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Marketing Materials

Lesson 30 from: Pregnancy and Newborn Photography

Ana Brandt

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30. Marketing Materials

Learn the marketing materials essentials, like newsletters, printed materials, and a website, then tie them all together. Go behind the scenes for Ana's social media and website workflow for her business.

Lesson Info

Marketing Materials

who has a newsletter here we go let's go get your mic son no no no it's infrequently so but you have one I do do you have a mailing list like your subscribed with a service oh yes yes I know she's like why don't you come no no no yes yes okay uh yes but you haven't said two news otherwise well I have started my mailing list for like christmas I'm going to send out like a christmas card so I have a mailing list to do that okay haven't done again okay so we have a plan you have the largest started my mailing list so how long ago uh like a month a month what you doing with the list just in the past one a lot I still have a baby at home so it's kind of here way susan mine she feels so sorry for you guys they deserve it they should hear the things they think their time has come for sure way having newsletters on the internet I don't take a second to populate but ok well I'll keep it close let me now when I saw the shoes is a chicken testicle ok the marketing materials the newsletter you kno...

w why you need to have one let's talk about tying it in and if anyone has a question is to why we should have won or what we need to put in it if you feel like I haven't addressed it I will so I have a little bit of a social media workflow and I don't know if you can read this I mean I guess they concluded in the course download right but it's so simple because my this's based off my belly baby love website because that's what we're talking about is pregnancy and newborn my anna brandt website is to tie everything back in again and I actually just ripped it down and put it up news so all the galleries are populated yet isn't that scary every year I write my entire website down and delete it fine huh and I mean gone and I start fresh every year and so I just put the shell back on for anna brandt dot com and it's half of it's still empty why don't I do that I just want to be fresh with my own work yes way were just whispering I said every year yeah he said she's a web designer yeah oh my gosh nobody has a newsletter and they're slapping themselves on the wrist and a couple of people are saying I'm not really sure what to put a note in a newsletter well we can talk about it talk about it there's still shocked that I take my website and every year I do I don't know if they were I think I was ur yeah I'm one of those people that if I want to read is a designer room I empty the entire amount I need a clean palate because if I don't have a clean palate ice I'm stuck so when I tell my husband gets what we're doing any walks and there's an empty room he's like wow here we go I've done it like five million times I saw you with my website strip it down it's just how I am so I need a fresh palette so anna brand is even fully populated yet um but belly baby love is fine and actually belly baby loves getting being getting gonna be ripped down in its entirety as well it's fine it feels good you should try it it's really fun but let's stick with belly baby love right now so I have a blogged and my block is separated by pregnancy and newborn okay in my block it's wordpress I installed the little pinterest plugin there's like five of them search under plug ins it's free and it puts a little pin it button and it allows my clients to pin for me right I can also pin so I'll create a block post and then the images already sized and watermarked right so then when I am nothing to dio I need some dumb work to dio dumb work is when my kids say mommy we're gonna watch sound of music for the fifteenth time and I say do is this a movie I have to watch your mount on my computer and if it's a new movie they go you have to watch no computer and if we've seen the movie more than three times I'm allowed to have a computer that's our rule I'm like I'll go there with you and watch tom and jerry again I need something to do so I don't lose my mind so that's when I go I will pin myself but my client's pin myself too very easy okay over here facebook twitter instagram linkedin instagram youtube google plus and what is that um are all leaked with links alfa dot com and it links them all together webster graham ties my twitter to my belly baby love so if I go to belly baby love you'll see a little follow me anna brand and if you click that inside my belly baby love it's none of my home page you can follow me on instagram networked blog's you gotta network blog's dot com and you register your blog's so I have a block on belly baby love dot com and spelling baby left dot com slash blogged and in under anna brandt come there's a block as well now that blah gets updated more than my website and I'm like fifty sessions behind on blogging was tell my clients it's nothing personal I'm behind but I try to block a lot and so what happens is I post a blawg and I go to bed and network blogged links my belly baby love blawg amongst all my facebook pages and my private facebook group and people go oh hey and I love that I'm like sleeping I'm not up so it goes to the tai o p in painting goes to the belly baby love paige it goes to the anna brandt photography page and it goes to I have a private facebook group for those who attend my in person workshops it automatically populates in there all by itself I do nothing when I post on instagram instagram is already been linked into all of my social media accounts so when I go click I'm at creative live boom it's there so what do you want to do social social I don't even know how you say that my husband turned me into that I told you my husband's writing technical marketing he's he's very aware of all of this this is a lot more him than me hey worked in the corporate stuff to sector for years as a technical writer he is extremely amazing and writing and marketing he's the guy that can't take what I'm saying take what you're saying and write it and make sense of it and he's he's a tech guy so he comes to me all the time love's flipboard loves everything and he knows you name the program the app he could tell you everything about it how to use it how to insult and then some so he told me about this and then I and then you this is for facebook so you install this I think on facebook no jeff just left with the kids he couldn't did a whole segment on on all this but and it ties it and he's a google plus guy he's always and you need to be linked into this to this I mean I literally wake up to him going global are you hooked up I think I am so I because of him I have google plus pages and their time in the facebook and google and it's all mapped it there should be a whole other flow chart here for google plus and this statistics he gave me for google plus the other day were crazy I couldn't even tell you what they were I should ask him he's keys got stats coming out of his years he knows who's on what platform where they are how to do it he helps a lot of small businesses and bigger companies just get on out there he talks of you all the time he'll be like at the fruit market you have a website right that we like no really because I love to look for free markets in my area because I want fresh fruit for my kids so we're traveling I'm going to go to a website and look of fresh fruit and why don't you have a website have fresh fruit and why aren't you on instagram because my wife likes mangoes were here I could back oh yeah because that free market is mangoes there gonna be a block away from the hotel we're staying at that's how my husband thanks and people just look at them they're like oh my god and then the problem is a lot of small businesses don't pay for it he's like I'll help you well consult but it's gonna cost money I can't afford to do that well yeah let's see foreign business in five years this is the fact this is a fat you've got to be networked tied in you have to have a social media workflow and you don't want to be doing this remember he said I'm not a re toucher I'm also not a social media expert either thankfully I'm married to one but I still have to do a lot of work he still has to say and you gotta be blood blah blah blah blah blah blah and I'm like when I'm I gonna do that between dinner and laundry I'll get right on it and he'll try to help me whenever I can but I still have to do it I still to do the work and so to prepare the images but this you literally spend the day doing and you're done it's done you don't to keep doing it so if you have questions about social media workflow we'll talk about this because tying it all together is social media in the printed press I said that not everyone is on facebook not everyone reads their twitter ten times a day more people read email over facebook people love snow now clients come in with their confirmation envelope with their pregnancy guide in their belly maybe love another baby love guide and they they say they thought it was a wedding invitation and then when they open it there like ten times more excited that's what you want they save it it's wrinkled they put it in there baby book they pass it on to friends that's what I want I want things in their hands because because a news feed scroll the second I got a second to capture their attention on the news feed or I print to put printed material in their hand and that's carrying they carry that pregnancy glock kind guide they take it to stores the people the stories were like oh what do you what is that oh I'm doing a pregnancy session what is that guy that you're holding all my photographer sending this pregnancy guide she's a list of things to wear lingerie woman what's on that list I'll go get it for you the news feed should not be only marketing source your marketing effort should cross propagate always everything is in there trying crossing because then if facebook dies tomorrow somebody blows it up you're stalling twitter twitter blows up you're still on linked in think then blows up you're still on instagram if all social media goes goes out the window no you still have your website right so linx linx linx linx linx I do have a question and if you don't mind you about social media this is from ned's who wanted to know how do I handle a situation with my client especially the free ones don't want me to publish their picks on social media I have to build my portfolio and need pics on social media and the free kinds are saying this yeah she said especially the free ones are here she said I'm not yeah then you're not shooting them for free number one because here's the thing you know I shoot celebrities I can barely show them like ever like I can very very very very rarely linda cardellini that was just nominated for an emmy a madman I can't show any of her photos and she's got the most beautiful daughter I've ever seen like ever with a newborn like eyelashes out here so any time you're dealing with celebrities whether it's frere paid or whatever you just you there if you just can't do it but that's a different story clients that are paying me that's their choice they're paying me everybody signs a mama release so when every single photo session even if it's a baby plan every time they come in a model mrs being signed and I can count over fourteen years made me five or six people that said I would appreciate it if you don't publish and it's been for several reasons has been political um I have some people with dad's in very sensitive jobs and they don't want their children the target of a kidnapping that's pretty serious especially when you're dealing with high income people they're very private they're expecting their privacy I've had people in divorces where they're taking their children I mean I've probably had every situation and if they're paying me I respect oh absolutely but the free thing throws me off because I'm only going to do a session for free for two reasons one I love you dearly or two I've done a model call for workshop mentoring training personal goals and satisfaction and my requirement to do a model call is you sign a model release end of story I mean I've got other things to do so on the three the free throws me off you didn't like so let me tell you about newsletter and then I'll go into the next segment that we were in that were behind that were going into okay so the newsletters for people to read your newsletters you must obviously have your subject line in your name I know that seems really silly but I can't tell you how many e mails I get that don't have those subject lines content rabbit relevance their going to read it if it's relevant to who they are so you talking about what you were war today may have no relevance on anybody and maybe shouldn't put in your newsletter and if they don't read it or click on it don't be offended right previous experience of your emails of consistency and this requires building brandon loyalty you got to start somewhere okay and you have to be consistent so maybe initially your newsletters might not be good but you keep pressing on just like your work and obviously a call to action because if you're not calling an action and then you're going no one's calling me did you ask him to know what would you tell him I stole my mini studio that's great and they probably said great now what right we get a million newsletters today what's the reason what's the reason why you're e mailing me so the call the action means there has to be some reason for them to want to call you and it could just be informative but if you want to just keep it informative don't expect any feedback whatsoever because you're probably not gonna get it okay so as faras things to put in there I mean I could spend a whole day on newsletters because why we do specials one of the reasons why I started doing specials was not to discredit my work or discount my work was as more as a thank you to my client that I'm not a cheap photographer nor do I want to be a cheap photographer but I worked my bum off but I also like clients coming back I get sad when they come for pregnancy anyone I never see them again it's kind of a personal thing cause I like kids if I didn't want to shoot kids I'd be bye bye but I like kids and I know some photographers that say on ly want the focus on pregnancy newborn I want nothing to do with the children of the family's fine ideo I know family sessions are crazy but they kind of are everything I believe in and so I can't stop there I just I just can't so then what I do is around every year we do christmas in july I have a whole marketing calendar that I do that I usually I've provided it every year to the students in our private forum um and I'll have it again in january and I don't know if I'll release it to anyone who's not on the forum but I had created a whole spiral bound marketing calendar that says what you do every month of the year and so january we know valentine's day is coming but sometimes genuine promotion is too late you can actually start the valentine promotion towards the end remember I talked about silhouettes sweet silhouette simple silhouettes is something we do for valentine's day because not everybody has a partner that's gonna give jewelry on valentine's day and so it can be really sad holiday so one year I decided a couple of years ago to make it a fun holiday and bring out the kids and do sweet silhouettes and do portrait's and and do their profiles and make it fun so I'm already thinking at the end of christmas that I'm probably gonna do sweet silhouettes for valentine's day may throw in a boudoir we usually throw in a special for jewelry we may throw in a purge your files you know so you have to be thinking every month it's really quite easy in december you just start think think about what's gonna happen in january and february and then february you're going to think about the spring and getting people outside and getting out of the studio you're tired of the winter months and last year we did one of our most successful promotions ever we were on mother's day was we did a half price off of a pregnancy session or a newborn session or pregnancy newborn session in twenty five percent off of our baby plan and it wass insane it was I don't know the exact number but I feel like it brought in over twenty thousand dollars in pre purchased sessions first video so you know you can think of those things and there's no expiration date on it so if you're going to get pregnant any time ever and you know you want to use me as a photographer you could've bought it so I don't know if I'll ever do that again I don't know but santa every year we do santa we've been doing santa he's our ten year anniversary we do it next week and santa started is not my idea as another photographer's idea they came to me and asked to use my studio and going on santa I had never thought of bringing santa in like no I'm a pregnancy anymore and photographer sana they came to me with the idea I had just had a baby I just had olivia was nursing we couldn't get the schedule work make a long story short I got stuck with santa didn't really even have any clients I think I'd like to people booked for santa and there became my santa and santa's not cheap he's expensive and then set and decoration and staff and crew and then it became so popular we had to start booking in july and we will usually be last year and remember this year's little different last year we were like fully booked like within three weeks of releasing santa in july and this is in your mall santa the highest package I think they're pence spending is four hundred fifty dollars for us private santa session with digitals and some package things that's not cheap right and then we have a low thing I think is our lowest I think is seventy five dollars that's not cheap but this is not meant to be a mall santa this is meant to be your child comes in they shut the door there's nobody with them in santa they can write letters to santa centre remembers who they are santa has a gift for them santa reads to them he sings to them he holds them he talks to them there is nobody around but them in santa and we're in ten years of santa and I have clients that have written and called me and said my child every year we've only come to you your santa he's like really his like his license plate since and iran if you call him he says it's a santa he's like really and through the crying and through the tears we still do it and it when creative life first called me they wanted me to do it next week I said I can't and I ran down in my husband I go away concrete of life called during santa what a way to my client's has spent thousands of dollars he's booked he's paid for thousands of dollars have come into our studio for santa thousands I can't cancel and I said darlene I'm sorry cancel and I think I said I just think I just lost creative life and thank you for moving the date for me so the newsletters goes with marketing programs what do you want your business to be its here not what it is now what do you want it to be oh I won't fall pictures I want many sessions I want christmas I want to give back to the community we do canned food drives every fall and my hat isn't my son have been taking canned food to the local shelter that's their thing that they do every year what do you want it to be you can make it up and put it in a newsletter and make it happen did you know that the first time I was like what can I do back to the community okay I guess we'll do a canned food drive anyone with me I don't know maybe I'll put it in my newsletter and I'll say if you bring any canned food I'll give you fifteen dollars off your order bringing two I'll give you twenty dollars off your order or let me just think what I could do and I'll just put it out in the world in a newsletter and just see if it happens and the first and then I actually forgot about it and the first time someone came can food tastes like doing a canned food drive there's some canned food I I like to be in the morning because one here's your food and I was like so you can make your you know you can create your own life did you know that you create your own business and you can do it through newsletter and social media and you can make it happen and if only one person responds you've accomplished your goal and then you just go a little higher a little higher I think the first thing we did say that we had like ten people in a white backdrop you know anything about a tree you know now we're like fully booked every fifteen minutes for like three straight days my clients are paying top dollar for what I think is the best sand in orange county and some other kids or spoke because they think he is it so you make your own newsletter what do you think what do you think internet the internet thanks photos by melissa may says I am sitting here drafting my first newsletter way eh once you open your mind aren't your ideas flowing all of a sudden where were you going to say I was going to give suggestions of free newsletter sites male chimp doll home you didn't say any of that mission is fabulous I mean for most of us it would be free tonight it covers up to believe a thousand private subscribers and we can only send out so many newsletters per month but it's not gonna matter the maturity of us yeah and there's also constant contact contact used critical response but I did use used to be his country constant content and I will go one step further to say that if I mean I'm married to a writer but if you're not married to a writer um asked someone at your work number that focus group you have a focus group say can you look over my newsletter I have tiffany all the time with justin around looking my newsletter every time I send out a special I make her read it you know what I miss because I wrote it at like three in the morning and she's like okay I think you missed this and this people going to ask about this I if I sent a newsletter out and nobody in my personal focus group has seen it I'm in trouble I'm gonna get that call just like would you send out anna because I didn't see it jeff didn't see it when you send out oh because you didn't say this this is this he didn't put an expression expiration date you didn't say they couldn't bring in a hundred cans of food you know so like you kind of have to put that out there so unique you've got to keep that personal focus group at bay and it could change my life is not always available he doesn't work for me so you know sometimes it's just not available on my tiffany how fast can you read this you know olivia live his ten year she's a good writer she takes after her dad can you can you read that sometimes you should say that hey my focus group was never too young yes you're going to say something you look like you could say something yeah question about blogged versus newsletter do you want to go down that yeah they're apples and oranges okay great because of blawg ah blak to me is something that shows you're still working because your website can get static especially if you like me and you rip it down once here it takes me like when I rip it down it's a good thirty to sixty days before it's fully complete so it's not fully complete yet so if let's say never blogged people feel like is she working because like your website something and if they've never met me so I go you know but if they know me they know but not everybody knows so I think the block is important you don't need to do it every day you need to be consistent don't do it once a year once a week once a month every day try to be consistent so you get a regular blogged following but it just shows that you're working whereas a newsletter is a marketing tool um newsletters should be a marketing tool that requires a response a direct marketing tool ah block is more passive it's passive marketing you're you're you're letting the world know you're working and you're out there but it's passing people are going to stumble upon it yes that your social media work so I was gonna propagate it for you and make that market in a little bit more active but newsletter is direct that's direct mail you are directly target e you're consumer your potential client

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