is refreshing my memory. Its so awesome and it makes illustrator seem so easy! Wow wow wow! Thank you Jason and Creative live

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