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Using Layer Masks

Lesson 21 from: Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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21. Using Layer Masks

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Lesson Info

Using Layer Masks

How else can we blend? Weaken blend photos using layer mass to we don't have to clip them I prefer clipping, but if you're a layer masked person let's talk about using layer mass changeless back to normal okay let's talk about using their mass so this is your layer mass tool down here and if you just click it the way it is, it will add a white layer mask and white means that everything is visible and black. If I color this layer mask to black, everything is gone and it doesn't destroy your image at all all it's doing is showing you places and hiding other things, so if we have nothing showing let's, make sure we know where this photo is, ok? We can use the brush to now paint white over certain places and bring things back so let's say that I had this, um right here and this big old blob of pain let's turn off so we know we're talking about this big old lava paint was interfering with something in my lay out like all of this text up here was making it hard to read journaling what we can...

do is instead of, um create a mask out of this I'm going to command click to create a master marketer greatest election and then what happens with that selection chosen if I click on the actual paper and click on the men add layer mask. It will create a mask from that selection. So now I can delete this and it will be have the same dimensions. Ok, so let's say that this is bugging me and it's interfering with my journaling with layer masks. You can just come in here with a black brush and I can just kind of erase it and it didn't ruin anything. I can also come back in here with a white brush and bring it back. It's just is a total preference of working. You can either use mass or you can use clipping masks. It would be a little bit more difficult to do that with a clipping mask, but not really it's still a brush thing, but you would be damaging that layer. You would be damaging the layer that we, the paint layer that was original, so because then you would be adding to it. And so you would after a few steps down the line, you wouldn't be able to change that very easily. So if you're if you're really into changing the paint and you wanted to be different than usual layer mass because you can always go back and fix it.

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I have recently discovered digital scrapbooking and have been using a great scrapbooking software that I downloaded on-line. There are limitations with the software that prompted me to look deeper for ideas. Traci's course was fantastic! I learned so much from her not only in scrapbooking layouts and using different elements in a page but my level of understanding of photoshop has improved dramatically. The presentation was easy to follow and broken into perfect chunks to go back and review the techniques. Thank you so much Traci for presenting this awesome course. I will look for more of your courses. Your scrapbooking is beautiful and inspiring!


I'm a photographer. I do a lot of graphic design for my business. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable. I saw this class being shown for free on Creative Live one day and it wasn't my first choice to watch, but was the best out of the list... I was wrong. This is a great class. I didn't expect to learn that much and I've been learning a lot! Great info!


This course was amazing. I learn some things I didn't know how to do. Traci is simple and straight forward in her teaching. Very easy to understand.

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