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4-5 Month Olds: Tummy Time and Headshots

Lesson 5 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

4-5 Month Olds: Tummy Time and Headshots

Lesson 5 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

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5. 4-5 Month Olds: Tummy Time and Headshots


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4-5 Month Olds: Tummy Time and Headshots


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4-5 Month Olds: Tummy Time and Headshots

So let's go ahead and bring in we're gonna bring in this little baby she is so cute it's funny because I'm going to get hand sanitizer in my hand carried some hands I know we talk about hand sanitizer all the times of newborns I still think it's really important with the babies and I'm going to have mom stay with us okay if that's okay this is ernie come on over here mom so cute now sloane does not look like a four month old I originally had hi dede she's so chilly so cute uh I originally had this little teeny tight outfit planned for her that fits most for months and we quickly realized that that was not gonna happen because she's in what? Nine to twelve months old clothes right now she's one of those gorgeous little chunk roll babies you know who just is eating really well and she hasn't started crawling it so it's just gathering on her little guys and I think it's adorable on dh superfund so we're gonna have a good time with her so we're gonna go ahead and pop her into one of the li...

ttle outfits from withering wonders go ahead and grab the pink uh let's see here maybe will yeah let's go and grab the pink so this is uh let's get here in the light so people can see no peanut and I kind of wanted to just dress her while we're working here so that you guys get the full impact I'm gonna go ahead and take her diaper off if that's okay let's grandma let's get some soft soft stuff down so she can be down on the floor okay mama you can put her down here if you want and get our kind of used to the environment everybody knows that when I shoot attend to squeal that way how can you not you know I mean they're so thinking cute okay so we'll get her nice interesting and like I said this is from natural whispering wonders she just does this darling stuff that so delicate and lovely and feminine and she has a boy stuff of course too but I've just started using her stuff and I'm in love already so see how you did it big girl sure your mama's I'm doing upside down here and the other thing about this age too is they love to kick their legs so they're constantly it's a challenge and they don't help you to get dressed yet where is my once they turn one or two they kind of help you a little bit there we go or you're just a huge okay that just ties around her like a halter top perfect thanks mom oh my gosh you are just wicked cute okay and then this ties in front e junkie I knew it she's been awake how long should I wait till morning a little bit okay so we have a baby was no morning up so we'll see how this goes she's pretty happy right now okay lauren and I have you I can't have you go ahead and step to the side oh you guys are sure how much do you weigh my greenies? You're so cute boy, this is like do you have you switched to another car seat yet? No hello? Hi. Oh you're so cute okay, so we're going to go ahead and just kind of give her a little tummy time action here and see if she does well he and I tend to shoot people going top on the side laurie this so I have my games here I'm using a longer lens which I don't always do with the baby but you aren't with you dewey kiki, aren't you yeah, you're going teo jimmy, aren't you baby? I have the best job ever. You guys ever just think that like you just like I am the best job ever I'm going to bring in the reflector just a touch she's super curious yeah, now what I'm thinking about is a yearlong product okay? So I'm thinking about like what I can dio drool I missed the drool darn it love the drool okay? They're my toys ready someone's almost going to go put batteries in those children love peek a boo and she's like really most of them at this age don't love peekaboo but it's more of a six to eight month range you're doing so well kind of how strong you are I'm so glad they put the tape on the camera because I have this habit of wanting to turn off the camera so I'm really glad that they didn't do it okay let's go ahead and turn her actually I'm going to get one from above and get with my fifty lens so I'm working within a five millimeter lands I don't if I don't have an assistant you are so wrong you are if I don't have an assistant I'm usually working on a fifty the entire time just so I can stay nice and close um I need my little toy if we can find it in this okay we'll take the tiger was just to hiring you guys just hold on a word being a baby okay are you ready are you ready with that what? Yeah you know what you did to tha the's are little spinning towards you could get him I get mine from disneyland but you can get him from um all kind of different places and the kids just love buzz lightyear yeah people she's like I want to crawl toward you so badly okay so we're gonna go ahead turn it over I don't want to burn her out so let's go ahead and turn a runner back baby I did a little bit didn't you yes you did okay let's go and get told with a tall around somewhere good yeah oh my goodness and I'm gonna go ahead and get a little head shot of her while we're doing this we didn't come prepared with towels did me I know julie is not very ready is she honey thank you perfect her legs too here you go I don't want you to stay wet for very long so we're going to just get the shot and then move on huh? But you're pulled him up pretty patient about it, huh? Yeah it's not a big deal, is it okay, so this is the next kind of shot we're going to get they love to grab their feet at the safe so lauren I'm gonna have you um just kind of helped her holder feet there we go yeah get those feet came to its feet need to his feet so oftentimes I'll make them so yes I know your wet huh? I don't feel good you know should we should take a break and get you dried up? What can you do it? You think you can do it? I think you could do it go ahead and just kind of older fear there and like try to get her knowing cajun or feet no okay let's go ahead and I think she may be uncomfortable but she's what let's go ahead and get her changed um she wouldn't be in their bets okay so um we'll go ahead and let's uh throw a diaper on her okay yeah that'd be great just put it right here mama here let's get you on something soft so that you can do that just right over here it's okay what's well let's do it on the table over there yeah give her some stuff to work with perfect um I'll just go ahead and chat with cannot lower doing this um so the what I'm thinking about when I shoot this is kind of how we're going to like I would have done a free consultation with mom to discuss color tones in the room and how where we're going to be matching this death so you know I picked stuff today based on kind of that I wanted to create a neutral look of some court some kind but that was still had a girl element to it so uh I went with just kind of the neutral pink tones and a light cream the if the client had told me that her room had this pink in it and that's why we were going with these colors and because we're kind of going out of order here as faras the seven steps of the baby plan we're shooting kind of between all this stuff I know I'm bouncing around in it, so I hope it's not too confusing, but I really wanted you to understand that a pre consultation would have occurred before this a really good pre consultation on dh I would have known what to shoot based on what mom and I had talked about, what the goals are, what product we had picked for the final year in product all those goals would've been laid out to begin with and then we would have shot for that product, so what I'm trying to teach you here is to think about that and we're going to get more and more into that is this afternoon progresses and into tomorrow's we shoot more with a six month old, but in the meantime I want you to see what each stage and phase is about, okay, so we are, you know, working with little flown to get her in that tummy time position because this is so indicative of the ages that push up on the little smile and we've already got that shot I mean, it's it's a done deal. And so when I am shooting, what I think about is not only getting the poses but also shooting close, medium far, so I'm going to shoot kind of a wide shot without the negative space and then I'm going to come in and shoot ah closer in image which I think I got one or two of those I can't remember what I shot now, honey you're moving so quickly that sometimes you forget but anyway so that's kind of and of course getting my lighting ratios correct everything this image looks a little hot looks slightly over exposed but that's okay is she ready to come back? Okay, we're going to put that little diaper cover on her hopefully it'll fit over here you have to put the a bigger one on her just in case I run I have one that's creamy colored so yeah, you go ahead and do that what if it doesn't fit everyone that's bigger so I really highly suggest getting a couple you can get this like from green mountain diaper supply these are just little simple cream colored diaper covers on and I have something I have them in several sizes from, like small toe large and this is extra large, but they're great for just covering standard diapers and you could get these in all kinds of fun colors. I mean the cloth diaper movement is seriously a cult if you have a child and you ever got into cloth diapers, you will know that it is like women go crazy over the stuff so it's really easy to find green mountain diapers supply has these wool covers they're about twenty dollars apiece, but they're nice because they cover up you know the little disposable pampers or whatever it is diaper and kind of helped make things cute so I highly recommend getting a few of those how's she doing she back I mean how you feeling better yeah so we stretch you out a little bit more is she few condition more high pain it and the beautiful part about this age to thank you so much she's so cute she's being so good the beautiful part about this age too is that they don't really have a lot of separation anxiety once they hit the seven to twelve month age they start to want money and you will find it challenging sometimes because you'll they'll put them in your arms and they won't want to be with you because all they wanted mommy okay so trying this again we're going to try I know the floor is a little bit cold maybe we should go down on the fluffy rug, huh way girl so now I'm just going to go for kind of that classic headshot thing that I do all the time and um I love you you tell me a little bit and sometimes she's kind of got to talk him through it yeah I can tell she's bringing a little bit okay let's go ahead and die I know let's get you on some softer you get tired go home, grab that white kyra oh oh it's okay oh no I know I know you're doing so good no so so this's like classic kind of baby hasn't had a nap stuff his sheet mom has she lately okay so yes right she had a bottle earlier so yeah she's just scared little type did you have a little bit of okay so what kind of keeping you hurry oh and when they get like this sometimes I just hand him off to mom and give him a break you know let him let him hang out for a minute but I'm just gonna try toe so they're a little bit and see what she does uh good for yes and I also have found that baby you're okay she's rubbing her face in my shoulder um that sometimes they uh there's more there's more tears and baby plan sessions and there are new words you know I hate to say I don't mean that in the I don't you don't want that of course you want babies happy but they used that's all they know what to do to communicate with you is to cry so when things aren't going well they will kind of fuss or do this or saham tired burnout I'm getting tired so you'll find that on baby fine sessions they do tend to cry a love it more than they do on newborn sessions because they're much more awake and alert okay okay should we try this again you wanted you wanted to do it again yeah well you're sure stinking cute I can't stand it yeah what all those people how there's not two people around here do you think wait and the other thing I'll do to is if we get into crisis mode and she won't let me put her down I'll bring in mom and let mom hold her and then we'll get cute head shots and stuff of her kind in mommy's arms like this and that's a great alternative if you have a baby who I's getting tired or fussy or doesn't want to be on their own does that make sense so always have mom come prepared to be photographed in case I technically don't want to do mom because I wait until the last family session to do that to do family images but if I have to all use mom as a proper does that make sense okay shall we try again but if you cry infested me I'm going to we're going to get up and get mom in the picture so that we get some stuff of you okay we are just so cute yes happy what do you think can you go grab a toy for me, huh? Yeah you doing her yeah oh what is that? What does she have so let's go ahead and go ahead and turn her to the side so that we have light coming from the side and I'm gonna have you go ahead and go on the other side of her because I want her eyes in the light that way he's like oh my god that's so cute I might be a little overexposed when I crank up it's a little bit more oh, hey there, boys and boys like here yeah. Hey, exactly straight down the road just a little bit oh e I do this kind of just little head shot type thing where I kind of put him in the very bottom of the frame yeah, we girl oh, goody day no, huh? I know so like I said at this age what are you doing? What are you doing at this age? They don't do a whole lot, you know, I'm saying they don't they aren't very active. They kind of just smile and giggle at you ow! You doing? You grab those feet? Yeah, let's, grab those feet doing taquitos and they get distracted really easily and kind of have to be patient with him. Yeah, get those tosses. Grab him! Grab him! Good! Yeah, it's, grab him. Good home. What do you think, hee hee? Get here. Sometimes you kind of have to help him out a little bit, thank she's like, I don't know if I can do that kind of a lot grab that tell well on the other thing too is you're trying to get them to grab their toes and then look at you it's just hard for a four month old two d'oh what do you think? Yeah light is not quite in my eyes that's okay yeah actually it's too hard it's too hard for a lot of work. Yeah it's a lot of work well she's happy right? Okay get those get those yeah, but they this's something they do a lot at this age you're okay being I was like now I just can't deal anyone I could take her like this but it just she just kind of looks like she splayed out a little bit s o I will definitely try toe and we've got a cute one of her kind of trying to grab her feet a little bit but being a daughter yeah, you know that or you might have to actually like get her to grip with yeah I kind of just uh yeah giving I'm ready when you are big job cute girl yeah, yeah bill speak keep grabbing keep grabbing me buzzwire bus go way people you can do it you can do it you can or green you wanna work being four months old, huh? Yeah, I get that I think it's so distracted so easily there oh, okay let's, go ahead and try. We're going to try to change it up a little bit. Yeah, you're so happy to go and pick her up for me. Well, different than a lawrence used to holding newborn. So she's, a big girl, she's a big girl.

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