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Side Lying Pose

Lesson 22 from: Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers

Kelly Brown

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22. Side Lying Pose

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Lesson Info

Side Lying Pose

If I wanted to go into the side lying shot, I'm gonna go in, get my shelf that was at the front and bring it around to the back of her head without moving her too much and create that support. (heartbeat pulsing) Just bringing those fingers out, there they are. (heartbeat pulsing) I'll give you that. Just to get one more shot of this gorgeous baby, I'm just gonna bring that wrist in a little bit more there, and I'm gonna keep my hand until she stops wriggling. Bring that top leg over the top, and tuck that one in behind, perfect. (heartbeat pulsing) I'm gonna get down nice and low. (heartbeat pulsing) One I love, it's all about her little face. We can go from there actually and get one more very quick one, 'cause I don't have to move her, and get a nice little side profile of her. (heartbeat pulsing) (camera beeping) She has the most divine little eyelashes. (camera beeping) (shutter clicking) Alright, what a perfect model. I'm just placing these over her while we pick her up and give ...

her back to her parents to keep her nice and settled. Alright, how perfect was she? We're gonna bring our next little baby in to do the next set up. Thank you so much. I could just see their faces the entire time and they were both like, "Oh my God, look at the screen." And it's emotional isn't it? Yeah, it was adorable. It's such an incredibly special time for our parents, and we wanna make them feel like the baby is the priority in everything that we do. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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Ratings and Reviews

Lindsey Wall

Kelly Brown is one of my favorite teachers not just in newborn photography but photography and learning in general. Her patience is inspiring and she makes this job seem so much more enjoyable and installs passion in you to improve and be the best you can be! Kelly is an expert at what she does and is great at communicating how she does it. I have taken the Creative live baby bootcamp class which is actually what got me to want to go into newborn photography! Ive also purchased a few of her newborn posing courses and I love them all. I literally own my new blossoming little career to Kelly! I love creative live, I have just learned so much from these courses. They are constantly giving out new classes that are so affordable and such amazing resources for any photographer or professional. I am so lucky to have discovered them and Kelly Brown. Thank you Kelly and creative live!

Alice T.

This is an amazing class! Kelly Brown offers a wealth of information that is comprehensive and straightforward. She has such a soothing voice and such great patience that it translates into becoming a great presenter and instructor. Her methodology both in business and her art are sensible and desirable which has taken me up significantly. She has helped me in understanding this business and how to become successful while doing what I love in a profitable and safe manner for both my clients and myself!


Kelly is such a fantastic instructor! This class is wonderful for both beginners & intermediate newborn photographers to improve their posing and keep safety number one. Not only does Kelly teach you step by step how to safely pose, she also explains why she poses the way she does - which is so important. This class is a great resource to watch over and over again until we are all masters!

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