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Advanced Beauty Retouching In Photoshop

Lindsay Adler

Advanced Beauty Retouching In Photoshop

Lindsay Adler

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Class Description

Let’s go beyond blemish removal and basic skin retouching... together we will explore advanced retouching techniques used by high-end retouchers for stunning results! We will cover frequency separation, shaping the face, hair retouching, adding makeup in Photoshop and more fantastic techniques! Not for the beginning retoucher!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2

Class Materials

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Advanced Beauty Retouching in PS Quick Reference Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

As always, Lindsay delivers the goods. Her command of her tools is just mind blowing. A terrific value.

Helen Chapman

I found this to be very informative and found it easy to follow Lyndsays instructions. Well worth the small investment of money for me.

joanne duncan

Lindsay nails it, still relevant today, i learnt so much from this, and the print out guide is a great reminder. Lindsay is a magician!

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