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Lighting Effects

Lesson 10 from: Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

Abba Shapiro

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Lesson Info

10. Lighting Effects

Lesson Info

Lighting Effects

Lighting effects. People don't know lighting effects are in here. You don't have to buy a third party plugin. Take this thing, I can double-click it, I'm gonna throw it on this clip. I now have the option to put a different type of light on it. I could put a spotlight. So here's my lighting effects. Show it to you right there. Light number one to spotlight. I can actually move where that spotlight is. So if I click on the ... Oh, don't want that button there. Change some of the elements, ah. Too much ava. Too much. There we go. Let's go ahead, I actually wanna get where that light is. I need to go a little bit smaller. Smaller, by the way, is the other way. So there's my light. And I can make this a little bit bigger for you guys in the back row of the class. I'm gonna go ahead, and I can move that. I'm just kind of throwing a light there. I have different kind of lights. It could be a directional, an omni, a spotlight. I'm gonna give it a little bit of color. Let's make it a little bi...

t of that gold. Orange gold, okay. Come on, I said "Okay," you do it. Boom. It's just being difficult, it's the end of the day. See if I can pick the color. (mumbles) Don't know, it took it that time. So I have this great little effect. I can animate it, and sweep it over. But I just wanted to have an effect on the clip. Because I want you to see something. I can replace this with something called a replace edit, by simply dragging another image onto it. So I could go ahead, and I could drag this wine image. I drag it on top. I let go. Replaces the clip. But if I ... and it just replaced it, it's like a perfect replace edit. But if I drag it on top, and I hold down, I believe it's the Option key, and let go, what it does is, it replaces the clip, but it keeps all of the effects from the original clip, and puts it on the new clip. So basically ... And that's really pretty slick, you want to switch out a shot, but you don't want to deal with copying and pasting all the effects that you did on the first shot, you can simply drag it, hold down the Option key, let go on top of the other clip, and you've done a replace edit and kept all the original effects. That's again, one of the really really cool features that nobody really talks about. Except in dark bars of nerds who teach Premiere Pro. There's a couple different ways that you can remove clips. I'm gonna go ahead and close this space. So if I select a clip, and I just put the play head over the clip and I hit the Delete key, we saw we can remove any clip that's selected. Gonna hit Undo. If I hold the modifier, and it's different for Windows and Mac. I think it's Option + Delete on a Mac, or Command. Oh, gonna have to select that. Option + Delete. It removes it, and ripples, and closes the space. Okay. So that's ... We've learned. But there is also something called a lift edit, and an extract edit. And it doesn't work with clip selection, it works with marking of in and out points. Okay, so if I mark an in and out point. And this can be within the body of a clip, or this can actually be a row of multiple clips. And the extract, and the lift tools, are on your keyboard next to J, K and L. They're the semi-colon and the apostrophe. So, I'm pretty sure these are the ones, if I hit the apostrophe, it removes everything between the in and the out points, and closes the space. That's an extract edit. If I use the semicolon key, it removes everything between the in and the out point, but leaves the gap. Okay? And that's how it works. Now what's interesting, is when you do an extract ... And if you look at the screen it actually saves what you extracted in the clipboard. So if I do an extract, I can go ahead to another part of my timeline, and hit Command + V, and paste back everything I removed. So I may want to move a big chunk from here. Mark an end point. To here. Mark an out point. Okay? I want to extract it, because I don't want to leave a space. Boom. But I want to go ahead, and I want to put it here at the end of my timeline. It still is being held in the mysterious world of the clipboard. Command + V paste, and now I've pasted them to another part of my timeline. That is a lot easier than grabbing them, dragging them up to another track, dragging them down, figuring out where you want them later. Okay? Lift edits and extract edits. Very, very powerful tools. And it works with in and out points, not with selecting a clip. If you select a clip and try it, basically it's just like hitting a key that doesn't do anything. Let's see what other little tricks that I use. Well this is actually something that, again, a lot of people don't go into. Gonna go back and make this fit into the window. It's again, we peeked into this briefly. It's this little wrench here. And this allows me to do a couple of things. First of all, if you do not like these buttons at all, you can go here, and if you want more real estate, you can just go ahead and uncheck. That's really why (mumbles) So you notice, thank you very much, as now they're not there, gives me some extra real estate.

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carla valencia

great class! easy to follow and very good tips.


A lot of new information on a color correction and color grading for me. Abba's shortcuts are very useful. This class will speed my workflow. Highly recommend this class. I am very thankful to Abba for answering all my questions!

Shafi Mushtaq

Learned so much in like 1 hour only even though I'm watching in 2022! Still worth it!

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