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Advanced Mixing and Sound Design for Podcasters

Jim Briggs

Advanced Mixing and Sound Design for Podcasters

Jim Briggs

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Class Description

Are you eager to explore your creative impulses in sound design? Do you want to be able to navigate all of the plug-ins? Are you ready to deal with challenging audio situations? If you want to dive into the next level of sound design and mixing, this is the class for you.

Jim Briggs, lead sound designer and engineer for “Reveal,” will guide you through the technical and compositional strategies for creating audio content and podcasts that are inviting to the ears. You’ll discover the secrets of getting the best out of your audio, and know when to cut bait when you’re stuck with bad material.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and operate next-level tools.
  • Identify and utilize advanced techniques for sound design.
  • Think musically about your podcast, including phrasing, breathing, and spacing.
  • Situate music into the mix and manage it wisely.
  • Get a refresher on Murch’s color wheel.
  • Practice restoration for audio in need of help.