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Lesson 11 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

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11. Pre-Consultations

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So let's talk about the pre consultation why are they so important? How will they help you in a session? What questions do you ask no why you're asking them what your goals should be in the pre consul for baby plan and the pros and cons of in person versus on the phone okay yes you really do need to do a pre consultation I promise you if you don't you will not be happy neither will your client okay so the pre consultation ultimately is producing a product like this this is three canvases I should've separated them to show you that have like tr on one eye and I on the second t y on the third to spell her name trinity yes it looks very unfinished when that's first hanging on the client's wall but when you educate to show them the final result what we're going for the end of the year they get really excited about this process. It may be a little awkward in the middle of it but that's what gets them to come back and finish it? Okay so it implies a commission the client is commissioning you...

to create art and a plan for that art that's what a pre consultations major goal is it establishes the relationship between you and the client it sets the ground rules with your policies and that guides the client in the direction that the sale will go it guides the client in the direction that the annual plan will go. Okay, so the other things that does that kind of gets those creative problems out of the way, so, like clothing choices, and the client wanted to direct the shoot and things like that, it gets all that out of the way because when you set the expectation, the beginning and you say, okay, this is what we're doing, this is we're going to do it. The client doesn't try to boss you through the session and tell you what to shoot, how to shoot it, okay? Or it does it let they know that they're planning for a final product, so they're going to follow your instructions when it comes to clothing and things like that, it plants the seed of the sale. This is where the notion of what they're going to be doing for the rest of the year comes to a peak. So once you kind of plant the seed of what we're doing for this process, they start to think about it can excite about it, even if they don't make a final decision of the pre consultation, they will do so either at that first session or at the ordering appointment for that first session, and that is crucial because that's going to find what the rest of the year is gonna look like does that make sense? Ok, the other thing too is once you know what you're doing for the rest of the year you shoot for that every session so you're not overshooting so when little susie comes in for her next session at seven months or one year where however you decide to structure it you know okay we're shooting for that wall siri's that's the money shot that's the one I got to get the rest is icing on the cake flus okay? She wants him as her digitals but he don't have to worry about what product she's going to be doing because you know already okay pre consultation also courts the client to create that marriage this is like and granted when you're when you bring a client in from a newborn session you already know them so you're already dating it's just a matter of taking it from boyfriend girlfriend to marriage okay, so if the client is coming in from as a first time client like they've never been to your studio before then this is the time where it's all about who you are you cool? I like you I don't remember when your husband or wife like you first met him and they wanted to like show off their best side you know they like were all they were amazing, you know always great um he would ask was for me he was constantly asking questions about me and wanted to know everything about me, what made me tick it's the same thing with the pre consultation when you can go to a client and ask some questions that make them feel loved and connected and wow, this person really is interested in me and cares about my thoughts and opinions. You take the customer service to the next level and that's cool it's very awesome. All right, so pre consultation topics let's talk about products, style, the core personality, pricing and expectations. So in these are the kind of things that you need to discuss with your client in a pre consultation, and I will do this on the phone when they call or if they've done a newborn session with me, I will call them before the first session and discussed these things. I've usually already done a pre concentration for the newborn session, so they know me. They know what it's about. They know what's coming next, but then this is for about baby plan. What product are we shooting for? What? Your goals, and they've usually if they're coming from a newborn session, they've seen this stuff already, so they kind of know what to expect product wise. Which makes it a little easier if they're brand new client I will suggest that they come into the studio and say, you know, maybe you might want to come in see if it's a good fit see what product lines we have very special, unique products that culminate over a course of a year. So you'll have something finished that marks, you know, little johnny's stage of growth from, you know, age one two aged whatever from age four months to one year and I want you to see what we have to offer so you can really come up with a good plan of what we're going to be doing for your session. That's for a new client for a client. Who's been a newborn client. They kind of know the drill. They know what's happening. So it's just a matter of kind of talking about what are we shooting for? What are the goals? Are we going to be doing an annual product? And how is that going to look? Okay, um, so again, while portrait album specialty piece what wal do we envision hanging a portrait? I on't don't ask. Do you want a wall portrait? It's what, walt, do you want to hang a portrait and where will that be and what is the space look like, okay um I always ask what your expectations are our vision is for the session it kind of gets them talking and gets me a clearer picture of where their head is uh so that's kind of a question that number one helps me getting a jumping off point but also with them it makes them feel really important like their opinion in this process is valuable I think you know things I highlight the features of different manual products and how they may how they will be choosing one. So I'll talk about the different options there are for doing annual products, what they look like etcetera, etcetera and that we would be shooting for that product so they immediately no bright there how important it is to do this consultation when they agreed to it there softly committing to that product right and the rest of the year is planned out and they don't have to stress so much and actually lowers the clients stress level because they know what they're doing. The first major decision is at the beginning of the year and the rest of the years just like, oh yeah that's what we're doing it's no problem and all of a sudden yourself sessions are no longer sell sessions there just ordering appointments is just a super easy okay sometimes my clients at on things so like if they'll do an annual product we'll start you know what the first session with that and then at the one year session they'll want to do a cake smash collage like they want to do that we do we photoshopped like five different images of the child on one piece so what? What kind of looks like they were sitting next to one another it's kind of a cute little guy forgot to put it in here but like a one one piece that shows five different of the same baby in different states of disarray with the cake they'll add that on as a gift for grandma or something in the nursery or something some other space that's so those air like little add on products that come from each session so style you want to ask your clients about their personal style when I discuss clothing with them I always before I started like I said earlier, we're just getting into styling these sessions ourselves so I would ask my clients where the image was or the siri's or the annual product was goingto hang and then we would discuss clothing to match that location or to coordinate with that location okay, now that I'm kind of getting into styling sessions ourselves or at least part of it, I asked them with the home decor looks like and then I kind of figure out what we have that we'll work with that kind of style, okay our kind of tico russians personal style are they casual or they formal people? Are they funky, eclectic thes air important questions to ask you what is going to help to find session you want to ask what color schemes are they drawn to? Are they drawn to it warm colors or cool colors or neutral tones? Most of my clients end up in the neutral range because that's kind of where I am I like it so people tend to be attracted to my work who like the same thing if you could shop for furniture anywhere on an unlimited budget where would you go? These three women are very different, aren't they? If she shots at north terms anthropology or chanel that's an entirely different woman every time right? Just a different style I'm not talking price because north terms and the politics you could get similar things maybe not chanel but you could get you know similar priced items at those stores but north from presents apology but the two stores have a very wildly different style to them, right? When you think of a nordstrom's girl, I tend to think of kind of hip, funky and eclectic, but also very business like anthropology is a little bohemian, you know? I mean, she's got that kind of granola but high end granola field team I mean I think that's oxymoron but you get my point? Ah high in bohemia and granola I that's not a derogatory didn't need to be that way but I think you know where I'm going with it high end bohemian okay, which tends to be in a little bit of an oxymoron but that's what apology really is that casual kind of grungy look that's luxury is just crazy that they can actually brand that and be successful with it it's like really, when you break it down into its components it is bohemian luxury. How could how could you know I love business it's incredible. Okay, um other questions on style give advice on the clothing choice for the session and what works with the location and or their natural coloring. So, like carmen, your origin have hispanic origins correct and, you know, molly's very caucasian. So you guys have different skin tones of different looks. I'm goingto suggest clothing south based on skin tone, hair tone, eye color, that kind of thing that are going to contribute to that along with the dick or in the home or where the portrait's air gonna hang. Does that make sense? Okay, so you want to give advice for style and things like that and and what this does, it makes the client feel very important, but it also gives you that launching off point so it gives you a direction to go in the session. You know? Sometimes when you're asked to be creative and it's like a blank piece of paper. Oh, I want to fill the paper with but if you get sparked by one idea and you can kind of go down that path, it kind of gives you a direction to go without being overwhelmed. That's exactly what we're doing here, both for you and for the client. So home decor. What is the style of the home? I always asked my clients you know what? How would they describe their decorating? Would it be contemporary? Traditional modern, rustic mountain lodge? No romantic, shabby chic. How do they define their own home decor? And a lot of people tell me, it's, just a mishmash. You know, a lot of clients don't have no decorating sense at all. And they're like, oh, it's a mishmash and I will literally tell them tio email or text me pictures so I could see what their house looks like that sometimes helps me to find it better. I love into your home design. And what is one woman's train? Just transitional is another woman's modern, so that those word definitions can sometimes be a little bit confusing. So you have to make sure claire for that. So sometimes just an image of the home helps teo resolve that. I always ask my clients if you could shop furniture anywhere. Where would you go with an unlimited budget? Where would you go, kenna? I would e used place. That's. I mean that's tells me all consignment places, but room and board. I have bought stuff for room and board, but let's, I just asked her if you could shop for enter anywhere on unlimited budget where would you go? And she said, consignment shops I love second hand unlettered budget that's where she would go that tells me her style. Okay, so no matter what the cost, she would go where she loves which is that secondhand kind of feeling I would probably probe a little bit more toe asked like, okay, would you love, you know, nineteenth century antiques, that victorian style? Or are you more into like the nineteen sixties r nineteen forties? Art deco look what's your second second hand. Would you like to remake things you love to buy? A nineteen eighties dresser and chalk painted to turn it into something cool that's, amore, cottage feel. Makes sense so I'm trying to dig deeper and figure out what that sense of style is and let me tell you if a woman loves you know victorian antiques versus cottage nineteen eighties that is a different woman right and I better shoot the section to accommodate for that okay now usually people come to me they love just a few places restoration hardware pottery barn is another one they usually love anthropology okay those are the places I get contact innately joanna gaines on hdtv I love her the show fixer upper my sound her style are so in tune it's not even funny and so I find that when I talk to my client I have ever seen that show fixer upper and they're like I pay much out like I connect with them like they we're on the same wavelength visually with my clients so you'll discover as you find your own personal photographic style that the clients who come to you will have a similar worldly visual style of aesthetic style overall as well okay I also ask them things like what the colors are in their home you know kind of what they what the main overall tones are of course the response I get most the time is neutral brown crais of course there's a thousand shades of grey but someone who has a bright colorful style in photography is probably gonna get clients who have a similar feeling in their home okay, so keep that in mind because I'm drawn to neutral people or neutral people are drawn to me. I should say it's important to note that if I was a colorful, bright photographer, that would probably would be would be different. And what room did they envision hanging the syriza portrait's. And what does that look like? It's so critical that we discussed that? Because that makes the plan for the images and what's gonna happen with it. With this, I also ask them what? Lighting sources air in the room so we can kind of talk about lighting the image. Do they always put in external lighting after the fact? No. My effect, if you do. But at least it helps me to stress the importance that lighting creates on an image. Okay, personality. This is huge for baby plan. Okay? And you probably need to approach this question this this topic more than once throughout the annual process because the client is getting to know their baby and that personality is going to develop as the year goes by. So I always ask, you know who were photographing? Obviously, do we want more lifestyle images or posed what unique character traits does your child have and what do you love about them? These are awesome questions like, what do you love about your baby? Be right now mom's we're just gonna go off they just look he's so cute beauvais and they're going to tell you these little character traits of things that they dio that will be that moment you know, a lot of people say I'm the only one she just captured him so perfectly and I'm looking at the mansion yo I know you wanted the growly face because he does that all the time but I'm so glad you told me because I would have not put that image in the final and it's because he looks like you p oed you know I mean but she loved it that's his little man face used to tell me it's his little old man face and that growly kind of world brow expression was like the most darling thing to her in the world but I usually try to edit that out I'm like no it's a smiling but kind of half crown you know get rid of it but you know I didn't and that's the image he loved so just keep that in mind the things you need to learn about your client, their personality and your little baby clients in particular are there any special needs air personality characteristics that we should know about? I always ask that and then as they get older especially as they get closer to one what books songs, movies, cartoon characters are your child's favorite okay, as they get closer, the one they're gonna be watching more disney you need if you're not into kids, you're going to need to start getting into what they're into you gotta watch the disney movies and the little cartoon shows and, you know barney and all that kind of get to know it and have those characters in your studio senile, you can get their attention, but you can keep it. I mean, I have ah, several clients who loved mickey mouse clubhouse, mickey mouse clubhouse and if you start seeing that song to the kids it's a nickelodeon cartoon or whatever it is, they just like light up and they and you pull out your phone with a little mickey mouse intro mickey mouse club and they just follow and snap, snap, snap I mean there's your shot right there. Okay, so these little tiny things that you would have never known come up in the pre consultation and they're so critical to creating a beautiful image for your client that really showcases the child because the mother sees them every day you don't see them every day, so you need to know what makes them tick and what makes them excited, okay, this works with obviously ages beyond the first year as well do sometimes hand single not so much with the first year but like I will ask clients if there's an expression or a little game or a giggle, you know what makes your little baby giggle sometimes it's just touching their nose sometimes it's his print in your cheek sometimes it's like tickling their feet or little belly robber raspberries, you know, on the belly that will get a child to laugh because the parent has been doing this since they were born. So what? I need to know these things I need to know what expressions, what little hand gestures and signals and games and giggles and kisses you and you knows is what what do you do that special with your child that I can capture or help you or used to help me get expression out of your child? Okay, um, I always ask people describe their vision for the session, what they most want to capture that's a huge question on our questionnaire, and I was asked him, are there any images on our facebook page that they're drawn to why they're drawn to them or on our website? So I say that website and facebook page now, what are they drawn to cause that helps me figure out why they hired me, what looks they love and what makes the heart sing? You mean, yes, they're hiring me for my creative style. But they have a visual aesthetic as well, and the two need to go like this in order to make the client really happy so I had better communicate with that client figure out what the needs are so I can create a session that's going to sell the best the result of that is they, uh, feel listen to they feel like they're part of the process there's a soft commitment there's it's the courtship when you're asking all these questions it's just like when your husband or wife you first met them they were asking all these wonderful questions about you you're doing the same thing with their client you're flirting with them it's the first day it's the courtship that's hopefully gonna lead to a stronger relationship in a marriage the end of the process? Okay, okay, so in the consultation, I think presenting your pricing is really important, okay, not all photographers agree with me, but I think it depends a little bit on your model when you're pricing what like your business model? So if you're super high end carriage trade, then chances are you might not want to show your pricing because that kind of gets people out of emotional lala land and into logistical left brain land where they think about money in dollars in numbers okay, I'm kind of mid range at least I consider myself mid range with my averages in my volume and what I do so and I've also learned over the years from feedback from clients that often times the reason people hire me because my price things on my website actually heard this the other day at a wonderful client they're going to be amazing I know they're going to turn the baby plan that I love them um clients from another country they'd moved to bend okay and he said to me I just you know well why did you come to us why did you have well we love your work that's great fantastic he's like you know and you're the only one who put your prices on your website of all the photographers we looked at we knew exactly what we were getting and it felt like there wasn't a scam going on we felt like you had the most integrity because you were willing to put it all out there and we wanted to work with someone honest and when the prices aren't on there we felt like we were going to get sold when we got there or that it wasn't it was going to be more than they tell us they felt like they were going to get being switched is pretty much what they told me because they didn't see prices on the website wow that is fascinating you know why I put my party on my website because it weeds out of the people you can't afford me it really does I there's nothing more than I hate then somebody calling me and wasting my time who can't afford me like they just how much you like when I didn't used to have my pricing my website I would get so many call this is going to cost hang up calls them gods hang up I mean it was caught, it was almost deflating it was like kind people can't afford me well, it's because they didn't know how much I waas so every tom, dick and harry from the entire pool of clients everywhere from here to high gone we're calling me hoping they could afford me the minute they found out they hung up well putting my prices on my website knock those guys out of the water. So now the people who call me one of the first questions asked have you had a chance to look at our web site? Oh, that tells me right there if they know what my pricing is because let me tell you, one of the first places they look is how much you cost the first impression the few images they get those of the on ly images they're going to see until they click on the price so those images better be your best okay, because you have seven seconds to convert that client to call you or send you an email so if they see your website and the images, they're gorgeous and they love what they do, they might look a little bit more to see the work, but then, you know, in the next, sometime in the first minute of being on your site, they're going to go the investment taber see, if you have one to try to find how much you cost, and if they can't afford you, they're going to get out of there in a heartbeat and not even look anymore because they just can't afford you and that's good in my opinion, because then they're not calling me and wasting my time when I could be talking to another client or marking my services to people who actually can afford me, okay, so and then when that client, who the guy from the foreign country, came and told me, I want to say which country he spoke english with it that way very well, very fluently, but I just I like to keep my client's privacy, so I just, you know, and he's, my only clients who has a foreign accent, so I just think it's their watch, but anyway, they they said to me for him to say that to me, like, woke me up and I went, yeah, okay, I can see that as a client why I wouldn't want to hire someone who didn't put their prices on their web site it would make me a little uncomfortable like I have to call people in a hurry these days they want to know info kimmy it's me now then all the side okay but you know if they do call that they can afford you you know I mean and then that hurdle is gone that makes sense so at the consultation and whether it's on the phone or in person it's another point it's another opportunity to show your products especially if it's in person obviously but that pressing of this products to me is critical it's when you are talking about pricing and kind of going through the products and how that works it really gives you the chance to ask him what do you love about this? What is you get the feeling for how they how they respond to a product and that's valuable information for you in your studio but it's also valuable information to kind of feel with their budget iss okay you can provide them options within that product but in a different in a lower higher price range that kind of thing different finishes sometimes you have to fly ask what the budget is if you feel a client hemming and hawing in the pre consultation I usually say things like you know I I understand that the cost may be a bit much for you and your family and I completely understand that but if you're willing to share the budget with me I would be happy to talk to you about options for you that fit within your budget but if you don't I completely understand as I know that that is is private material that not everybody wants to share but I also want you to be really happy in your decision with us so help me help you it's pretty much what I say to them and some people who are super relaxed and like understand that your authentic about that process will just gladly share the infernal yeah well we really only had six hundred dollars a hundred dollars to spend way no, we just can't get everything we want for that you know what? What can we do? And then I'll just start outlining how critical action works and what would fit in their budget do I give him a deal? No, but I do outline what can be purchased in that price range if they say my budget was two hundred bucks then say I'm not the photographer for you I say well, you know, even if they say five hundred I'll say you know what? You know you can walk out of our studio spending that budget but it is our basically our entry price point so this is what we do provide it that budget but you know I may not be the photographer for you if you end up really loving all the images and feel like you have to spend more than your budget allows, I don't want you to be disappointed, so since that is the entry point, what I would suggest to you is if you'd like to come in and kind of see what we have to offer and see if it's worth it to you to up the budget or not, I could totally arrange for a complimentary consultation in person, but if you think that that's something, if you really love what we do and you and you don't mind being at the entry point that we can totally book the session, I'm fine with that, but I just want you to have all your options before you commit to a decision, and if it's something that doesn't work for you, I can totally refer you to a photographer who is in more within your price point. You see, I'm saying so I'm basically trying to work with them, but at the same time say them, hey, if you love us enough, we will gladly take you at your low budget there's there's no reason why we wouldn't because I priced myself to be profitable, so even if someone does spend five hundred bucks, yeah, sucky and the low end of the budget but that's gonna happen in your business there's going to be out liars who spent ten thousand there's going to be people who spend five hundred it's a fact of life it's a bell curve everything in life is I just try to maximise people in that majority bell curve budget of where I need them to be. Okay, but I think it's super important to lay all this out on the table beforehand so that there's no surprises that's the worst thing that can happen is a client gets the ordering session and is surprised by the price and his p o that happened to me and it stinks and the client goes away unhappy the session everything about that entire customer service and client experience just tanked in that moment and you will not get it back like there. Once that happens, there is no getting it back and that client will never refer you ever. Okay, so the goal should be with every client who comes through your story of studio is you want them to say nice something nice about you to someone else that should be your goal and whether that's with product or that should that should encompass everything from your physical product line, your service product line, your communication, your system's, your skills as an artist, your creativity, all that stuff should add up to your client going that was so cool, like, I have got to tell my sister about that kiss that was, we just had the best time ever to sam saying, and I think one of the big points home for me was when I realized that customer service was my product and I went, oh, my god, I'm service business, customer service, my product, my customer service has got to be better than anyone else is out there. What can I do to do that? And I'm still tweaking that to this day, policies aaron are super important to mean it basically confirms all the expectations on both sides, basically, like I said earlier sensitive clients, this is my sandbox, this is my business, I want to cool stuff in here, I'm super creative, and I'm gonna make a really cool sandcastle for you, but that's the door, and this is mine, and I really want to make sure that we're all happy in here when we're in such clothes containers and so let's, make sure we talk about the rules before we come in, no throwing sand, I'm saying let's, be nice to one another. So when you set the expectations and say, I'm going to create this gorgeous saying castle for you, and this is how I'm going to do it, but you got to stay out of my way, way just what you're saying I want you in here and you're gonna play with me you're gonna help me out, but ultimately it is my sand castle in order for me to create what is my sandbox in order for me to create what I'm going to create for you, I need to be able to do that in a way that's that helps me, you know, I'm saying like I I am, if I just I think you're sorry, I'm having a little brain moment at the moment. What mackenzie said downloading feel that she was learning don't money yeah that's me more like a floating slowly uploading speed there's something slower than anyway, that was a great I'm gonna steal that one. Don't lose anyway policies outline what you're going to do for the client and what you expect out of the client return and once that's on the table and you say, hey, I'm going to give you all this this is what you could expect from us this is what your money is doing and you say, hey, but in order for us to provide you with the best possible stuff, you gotta help us by doing this that's really all policies are ok the other thing that policies do is they free you from most liability, okay my let me just kind of backtracked a bit again downloading downloading this on the left here on the keynote what you see is a uh like a screenshot of our elektronik questionnaire and policies okay our clients signed for all this electronically if you buy the class you get access to this entire sheet you can basically take it for your own and use it okay and it's great because it gets the client to think and do and touch all these points so they actually get it in their head the policies okay you can you can blab policies all you want to people but if they don't see it do it it's not going to stick okay so make your client signed for your policies to ensure that they read them will they always read them? No, but if they sign for it they know they were supposed to how many of you actually read the itunes apple software agreement when you upgrade itunes you check the box and go I agree and you never read the document I am so guilty of that too we all are okay clients will do the same thing so that's one thing to be aware of so I will I touch point my clients with these policies in multiple spots we do it here on electronic form I talk about what our policy's r I reiterate things like ordering policies right before the wording appointment and that kind of help solidify what what's on this sheet. Okay, so make sure they see it here and actually do it in order for it to stick a liability release release is very, very important. Okay, you are handling your client's most precious possession, their child. And if something happens to that child, you do not want to be liable for that. So number one, get yourself some insurance and I think I say this in every single workshop. But I have to because I wouldn't be a good instructor if I didn't warn you. If that child gets hurt while here she is in your hands, you are liable for the medical expenses. How many of you are still a sole proprietor? You were you, your husband, your fora one k, your retirement here, insurance your life insurance. Everything is vulnerable to your clients. Everything you've ever earned and everything your husband or spouse has ever earned. Any inheritance that sure about to get is vulnerable to a client suing you because their child got hurt in your studio. If you are an llc or an s corp on ly the company and its assets are liable. Not your personal all that frees your family from liability, and I am, um a little ashamed to admit that I have just become an esport I spent the last five years as a sole proprietor or whatever two thousand six now what is that how long I have been in business to them? Six nine years nine years I have been a sole proprietor and I was way too late coming so discuss it with your attorney discuss it with your accountant about moving to an llc or an escort as soon as possible soon as you're making enough money teo to do that okay because you don't want your families savings to be vulnerable to an accident ah liability release will help you it won't stop everything but if you get your clients to sign a document that says hey, this is dangerous your kid could die think I'm being exaggerating but you know how like when you go on rent horses on the beach or you do zip lining in the woods somewhere you know on vacation whenever they basically make you sign your life away and say this is dangerous and you could die doing it you know you're not going teo but they are freeing themselves from liability in case you get hurt you need to do the same thing for your baby clients were coming in the door but there is an element of risk associated with this and that you know the baby will be in with bloody equipment and heavy stuff and every precaution will be made to ensure your baby's safety, but know that it is a date. You know you want to craft something with your attorney that alludes to that that your clients physically signed for I will not shoot a session until client signs period well, I want to touch the baby until they signed our policies and liability release okay that's how important it is to me so I have to have people slip through the cracks yes, but we'll talk about that it happens so people learn in very specific ways ok? They see they hear it, they see it and they do it. This is like the whole concept of teaching, like when I that's why I'm giving you these checklists and sheets I can talk to you about this and show it to all I want but if you don't actually do it it's never gonna stick right? So that's, why I have two as a teacher give you worksheets and step by step action items. Teo help you actually do it ok? And a lot of people like in the classroom environments don't do as well versus if they had like if I pulled molly up here and like I actually went through this computer with her and made her push the buttons, it might stick even better for her so it's just it's the same thing with your clients you have tio with these per consultations you have tto tell it to them, show it to them and make them do it. So filling out a form like that really helps my clients get it and take the information in and retain it and that's the whole goal through this process. Okay, do you have any questions before I move on to the art of language? I feel like I know we're late in the day and her based kind of fading a little bit, so I want to wake you up a little canon. All right? We do have questions, come in and let me know if you have one in here. So can you clarify again? Do you send your policies to them online and they signed digitally? Or do you have them physically signed something when they do come in, though if they come in and do it in person consultation, I'll just get the paperwork ready and have them do it. You know, I was on a written piece of paper what typically had nowadays, what typically happens is even if they come in for the consultation or do it, you know, on the phone like if they come in, I'll pull up my laptop and have them fill out the form electronically right there on the laptop. So elektronik lee kind of keeps it consistent. I did used to have two separate systems for people who came in with people who were home doing computations. But now everybody's just does the electronic form. There are no honestly, I should really that's just a wufu form and it's been working fine for me, but it doesn't tactically totally serve as a rock solid legal document. What I should be doing is doing something like doc. You sign there are I mean, you can sign for I just put in an offer on some property and you can literally sign for a real estate agreement online. Now, like everything's all done legally through like companies like doc, you sign and adobe has a system so you can make a legal contract that way too, which is ironclad and perfectly legal. So that was probably the way I recommend people doing it rather than I need to change over from this. Well, who format to something that's more accepted by the world as being legal. Great. Yes. We have a question in here. Yeah. Do they sign it before it's of its session or just once before the plan's talk? Great question, no, they sign it once before the plan starts, and that holds true for all sessions. Okay, but that's a good question and if you really wanted to be ironclad about it you should have it done before each session but I have the language in there to be that it covers for all three okay, yeah, I'm going to talk any more about create a collection are pricing I have a question I just wonder if it really yeah, we're hungry and we talk about it more than once, right when good the baby's plan at each in person sales session they have the option of purchasing from the traditional create a collection right? The traditional offerings is thie annual product something that they add in addition to that or as a substitution for the signature art piece it is the signature piece. Okay, the pricing is the same no matter what. Okay, um and and this is we will talk about tomorrow. You're absolutely right but it's a fantastic question I can see why it confuses you the art piece that we're creating that's a part of the huge siri's is step one of credit collection so that's the signature art piece that they're purchasing and then they other digital files to that can they add on you betcha can they buy instead of and yes they could buy just a solid it's a solitary campus instead of buying an end of year product is part of the baby plan? Yes they don't have to do the annual product if they don't want teo most people do, but I do have a few outliers who don't really want to do the whole annual product thing I'm trying to push people that direction and now granted when people don't do that I run the risk of them not completing the plan because they're not committed totally however I do have those incentives built in at the end of the year then if they spend certain amount each baby plans session they get the big, beautiful free year and product which is helpful to combat them you know, not finishing the plan do I have people who don't finish the plan? You betcha it's a bell curve? I mean I have a couple probably two or three right now, so I'm kind of struggling to get back in to the plan and I usually go back and say why they didn't finish and it's usually not based on it's, usually based on customer service or overzealous honest with their budget they thought they could afford more or something happened like a life crisis happened in the family that took finances away that prevented them from finishing the plan so usually it's not a product thing or incentive thing it's maura I dropped the ball on customer service or communication some kind of system was an in place that was fully realized or some kind of family external issue, that wasn't that I couldn't control happened. Okay, that answer your question, and I know people are probably at home, are playing. What does she mean, create collection was talking about don knows, my pricing system and how it works. And so, that's. Why she was asking, I will reiterate what she talked about, what she asked today, tomorrow, when we discuss pricing and packages. So that it's perfectly clear for all those who don't understand how my pricing works, okay?

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