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The Art of Maternity Photography

Ana Brandt

The Art of Maternity Photography

Ana Brandt

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Class Description

Capturing the beauty of expectant motherhood is a delicate art. Learn how to delight your pregnant clients with luminous photographs in this 90-minute workshop with maternity photographer Ana Brandt. Ana will cover everything from lighting and posing basics to the intricacies of working with a fan and fabric in order to master the art of maternity photography

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Ratings and Reviews

Cheri Stewart

I LOVED this!! She packs so much into a short amount of time. I feel like I could watch it several times and learn new things every time. As for the chitchat, so many people seem to dislike it, but I love her style of teaching. I'm not falling asleep (I may be crocheting... ) I'm engaged. I love her stories. You can learn from them! Love it.

Anastasiya Bizyayeva

I am always skeptical whenever I take a course because I am afraid of not getting out of it. This was the very first course I took after I subcribed with creative live. WOW. I am so beyond thankful, inspired, and full from this course! I feel like I gained a new perspective on maternity and way beyond just maternity photography! I feel like I was given so many tools on posing clients. It's one of my biggest struggles. The process of posing. And this video lit a fire in me for photography. I don't know why the first 8 minutes had me balling. Ana's story has me in awe of the purpose and power of photography. I grabbed a pen and a notepad. I have notes on notes. I received everything she gave. I processed and I am so excited and looking forward to my first Maternity shoot next week!

Laurie Ould

Love the way through class is delivered. Great content.

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