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Student Examples: The Anti-Critique

Lesson 17 from: Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Megan Auman

Student Examples: The Anti-Critique

Lesson 17 from: Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Megan Auman

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17. Student Examples: The Anti-Critique


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Student Examples: The Anti-Critique

so just a reminder of our rules. And they were gonna pull up our audience because I've got pictures of your work cued up and ready to go. So just a reminder. We're looking at one piece. We're gonna be specific positives only no outside help. So everyone else has to be quiet. And that includes me. I'm record your responses. We got cameras for that. And then hopefully you're gonna repeat this process When you come home, tell us who you are and what you. My name is Angel Ben for and I have a website 72 Bumble Bee Lane, where I currently sell my my greeting cards. But I don't have any furniture there right now because it takes me along to paint where you know, that way we're setting t getting so one of your pieces. Let's go. Positives, Positives. It's fun and bright on engaging. You go. It's functional. I like that. It's actually a it has a It's a changing table that converts to a dresser. So actually this is mine. And I used it to change both my daughter Paris and my daughter Lake on it. ...

And now it's in my daughter lakes bedroom and, uh, you don't know it, but I know I said, but I have a minute. Sure. One of this that my dad made me and I painted. We're just talking about what else you about, um, colors the specific. Like what? Specifically do you love about it? I like. And I think what I like about painting furniture and is that it's, um, the colors and like it's very like I like bright colors and I like to paint with bright colors and gives me an avenue because people more are more apt to put something with bright colors in the child's room than they would in their own living room or whatever. So it's and they're more along the lines of my subject matter, which is kind of fun, little characters and creatures on. You know, I do plants and flowers and things like that all fun stuff to do. Okay, all right, I'm gonna let you let you slide on the Oh, I know. Hard kidding. In some ways, it's almost harder than actually getting critiqued because you look up there alone and you have to say nice things about yourself and were not trained to do that. All right, come on up. The ones that there's a reason that the one Okay, make it more fun. Yeah. If your gut is the most difficult one of the three. I interesting wait. Remind people who you are and what you Oh, yeah. I'm Anna. One guard. I'm an artist and illustrator in graphic designer. Um, OK, so this picture allied because, um, um I like the interaction between the two figures. Two main figures. Um Ah. The story in it. What? What? The one creature on the left tries to tell the lady sitting down. I like her face. Her kind of had her know how to express her thoughts, but just kind of relax self confident. Um, just poor middle wine attitude. Um, like the spots on the creature? Uh, yeah, the kind the how it makes it Looks like their shadows, but still a pattern in the for or what is on Guy also like her hand holding the glass like her hat? Yeah. Great job. Thank you. All right. You have a seat. All right. Killing europe. Right? Right. So now that it's not fairly obvious from what you're wearing, but remind us who you are, Kalen Van Kira with darling Marcel and I make women's accessories, and this is very similar to the peace I'm wearing. Except that it is black with gold glitter on it. And I like, Well, I like the shape, You know, I've never encountered, um, jewelry like mine. And so I like that it's unusual, and I love sparkles. And so, uh, I really like a the sparkly nous and the contrast between the black and the gold. Um, yeah. And I like that. Even though it's like a light weight material that it looks, uh, it looks pretty fancy like dressy, but not e not boring. Perfect. All right. Thank you. He see this isn't so bad. All right. You sure you're up? All right, so remind us who you are. You sure my name is you? Show Mishra and I am a seamstress. I primarily due home accessories, home to core and women's accessories. All things kind of needle arts and fabric related. Um, this piece is actually was part of an art calendar that I participated in and theme with Surrealism. It was what I like about It was it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Um, doing something I hadn't really done before. Operating in a theme that is not something that usually speaks to me. Um, and I What I like also about it is it was able to incorporate some of the fabric that I've been. I've been dabbling in surface design and textile design, and so I was able to incorporate some samples of those Those pieces the rainbow in the clouds, the pieces called April showers. And maybe it might be too hard to see in in the photo, but, um, I like that. I used the metallic thread Teoh convey kind of raindrops and do and, uh And I like the texture. If you look if you look closely that did some hand embroidery on there and the texture with some of the embroidery around the applicator pieces of something that I I really like stick. All right, you can sit down. So how did you guys feel about doing that? Did it feel easier than you expected? It feel harder? A little easier. Good. Okay. My harder. Harder. Haven't think it's harder. Why do you think it was harder? I have become used to looking at other people's things and, you know, deciding if it's for me or not, right? Or, you know, making judgments that way. But when I make it myself, I'm making all those decisions as I make it so on at the end, I've already come through that whole process to this is hopefully the best that I'm right putting forward. Yeah, and so right. So this is a process that is uncomfortable. And really the only way to get through it is just to keep doing exactly what we did. So here is this thing that I made, and this is why I love it. And so you get to repeat this anti critique can and again and again and again so you could do it for every piece in your line. You can do it for the same piece multiple times. This is a good thing that you know, the end of the day when you're wrapping up in your studio, just pick a piece and do this exercise. So this is just going to continue to reaffirm for you why your work is great and that's going to help you sell

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This class was so good - it's not just for people who went to art school, but anyone who has (or wants to have) a creative-based business. Megan's lessons break down the overwhelmingness of roadblocks and gives you tangible tools to get past them, shift your mindset, and shows you how to focus. There were so many elements to this class that were helpful, but overall I think if you feel like you're stuck, you overanalyze every decision, and feel like you want to move forward but don't know how, this class is for you. Thanks Megan, for helping me work on a plan to move me past my hurdles.

Kiki B

What a great class! Megan has helped me to really understand what my business goals are and how to achieve them, and has given me heaps of confidence to boot. This is going to be a great year for my creative business!

Kim S. Joy

I have owned this class for awhile and just decided to start it.... well I should have watched/taken this class years ago! I did not go to art school but follow that mindset. This was amazing. So much to learn and unlearn. The pricing and raising your prices what just what I needed. Thank you Megan for another wonderful class.

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